Stinkin- Thinkin The Hottest blog Leaves anti AA and NA bloggers Without a NET!-OKAY GREAT NEWS- STINKIN-THINKIN IS BACK UP!

Suddenly Stinkin-thinkin pulled the plug on its fantastic popular blog with some 3000 new ip hits a day, for anti and ex 12 steppers. Without even notice, up came a letter saying that they needed to get back to their lives. We understand. The blogging world is demanding and time consuming.

We know that ftg was threatened and she called the authorities. But the fact  that some true believing AA member bullied a writer of a blog needs to be addressed and we can not accept this as the end of a huge anti AA community.

So I hold fast that I will build with your help another community. I can not compete with Isle’s writing. I am a songwriter. So I will be taking submissions from you authors and writers and post them on the front page. I will help promote Alternatives healing places and rehabs and books and programs for those that just can’t stomach AA or NA.

This blog will be here for those of us that have left, those that are considering leaving and those that are still attending and are upset about things going on in AA or NA meetings and it’s culture.

If you are still in 12 step and have been sexual harassed here are some simple tips. (We will be building a tool page for those that want help leaving)

please see and file reports everywhere.

Including the Church where the meeting is being held and where it happened.Keep a written journal and keep records. FIle harassment report at local Police Station and don’t let them minimize your experience. Get names of perps and do background checks online. ┬áContact AA headquarters and make a written complaint. Contact your local area and district and demand that they address laws that are being broken in AA meetings and that AA is the same as a grocery store.

Download Sexual Harassment Pamphlets from here on the “Tools” Page. They are free of charge. You can have a safety meeting and create a safety statement that fits with your meeting. Good Luck. And remember…if an AA member tells you what’s your part in it after you have been harassed…run for the hills to, a stagg meeting, a Smart Recovery Meeting or consider the source and tell them that it’s not 1955. And that you are not Marilyn Monroe to be thrown under a bus.

This is 2011 and the secrets going on in many AA and NA meetings and it’s culture and Young People’s Events in regards to sexual exploitation, Harassment and rape need to be cleanly exposed and the predators need to be brought to light through our crimal justice system.

So be strong and empowered and don’t ever let any AA member put you down and belittle you and tell you that “YOUR BEST THINKING GOT YOUR HERE”

That my dear one is one big lie!

LASTEST NEWS UPDATE…Stinkin’-Thinkin WILL be back up online to read its ARCHIVES!