Was Bill Wilson a Sexual Predator aka 13 Stepper on Blog Talk Radio Tonight at 6pm PST

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Was Bill Wilson a Sexual Predator aka 13 Stepper 11/29 by stop13stepinaa | Blog Talk Radio.


Tonight at 6pm PST 9pm EST Join Massive and some ex members discuss Bill Wilson, the co founder of AA about his Sexual harassing issues and 13 stepping in the rooms.

I have a voice, and I am not broken… what other lies were you told?

I am the founder of the Grass Roots Movement to Make AA Safer.

I will defend anyone who has been victimized by any AA member.

I am a victims right activist for anyone who has been harmed by an AA bully or abused or harassed, or raped.

I am an advocate for empowerment for anyone who wants empowered sobriety.

Wait…is there a better word for sobriety? Maybe abstinence. ?

What about those that want to try moderation. I want you to feel welcome here.

I dont’ believe everyone is in a Black and White situation where you have to be Abstinent the “AA way”. For  example: Kenneth Anderson Hams Harm Reduction.

I know many are able to drink moderately after leaving AA. I choose not to, but this is not always the case and I am surely not an AA NAZI.

Wait …it’s none of their business either if another adult decides that they are going to do it their way. Like live your own life. WOW as I write this I get what a bunch a freaks some AA members are with the bullying, and judgmental attitude.

I wrote a letter to the judge who sentenced the pedohphile to AA meetings in Nebraska (they wrote me back today)  that Anti denial had up on the website http://www.nadaytona.org
Natural Accountability website.

Walter, a VET who had some trouble up in MASS. I will be following up with those women who bullied him with their AA jargon like they are GOD! Give an AA member a Social Worker degree or a Phd or an MSW , look out. The arrogance level can be off the charts. However, I know a few who are really good people.

For the most part ….they need a good wake up call.

SO, I encourage everyone to start filing repots, making calls , sending emails to anyone ‘s superior’s and filing a complaint. Make sure to file a complaint with the state attorney General in Ny State against Alcoholics ANonymous and in your own state against your local rehab, treatment center or AA local chapter.

here is the link…


address needed;

Alcoholics Anonymous
475 Riverside Dr 11th Floor
New York, New York 10115

Greg Tobin

President- General Service Manager

Fill in, print, then snail mail. Please forward to anyone you think will also send it.

thanks so much

Sex Abuse scandal. Pope says all of Society Must address this issue…..Does that include AA?

In 2000 The UK addressed Sexual predator issue in Alcoholics Anonymous when a memo from it’s head offices were leaked to The Guardian. In 2001 Australia addressed it Country wide and placed literature on it’s main website addressing it. So why does the Headquarters of Alcoholics Anonymous tell people when they call that it’s an outside issue and that they can not tell their members how to behave.
Really….maybe tell them you need to follow federal and state laws when it comes to Sexual Harrassment and rape. And when a father calls the NY office after his daughter was raped in NY by a Counselor that was an AA member working in treatment ( I wish I could find this family now) and this is what a paid high ranking employee said to that father of the daughter who was raped . “CAll the police . We have no comment. We have no opinion on outside issues.” I gasped as I was told this  by an AA employee.
Instead they might show some humanity , some empathy, some support in being morally responsible….

Mandate AA Headquarters -The Reading of Safety Literature before every meeting…

Mandate The Reading of Safety Literature before every meeting that states: No members should be sexual or financially harassed in any way. Make it policy from the top down to all meetings that there be a safety Poster on every wall in all meeting halls and that literature stating that there is a zero tolerance policy in regards to Sexual Harassment and Battery in all AA meetings, in line with all existing current state and federal laws.

That’s why I created a petition to Alcoholics Anonymous Headquarters-Phyllis Halliday, General Manager-President, which says:

“Judges are sentencing 3rd Level Sex Offenders and Violent Criminals as part of their plea bargains to AA meetings unknown to current AA members and the Public at large. There is a rampant problem with Sexual harassment, Battery and rape being covered up in AA, it’s culture, and by the AA Community and the press.”

Will you sign this petition? Click here:


Submitted on 2011/11/22 at 6:22 PM

The Petition being signed and sent to the corporate offices of Alcoholics Anonymous at the Interchurch Center 475 Riverside Drive 11th Floor, New York can also be reached by these shortened URL’s:

Shortest URL for twitter distribution: http://bit.ly/sDd7Ys

A slightly longer URL that can be used for distribution: http://tinyurl.com/cu4g22u



Shooting in Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting , pregnant woman hurt in Baldwin Park, CA.

Crime Scene: Photo of suspect in shooting @ Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting of pregnant woman in Baldwin Park released

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Crime Scene: Photo of suspect in shooting of pregnant woman in Baldwin Park released.

The next time a judge sentences another violent criminal to an AA meeting I want them to take their own children and ask them to attend the meetings with these guys.

AA meetings are not safe. There are no security guards at the meetings and in fact many good members are leaving for good. Stay away from AA. Try Smart, Rational, SOS, WFS or Read Hank Hayes new book for a different point of view. Empowered Non drinking.

If You have been raped or assaulted by an AA/NA member please call the FBI and file and report that this is happening all over the country

When a crime happens cross state lines, this is when the FBI gets invovled.

It’s time for every rape and sexual battery victim to come forward and call the local police, a rape victim unit,  and then Contact your local FBI office for rape.

Judges are sentencing 3rd level sex offenders and violent criminals to AA and NA meetings. ( I AM NOT TALkING ABOUT GENERAL PUBLIC DUI’S)

Oldtimer Members of Alcoholics Anonymous have been abusing their power and position to control members lives and use them and indentured slaves (working for free when they are new)  and rape and molesting young newcomers or the children of AA members.

Even long time AA/NA members have no idea that this is happening. Cut and past this post and email everyone you know in and out of program to get the word out and get people to report the crime.

If you are gay and you have been raped by an long time AA member anywhere in the USA, but you are afraid to come forward because you were a prostitute last week, still, please call and file a report. I heard stories of this happening last year when I was still addressing change inside the rooms…so please… we need victims to come forward NOW!!!

contact makeaasafer@gmail.com or contact us 323-413-7233 for support

Comprehensive Drug Court Implementation Act of 1999

The year is 1999. This is where it all began in California. Where did it begin in your state. Sentencing US citizens to a faith healing 1936 culty rhetoric driven hogwash. What part of The Constitution is this?

Who thought this was a good idea?

The year 1978- In the large meeting hall at St Andrews Church in downtown Honolulu there were  8 of us sitting around a large wooden table. One rainy night a large yellow bus pulled up with some 30 marines who walked into the meeting. They sat in a circle along the outside of the room. They didn’t share or speak. They didn’t join us at the table. They stared and gigled at us. We all were very uncomfortable and searched the traditions for answers. We were all very upset that they were there and we knew that shipping marines or anyone who doesn’t want to be in a meeting could not possibly help any of us.

I spoke to an oldtimer in AA who I respected about this and he tried to lay some crap on me about how this was a “good bending” of the traditions. Although we were sober only a few years, we actually knew IT WAS A BAD IDEA! And looking back it surely was.

These numbers could be studied. The study would show how badly AA and NA work.

IF we just added up how many newcomers showed up each week times 30 . Then X that by 52 weeks = 1562. Although the group only grew by 5-8 a year. This was NA back then before they had a text.