Is AA a CULT? If yes why…

Its often discussed in heated debates about this name calling of AA.

I often defended AA when I was still in it . (1975-2011)

But sadly  now I see it as a quasi cult. A powerful INSTITUTION embedded in too many professional EAP programs ( The FAA, Pilots, Nurses, and Doctors) our Courts,  Probation and TV – aka Hollywood . Please tell me your thoughts.

What are some things you did to deprogram? Would like to hear a radio show about this?

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5 thoughts on “Is AA a CULT? If yes why…

  1. It’s a dangerous cult full of dangerous predators. The 13 stepper that targeted me works at the Nordstrom in downtown Seattle. Still painful.

  2. At Kansas City Rehabs, we don’t just believe in recovering individuals from addictions, we aim at empowering them, their family and the whole communities through holistic treatments and the promotion of a healthy, happy, and prosperous life.

  3. I’m sorry to hear you were 13 stepped! Unfortunately predators are everywhere…but newcomers to AA are already extremely vulnerable. As a sober member of AA since 1982, I and other healthy members keep our eyes on predators (fortunately I attend regular meetings where I rarely run into a predator) and “protect” newcomers as best we are able to do – including pulling someone aside to talk to them. We also are adults, you too, who sometimes make our own bad decisions.

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