MASSACHUSETTS Supreme Court Hears Case For Dr Michael Langan

Dr Michael Langan has been extorted more then once to attend AA as if it were some special secret place in Doctor heaven.

I watched the entire video and was as outraged as I was the day he first told me his story back in 2013.

I hope to help get Media on this and expose and destroy these horrible organizations that are shoving AA nonsense down Doctor’s, Pilot’s, Nurse’s and Lawyers throats.

How are they in so much POWER?

How did this happen ? Marty MANN  is one of the reasons.

Maybe this is why AA is so infested everywhere.

BAD NEWS ! Washington-state-senate-bill-provides-12-step-sponsors-freedom-from-civil-court-testimony

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Here is it folks. A slippery slope- I hope there are some politicians and judges  who see how bad this really is. Honestly – I need a break. AA is just too big , too infested, too powerful- too HOLLYWOOD>..

Please call   your congressman , your councilpersons, your assembly man /woman and The Chief Justice of your State Supreme Courts, to discuss your bad experience and ask them to stop the practice of sending everyone to AA , always suggest the other option including The Sinclair Method using Naltrexone and Vivitrol for starters.

What will it take to expose AA 100%. To behead the beast…

AAcharacter defects

WILL AA in NY and in every meeting take it’s own INVENTORY?

I now know how bad AA is infested everywhere in America. Its a bit much. A bit depressing. Someone is trying to hack this site, shut it down and take control …daily.

Why? What are they afraid of? Who is doing it. …

I am really sad for the pilots, the doctors and nurses and average joes and Janes who go there, get DUI’s and get sent there and children forced there by their parents.

I am embarrassed, that   I was ever an AA person. I feel bad that I talked some AA crap to my kids during those important teen years. 🙁 oh well. At least I left 4 years ago. Can I take a cake for being gone 4 years…..LOL

What do you think it is going to take?

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Have you or someone you know been told to stop taking your medication in AA?

For years AA members have been playing God, Doctor, therapist, and marriage counselor.

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