Woman arrested for harassment at Kent AA meeting | Police Blotter


A woman screaming that there are child molesters in an AA meeting. It sounds like something I would like to do. I know they are there, lurking, preying as well as old timers hitting on young new comers. SO what is this story all about. Read more…

“Keeper of The Birds” is Speaking – Next Sunday- Will You Support Her-The Memorial of her Son’s Death February 12th, 2012

Murdered by his AA sponsor, Keeper and I first met because of a post that happened after the West Covina Make AA Safer Workshop , May 2010, at The 502 CLUB in West Covina, where Lance Glock http://www.allbusiness.com/legal/evidence-testimony/14414891-1.html   was later arressted for rape allegations and outed for what he was doing with the women in that group.

I saw her post on FACEBOOK and I was so shocked, I reached out to her. She called me and the rest is history. I eventually interviewed her on my blog talk radio show Safe Recovery you can here it here … http://www.blogtalkradio.com/saferecovery/2011/04/20/tragic-death-of-aa-members-child-by-crimianl-aa-member and later went out to interview for my Documentary FIlm.

This harrowing story of a 14 year old TJ , Keeper’s son, attending a meeting one sunday  morning with his mom and this pedophile Gerald Estes was speaking…read more… http://www.amw.com/fugitives/brief.cfm?id=33733    Thomas, her son asked him to be his sponsor. The rest is bad history and unbelievable tale of a huge pedophile ring in 7 southern states targeting AA meetings and rehab where young teen boys were easy prey.

So it turns out she is speaking at a meeting in Lake Elsinore. Sunday, February 12, 2012 She has asked for support. I am going . Is there anyone else in this area who will meet me there. She sad it’s a gnarly place. She wants me to bring my literature. I’m in. Anyone else out there close by? makeaasafer@gmail.com


Instead,  read Stanton Peel’s Book, ADDICTION PROOF YOUR CHILD or call Tom Horvath at Practical & Smart Recovery or call Jack Trimpey at Rational Recovery or call SOS, Women for Sobriety. read Amy Lee Coy’s book FROM DEATH DO I PART. Call her. She can help you. See Hank Hayes’ book YOU”VE BEEN LIED TOO…

Miriam Adelson Owner of Drug Treatment Center in Las Vegas Donates another 5 Million to Newt Gingrich Campaign

Dr Miriam Adelson just donated another 5 Million Dollars thttp://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-pn-newt-gingrich-super-pac-five-million-donation-20120123,0,7444292.story?  track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+latimes%2Fnews%2Fpolitics+(L.A.+Times+-+Politics)  to the Newt Gingrich Campaign. Last Week Her husband donated 5 Million to Mr Gingrich’s campaign. A few months ago one could see a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNsLfssU_yU   where Newt gives the AA Big Book and the 12 and 12 super kudos’ for helping him with his life.  For what? He said it wasn’t for drinking. So what was it? What could he possibly be helped with…Now I smelled an AA or a GA connection …12 stepping something going on here… when I heard that Miriam Adelson gave him an additional 5 million dollars this week.

So what is the connection between these three people. Billionaire, Las Vegas Casino owner Sheldon Adelson and Newt Gingrich. I have my suspicions.


Many of us who were in “program” know the very special relationships we had with people we connected with.

God help us all if someone like this becomes President of The United States.

Religion, AA and Spiritual Pop Psychology

I was thinking about how AA is always telling it’s members that they should only pray for God’s will.

Where does this crazy statement come from. If AA was a real religion which it is not, but it acts more like a cult, then they would tell you to pray for people and such, say…like the Catholic Church does.

In my last few decades or maybe when I was about 6 years sober I started noticing how this part of the program was really absurd. How dare a simple minded program such as Alcoholics Anonymous made up by some dirt bag sexual predator retard – Bill Wilson tell a whole culture and society how to pray, when to pray, who they can not and can pray for.

It was in fact this aspect of meetings sharing in the past 15 years that always got me really pissed. So I would speak my mind. reminding everyone that they had no right to do this.

I felt this aspect of AA really hurt and damaged alot of decent good members. They all seemed very confused about what was right and what was wrong. These were educated adults. Even women in my old home group I could see were very lost still in many aspects of their made up faith called Alcoholics Anonymous.

I was always one who like to pray and meditate and read hundreds of other books seeking a so called spiritual path. Now I feel that word “spiritual ” has been seriously tainted.

During the 1970’s when I got sober …or stopped on my own , then went to some meetings and got hood winked into writing a 4th step and reading a 5th step to some old woman named FLobird who I never connected with what so ever, I was already looking for any answer to life. So was a whole generation.

Books like Siddhartha  by Herman Hesse “I Aint Well But I sure am Better” by Jess Lair were big sellers. SUGAR BLUES was another one. Jonathan Livingston Seagall another. The Greatest Miracle in The World by Og Mandino. WE searched , we read, we had psychic readings galore and we hung out on the beach together, had camp outs and made up dances so we could hand out sober and clean together.

I actually would like to interview a pro AA priest, an atheist who left AA and is sober his or her way, and maybe a someone in between. This part of the craziness needs to be discussed. It’s absurd. I think so …
What do you think?

What’s New in The Addiction Recovery Industry and Alcohol Dependency World-Are you Still Powerless?

Take a look at this ad from the 1930’s. That’s right. You are not mistaken. They are promoting to smoke cigarettes and  they are saying,  indead smoking luckies is good for your health. Funny, AA was pushing that AA was good for alcoholics as well.

If you went to your OBGYN in 1936 I think you would be a bit surprised how he treated you. Again if you went to your Dentist in 1936 and had your teeth worked on you might run from the office knowing the “TOOLS” he would use today. Now let’s talk about Heart Disease. Now this would prove deadly. If you went to your Cardioligist in 1936 and he treated you …you would be dead. There were no tools like we have today when it comes to heart disease, heart transplants and we even can use a part from a pig for a valve.

So before you, your spouse, your mom, your uncle head for a 12 step meeting or even consider going to a “Treatment Center” like Betty Ford or What ever famous rehab is on Dr Phil’s go to list…DO the research.

Trust me. They have not done the research. None. Zip. Zilch. in 75 Years. No research of any kind.

And more more thing. SO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS TO 12 Step. There are no safety policies in AA or NA and our Judges are sentencing 3rd level Sex Offenders to these meetings.

Join Massive on Blogtalk radio today to discuss your thoughts, ideas, complaints, solutions and experience about what is going on in AMERICA where they charge 25k to stop drinking or using drugs. Amy Weinhouse might still be alive if Tom Horvath from Practical Recovery could have talked to her.

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Jack Trimpey’s lastest book.

Rational Recovery® is a family-centered approach to addiction recovery, in that we base our entire program upon the typical core values of the family itself. For example, we do not look upon addiction as a disease, but rather as voluntary self-indulgence in addictive pleasures at other’s expense.

We view the family as the cradle of life itself, the highest level of human organization — higher than nations or organized religion, both of which obtain their legitimacy from the human family. Addiction is anti-family, a betrayal of marital fidelity, a direct threat to the family itself.


The SAG Pension Embezzlement Whistler Blower Speaks out-

Last night as I sat listening to the SAG Pension whistle blower Craig E. Simmons talk about what was happening at SAG when he was fired I was horrifed and furious.  I had this awful sensation of memories of when I tried to  bring up the problem with sexual harassment, battery, rape and financial scammers in  Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings and it’s culture in Los Angeles, CA two years ago and was shut down like he was and treated like chopped liver.


The things that I have learned in my AA activism have helped me to speak out even more in my City and get invloved with Occupy LA and now with SAG and it’s own very serious problems. It seems we have an epidemic in more then our banking  and financial institutions on Walll street and Main Street. It seems in America…everywhere we turn these days we hear a story about greed, lies and corruption and that in every turn in higher ranking of Banks, Financial  Institutions , our government,  judges and now one of the richest Unions in California we hear one horrific story after another.

What do all these three things have in common? I could see that my AA activism had helped with understanding my rights with my union. And I learned some serious new facts from the lawyer Craig E. Simmons, who I saw as a real hero of trust and a man who was honestly fighting corruption …who was the whislter blower at SAG. Here is what we were told…

1. The Department of Labor is investigating

2. Then the Departmen tof Justice is doing an investigation

3. Anyone can start a petition on signon.org…just do it.

4. Anyone can contact the IRS and The State Attorney General’s Office and file a complaint.

5 Any member of SAG, AA or a local citizen has rights to see the financials of a union that they are a member of.

6. David White is making $485,000 a year in Salary. They extended his term till 2015! WHY??? It actually ended in February 2012. Whose decided this was a good idea?

7. AFTRA is not a better plan. In fact SAG’s Plan is far more superior. But the members feel powerless. Or do they? Members do not even know what has happened by in large. This has been covered up.

8.What happens to you and your pension if they merge and you are already “vested in both Unions? They have no answer.

Many SAG members are taking action unlike in AA where they sit and whisper and turn a blind eye to the criminal behavior, the rapes, the sexual harassment. Many dont even know the facts. But now the word is getting out.  In the meeting last night at least at SAG I felt a part of a group fighting for justice. At Occupy I felt the same. But in AA they are scared cowards turning a blind eye to the sexual predation going on.

But one thing is for sure. Every Trustee has a responsibilty that …if they know criminal behavior is going on… and they do nothing…

THEY CAN BE SUED…They can be held accountable. They can not pretend that they don’t know.  So do the digging. Ask questions. Get the facts and  fight back!

As this relates to every AA Central Office in every big city you can request to see the financial reports. Bring your bodyguards with you and a camera as well.


Chapter 5 How it Doesn’t Work with Massive and Gunthar 2000

Gunther writes a parody on Chapter 5 and we discuss how we think it should be changed. I love G2K’s version. Listen and Laugh with us.