Ken Roberts sued By Alcoholics Anonymous World Service Headquarters for Big Book Manuscript

By Jonathan Stempel

(Reuters) – The original manuscript that became the basis for Alcoholics Anonymous is the subject of a new lawsuit by the organization, which wants to reclaim it before it can be auctioned next month.

According to a complaint filed in New York on Monday, the working draft for AA’s basic text, known as the Big Book and describing the famous 12-step program to help people stop drinking and stay sober, is scheduled to be auctioned on June 8 by Profiles in History in Calabasas, California.

But the plaintiff Alcoholics Anonymous World Services said the seller, Ken Roberts, had no right to consign the manuscript because it had been gifted to AA in 1979, though because of the “extreme negligence” of others was never turned over.

AA said it learned about the gift in 2007, three months after Roberts bought the manuscript for $992,000 at Sotheby’s, and sued after he refused its demand to turn over the manuscript rather than sell it.

Profiles in History has estimated that the manuscript could fetch $2 million to $3 million.

The lawsuit filed in a state court in Manhattan names the auction house, Roberts and QuestRoyal Fine Art, a New York gallery that displayed the manuscript this month, as defendants.

“The manuscript is an original, historical document of unique importance to AAWS, and undeniably is a critical piece of its history,” and the defendants “are wrongfully detaining the manuscript for their own pecuniary gain,” the complaint said.

Roberts and a spokeswoman for Profiles in History did not immediately respond to requests for comment. QuestRoyal declined to comment.

The Big Book, also known as “Alcoholics Anonymous,” was written mainly by AA co-founder William Wilson, better known as “Bill W.”

First published in 1939, it is in its fourth edition and has sold more than 30 million copies, according to AA’s website. The group has more than 2.1 million individual members.

AA said Bill W.’s widow inherited the original manuscript after his 1971 death, and gifted it to Barry Leach in 1978, who the following year gifted it back to AA upon his death, which occurred in 1985.

The case is Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Inc v Roberts et al, New York State Supreme Court, New York County, No. 652676/2017.

(Reporting by Jonathan Stempel in New York; Editing by Richard Chang)

Copyright 2017 Thomson Reuters.

KENNY CHATMAN AA member Rehab – Sober Living Notorious treatment center operator Chatman gets 27 years in prison

Kenneth “Kenny” Chatman was a relatively small drug-treatment provider despite the millions he raked in every year, Assistant U.S. Attorney Marie Villafaña said Wednesday.

But he was “the most dangerous,” she told U.S. District Court Judge Donald Middlebrooks, and FBI agents “never worked harder” than the last few months of 2016, as they rushed to put Chatman behind bars.

“Our goal was to shut him down, to get him off the street,” she said.

On Wednesday, in a packed courtroom divided by Chatman’s family and Chatman’s victims, Middlebrooks gave Chatman a 27 ½-year sentence for crimes that Villafaña said were never before seen in a federal court: turning his patients into prostitutes.

Chatman, 46, can appeal the sentence, which would see him released at age 74. The sentence calls for him to register as a sex offender.

He said nothing, even as angry parents berated him in front of Middlebrooks, and showed no emotion when the judge announced the sentence.

“This man ran an addiction brothel,” said Jerry Smith, whose son, Schuyler, went to Chatman’s Reflections Treatment Center in Margate twice, after Chatman lured him back from a treatment center in Louisiana. “He’s worse than a pedophile.”

Tina Pekar, whose son, Ryan, overdosed and died in one of Chatman’s sober homes in 2014, trembled with grief and rage as she stood just feet away from Chatman. She recalled when she turned to Chatman for answers after her son’s death and he replied, “Ryan who?”

“You destroyed my life,” she said. “Do you remember my son now?”

Pekar then turned toward Chatman’s distraught wife, Laura, who was sentenced to three years in prison for pretending on paperwork to be the real owner of her husband’s facilities. Because Chatman was a felon, he couldn’t open a treatment center in his name.

“You’re just as bad as your husband,” Pekar said, as Laura looked back, red-eyed, shaking her head “no.”

Laura Chatman, 44, a mother of four, spent most of the hearing with her hand covering her face. She repeatedly apologized before Middlebrooks.

“I can’t even imagine what the families are going through, and I’m so sorry,” she said, crying. “I am truly sorry for your losses.”

Afterward, she hugged and apologized to Jennifer Flory, whose daughter, Alison, overdosed and died in a Chatman-linked sober home in 2016, Flory said.

Laura Chatman’s lawyers described her as an unwitting accomplice in her husband’s “house of horrors.”

Kenny Chatman admitted to keeping some of his female patients locked up in a Mangonia Park home and pimping them out on various websites. He withheld other patients’ medications and food stamps to control them. And he allowed anyone to do drugs in his sober homes, as long as he could keep billing their insurance.

One woman told Middlebrooks that Chatman kept her shackled in a home, where, during four weeks in 2015, more than 100 men paid him to rape her. She was just 19.

“I recall close to 150 in total, different faces of rapists abusing me daily over a period of three to four weeks,” the woman said in court. “I was unrestrained for brief periods, only to be cleaned up of bodily fluids. I thought I was going to die there.”

She said she escaped wearing only a T-shirt, and went to police. Afterward, Chatman found her and forced her to sign a statement recanting the allegations, she said. FBI agents later found the statement in Chatman’s office safe.

Villafaña, seated next to lead FBI agent Bill Stewart, said Wednesday that Chatman was pimping women out to “fetish customers.” When the women resisted, he would tell them, “Who are you to say no?” Villafaña said.

She also said that Chatman was having sex with his patients, bragging that he could sleep with any one of them for $50. When they got pregnant, he forced them to get abortions, Villafaña said.

“The amount of suffering is unprecedented,” she said. “There is no one quite like Mr. Chatman.”

Chatman’s lawyer, Saam Zangeneh, argued that his client was a victim of South Florida’s largely corrupt drug-treatment industry.

He had no experience in drug treatment when he opened his first sober home in 2012, and he leaned on others for guidance.

“He walked into an industry that is infected,” Zangeneh said. “He became another infected member.”

He argued that Chatman deserved just 14 years behind bars, partly because his actions were tacitly endorsed by the Department of Children and Families, which licenses and regulates treatment centers. This past year, DCF allowed him to open a second treatment center, in Lake Worth.

After the sentencing, most of the families who lost their loved ones said they were satisfied with the verdict.

“I don’t think any amount of time could take away any of the pain he caused,” said Michelle Curran, whose daughter, Mikaya Feucht, overdosed and died in a Boynton Beach motel room this past year.

Chatman’s activities were first detailed in a December 2015 Palm Beach Post story based on then-unconnected police reports and interviews with addicts and Reflections employees. At the time, he denied owning any sober homes, relying, apparently, on the paperwork mirage that authorities unraveled.

His treatment centers were anything but: Doctors rubber-stamped outrageously expensive and unnecessary drug tests, DNA tests and allergy tests. Sometimes Reflections employees were the ones submitting the samples. As many as 90 percent of his patients were doing drugs, his former clinical treatment director told the FBI.

That clinical treatment director was sentenced in April to four years and nine months in prison. Four other associates have pleaded guilty and one other has been charged.

Although Chatman faced up to life in prison, Villafaña asked for 35 years. She said with the number of other corrupt treatment center operators the FBI is investigating, she’ll need to convince them to take plea deals, and giving Chatman a life sentence after taking a plea deal could discourage them to confess.


The Post pieced together police reports and witness testimony in December 2015 to expose Kenneth “Kenny” Chatman as an operator who allowed drug use in his sober homes and forced addicts into prostitution. One year later, a federal investigation led to his arrest and prosecution. Read the coverage at

Health Secretary Tom Price Favors ‘Faith Based’ Approach To Opioid Crisis

Health Secretary Tom Price Favors ‘Faith Based’ Approach To Opioid Crisis

Not medicine, God: U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price recommends faith in God as the solution to the current opioid crisis.

Price, a medical doctor, claims faith-based treatment is better than medication-assisted treatment when treating opioid addiction, despite a great deal of scientific evidence to the contrary.

Price, while touring communities that have been hit especially hard by painkiller and heroin overdoses, spoke out in favor of faith-based treatment programs while expressing disdain for science-based. medication-assisted treatment.

Charlotte Gazette-Mail reports:

Asked about drug treatment options, Price touted faith-based programs while showing less support for medication-assisted programs in which addicts are weaned off heroin with other opioids like Suboxone and methadone.

“If we’re just substituting one opioid for another, we’re not moving the dial much,” he said. “Folks need to be cured so they can be productive members of society and realize their dreams.”

Reporting on the story Mother Jones notes:

The secretary’s comments directly oppose literature from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, a division of HHS. “The goal of medication-assisted treatment is to recover from addiction,” reads “Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction: Facts for Families and Friends.” The literature goes on: “It does NOT replace one addictive drug with another. It provides a safe, controlled level of medication to overcome the use of a problem opioid.”

Business Insider elaborates, pointing out that the medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs Price rejects are the “gold standard” for overcoming opioid addiction:

MASSACHUSETTS Supreme Court Hears Case For Dr Michael Langan

Dr Michael Langan has been extorted more then once to attend AA as if it were some special secret place in Doctor heaven.

I watched the entire video and was as outraged as I was the day he first told me his story back in 2013.

I hope to help get Media on this and expose and destroy these horrible organizations that are shoving AA nonsense down Doctor’s, Pilot’s, Nurse’s and Lawyers throats.

How are they in so much POWER?

How did this happen ? Marty MANN  is one of the reasons.

Maybe this is why AA is so infested everywhere.

Flight Attendants and Pilots forced to take Drug Tests in Bullying Environment

Most people don’t realize why the Airline Industry had become such an unhappy place. Here is one reason why. The Steppers are making Multi Millions with their Drug Testing Companies. Women who are tiny, thin and dont  even drink are being targeted. The drug testing is aggressive. They force them to go to AA rehab even when that’s a religious org from 1935. This is a very disturbing report.

Is AA a CULT? If yes why…

Its often discussed in heated debates about this name calling of AA.

I often defended AA when I was still in it . (1975-2011)

But sadly  now I see it as a quasi cult. A powerful INSTITUTION embedded in too many professional EAP programs ( The FAA, Pilots, Nurses, and Doctors) our Courts,  Probation and TV – aka Hollywood . Please tell me your thoughts.

What are some things you did to deprogram? Would like to hear a radio show about this?

Bill O’ Reilly and Sexual Harassment Story- more to be revealed

There are women at Fox News who want to speak up. But they’re afraid. They’ve seen other women stand up for themselves — against former Fox News chief Roger Ailes, against host Bill O’Reilly — and lose their jobs as a result. Meanwhile, they’ve seen those men defended and handsomely compensated by the company.

They’ve been told there is an anonymous hotline they can call. But they’re afraid to call it because of a belief that the company is monitoring their phones.

 For many female employees at Fox News these days, the mood is one of fear and disappointment, several current and former employees told CNNMoney.


CNN tonight reporting how Wendy Walsh alleges Bill O’ Reilly from FOX NEWS sexually harassed her. Seems they have already paid out 12 Million dollars in Shut up money, from five previous claims.

Now this story is not about AA. So you may be wondering why write this here. Well here’s why.  A Decade ago we had the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal followed by many news stories, TV News Coverage stories and what seemed like change  and justice for all the children molested by Priests. A few years ago we had The Jerry Sandusky child abuse sex scandal. Horrific. So we take on Penn State and College Football. Never saw that coming. The Catholic Church- College Football— then here we go—  the untouchable Bill Cosby- and for what? Rape. Not sexual harassment but serial raping that began with  drugging the women and then raping them.

Now we have AA. Alcoholics Anonymous. A non for profit 501c3 operating out of New York City. AA has Central Offices all across America.  But these are separate entities. Still they are businesses. So if you work or volunteer in an AA Central Office and are sexually harassed you can sue them.

But what if you are in an AA meeting in Los Angeles, or NYC , or Boise Idaho. What if when you were getting a cup of coffee, some old fart say- age 55 male  – says to you age 18- “that’s a pretty fine ass you got there young lady.” Is that sexual harassment?  If you are being “of Service ” in AA as in you are a Secretary, the leader, the literature person, the coffee maker, the DCM, the GSR – then Yup- yes — good —-god  yes !!! straight to go and collect $200 dollars, because that is sexually harassment in the work place.

AA has been getting people to work for free for so long they have forgotten that we all are – now you all are working for them – for FREE- and they are a big business and a huge Institution. Like The Catholic Church, Like Football, Penn State and Jerry Sandusky, like Bill Cosby- all three at one time thought they were untouchable and they were. Until they weren’t. AA has been hiding behind a veil of “we’re a secret society” “we don’t tell our members how to act”

We have got News for you AA. IN this century – YOU ARE CULPABLE. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE> . This isn’t an episode of MAD MEN on AMC – Its not 1955.

What if you are new in AA and and old timer hits you up at coffee for a date, Fucks you – then dumps you in a few weeks. Talks about the Big Book over coffee and donuts. Then you see him hitting on another new girl and you are being told “whats your part in it by the AA women. Sound familiar?

We think the time has come.

Bill O ‘ Reilly is having some issues with Sexual Harassment claims. And after Roger Ailes was forced to step down from 20th Century Fox Film Corp the world of the good ole boys club was being shaken. I watched how this unfolded on CNN , FOX News, The NYT, The Los Angeles Times and just about everywhere.

I once worked there. Back in the early 80’s I was a floating Secretary at 20th Century Fox. I came to Hollywood like many other wanna be actress hopefuls. I would study acting and work in the movies like Shirley Temple and Judy Garland. I loved it in Hollywood when I first arrived.  From the commissary where I ate lunch, hoping to catch  a site of a Movie star- or get a tour of Stage 18 or The Newman Scoring stage where movie magic was being made. Each assignment I had was a new adventure.

I made my way from the basement of the Admin Building to The Main Executive Building . Six years of daily , weekly and monthly assignments brought me from reading a magazine while answering phones for an empty Ron Howard’s office to carrying a check for 5 million dollars that I hand delivered to an office for Michael Keaton- to an office of the Producer for Sophie’s Choice.

But there was a Producer- his name was Marc Trabulous. He sexually harassed the shit out of me. I had worked in alot of places. But nothing like this ever happened to me. I was in my late 20’s, 5;9, and 128 lbs. I did not know what to do. So I did nothing. No one reported harassment back then as far as I knew.  I left Fox soon after that. I did more extra work and then went to Sapporo , Japan to sing in a jazz club. I returned after my gig ended and a year later was pregnant with my first child.

Many years ago- I too was 13 stepped in AA and sexually harassed  over the years too many times to count. But it was when I was making my film The 13 Step did I finally realize that when a person works for AA -and when you are in service to AA- that AA is a non profit and all the groups are connected with their GSR’s to their DCM to their area to their delegate to NY. and ——-NY Knows whats going on. They are culpable when you are a volunteer.

One day a sexual harassment lawsuit will be successfully sue AA. I think the time is now.

But I think if you were raped – please come forward. Find out the statues of limitations in your state.

If you were sexually harassed- write the story down and contact me here.

Man accused of raping multiple women he met in recovery – They really mean AA- Alcoholics Anonymous

Man accused of raping multiple women he met in recovery

LYNNWOOD — A Lynnwood man is accused of raping as many as 10 women he met through drug and alcohol recovery groups.

Police allege the man preyed on those who were vulnerable because of their addictions, including the newly sober. He reportedly offered to let women stay at his house when they were detoxing or worried about relapsing.

Several of the women say that before the attacks, they had told him about sexual violence they experienced in their pasts, and how that contributed to their substance abuse. Some said they relapsed after being raped again.

The man, 32, often led meetings for Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, according to the arrest report.

He was booked Wednesday into the Snohomish County Jail. He is being held on suspicion of one count of second-degree rape and three counts of third-degree rape.

Keith Earl Davis Alcoholics Anonymous Member Arrested for slaying nurse captured in Louisiana

Tampa police: Fugitive wanted in slaying of nurse captured in Louisiana

TAMPA — Friends and family of a nurse who was mysteriously killed in his home earlier this week pinned their hopes on the capture of the man who Tampa police detectives believe is responsible for the death of William Leslie McGoff.

They got their wish just hours after the warrant was issued Thursday: Keith Earl Davis, 43, was captured in Sulphur, La., near the Texas border, police said that evening. Tampa detectives were sent to Louisiana to bring Davis back to Hillsborough County to stand trial.

Police said forensic evidence “implicates” Davis in the death of McGoff. Davis faces charges of first-degree murder, robbery with a weapon and grand theft. Police did not release any other details about Davis’ capture, including where he was caught or how.

McGoff, 53, was last seen alive on Sunday. He was found dead in his Wellswood home Monday evening after his co-workers at LifePath Hospice called police, concerned that the longtime nurse hadn’t shown up for work.

McGoff’s well-kept home at 4928 Chariton Ave. appeared to have been ransacked and his black 2013 Hyundai Sonata was missing, police said. They believe Davis took McGoff’s belongings before driving out of state in the car, which has Florida tag 113VFT.

A man matching Davis’ description was also seen driving McGoff’s car in north Florida and Louisiana, police said.

McGoff lived in his home for about a decade and was close to his neighbors, none of whom said they noticed anything strange the night he died. His two roommates recently moved out, but it wasn’t unusual for McGoff to open his doors and his wallet to people in need of a place to stay, said longtime friend Lisa Frederick. No friends or family members knew of any connection to Davis, but police said McGoff likely knew his attacker.

Apart from his job, frequent Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings were McGoff’s “life focus,” said nephew Thomas Patterson, 38. McGoff recently celebrated his 10th year sober and was dedicated to sponsoring others in the programs, sometimes as many as six to eight people at a time.

“He had numerous people live at his house and he would give them money and feed them and clothe them,” Patterson said. “Unfortunately, through that program they come and go. It’s sad and it’s a brush with reality when you have to deal with that and know going in that you can do everything you can to pull people up and out, but you can’t make anyone do something they just don’t want to do.”

McGoff’s family said they were told by police that Davis’ family is cooperating with detectives. As they wait for answers, friends and family are “trying to remember Leslie and stay strong, have courage and go forward,” Patterson said.

Davis has been arrested 15 times in Florida on charges that include aggravated battery and grand theft, state records show. He has served four stints in state prison and was last released on his birthday in December 2015 after serving four years of a five-year sentence for dealing in stolen property.