Watch How Matt Lauer Talks to Lindsey Lohan- Who does he think he his …her DAD?

Why is he talking to her like she is 5 years old? Lindsey if your reading this call or email us at No one who is interviewing you should talk to you like this.

More 12 stepping crap!

A Leader -Marty Mann …Truth Could Have Crippled AA.

There was a time it was dangerous to be GAY, Marty Mann who was a known Lesbian in the AA circles spent her life promoting AA and 12 step ideology to the top 500 companies in America. Had this fact been known things might have been a bit different for her. She told everyone that Alcoholism was disease and they all believed her even though

no one was doing or had done any research.

So if you have a kid. Don’t tell them that they might be an alcoholic just because you drank too  much in college. I was told this by 2 therapists. They said My kids would have a 50 % chance. We all know that this is a lie. There are no studies and no proof.

Read on for an interesting story none the less.

Former AA Members Outraged Over Possible “LANDMARK” Status for Bill and Lois WIlson’s Stepping Stones Property In Katonah, NY.

Many ex AA members are outraged that a house that was occupied by Bill Wilson who was a known 13 Stepper ( AA lingo for sexual harasser) to many new comer vulnerable women in Alcoholics Anonymous has got the blogs all up in an out roar.

I personally know about 13 steppers in AA and have been told from men with 40 + years in AA that he , Bill Wilson was a known predator and that is why AA has such a horrible history with Sexual Predation aka (13 stepping) in it’s culture.

Following I will be collecting stories from bloggers with personal opinion and experiences.

We can find the links, write letters, make phone calls and create a petition to stop this decision.

Please tell us your opinion here.


Full story here…         

Jim Moogan is a retired deputy commissioner of the state Parks Department.  So I can see the connection with his position and the getting AA’s Co founder, Bill WIlson and his Stepping Stones House on the historic register.

Why is it that these AA members are hiding everywhere behind their shady veil of anonymity.

Now they are going for the Full TOMATO! The whole enchilada so to speak. Funny to say though that my  ex brother in law committed suicide last June. But before he died he told me about the sexual predatory demeaning behavior done by men in AA as well as men preying on women.  Brian told me how the Gay men in the program were always 13 stepping (sexually harassing) the young new GAY men in AA. All that love and light those Stepping Stones folks are professing is not cutting the mustard with me. They were mean and cold to Brian when he drank again after many years of sobriety. And after 2 decades Brian was shunned when he returned to AA after he had trouble staying sober. So much for love and tolerance.


AA Sponsor Ira Pressman Sentenced to Prison for 8 years for $7 Million Dollars in Ponzi Scheme.

Some of us don’t need another reason to leave AA, to trust an AA member. Here is another story to run for the hills.

Better yet, run to a Smart Recovery meeting, run to Rational Recovery, to Women in Sobriety, to SOS…

The word Sponsor brings chills to my bones when I think about how these creeps take advantgae of well meaning AA members, who trust another member just a bit more then a stranger because they are “in AA”.

After Bala Cynwyd resident Ira Pressman told a federal judge Friday afternoon how sorry he was for stealing about $7 million from 23 people through a so-called Ponzi scheme, he learned his fate: eight years and one month in prison, a duration at the high end of the federal sentencing guideline for his crimes.

Read the whole story here…

Donna J Cornett On Drink Link Moderation on Blog talk radio/safe recovery- Tuesday February 21, 2012 @4pm PST

by massive

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Join Donna Cornett Founder of Drink Link Moderation to discuss help for those with early stages of a drinking problem who prefer to learn to moderate their drinking then do abstinence.

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Growing Up In The Cult …AA -posted by a blogger from Orange Papers

There are many bloggers out there, but one late night I was reading Orange-Papers and I came along a post by a new blogger Dennis M.  Although I could see this was a very long post, I started reading and I just couldn’t stop.

I thought it needed to be shared here so maybe another person might get help knowing they are not alone. So here it is. I have posted a few paragraghs with a link back to it’s original place on the orange papers forum. Enjoy the read. He is a great writer!

“growning up in the cult, AA”

Dennis M.'s picture

published by Dennis M. on Wed, 02/01/2012 – 14:09

I hope it’s not an annoyance to put this out repeatedly. I’m working on it here and there so it’s constantly changing and being added to. I’m not yet sure what it’s purpose is but hope it helps someone someday.

Growing Up In a 12-Step Home

My childhood wasn’t bad. I think things were fairly normal for the first 10 years. I have a sister a year and a half older than me, and my parents are still married. I am now married with 4 children, live in a modest home in a nice little town and have a decent job. My sister hasn’t done quite as well; she floats jobs, often serving drinks in skid-row bars, and lives in places and neighborhoods that are beyond comprehension. Her two teenage sons live mostly with their father, which isn’t much better.

My parents now struggle financially, but they used to make a lot of money. Their income came from the “Recovery Movement”, and this was particularly profitable during the 1980’s.

At the peak of their financial success, they maintained an office with a staff (all people known via 12 step groups) and had a cleaning lady come in to the house weekly (also known via “The Program”). They marketed, produced and sold audio and video “training materials” geared toward addiction counselors. When I was in high school, a friend and I would go to the office right after school and stuff flyers into envelopes, which were sent out on a mailing list advertising the newest available materials.

Eventually, they put on their own conference, where addiction counselors would come from far and wide to sit through seminars and speakers, having paid, or having had their employers pay, hefty registration fees. Additional revenue was earned by selling the recorded seminars. This conference was an annual event until just recently, when declining registration forced it to end. In the latter years, other matters related to mental health were covered.

That’s a little about my parents, so let me go back to my childhood and recount some of my experiences growing up. I will undoubtedly make many observations about others, especially my parents, along the way. Before reading further, may I make it clear that I love them and do not blame them for anything, and genuinely appreciate all that they’ve done for me; whether it was good or not. I do know that they always tried to do what was right. That said, I do think there is a very strong connection with the culture in which I was raised and how it would shape behaviors into my young adulthood with “self-fulfilling prophesy”.

I will try to limit this writing to my experiences growing up in a 12 step environment, but might stray now and then…

I was around the age of ten when we had a family meeting. I remember sitting down at the kitchen table with my sister and my parents. I don’t recall very well what all was said, just that dad was going to quit drinking, and would be attending meetings. Furthermore, there were meetings for kids that my sister and I should intend. Either I or my sister inquired why. I do have a vague recollection of us being told that dad had an illness, and as a result of this illness, the entire family had been affected; as if we were somehow sick, but these meetings would help. Mom would go to Alanon, my sister and I to Alateen.
It was very confusing, because I had no idea that my father had a problem with his drinking. I can only recall seeing him stumbling drunk a couple of times, after parties, and he would usually have a scotch and water after work, but I don’t recall him drinking all evening. He had a quick temper and was never one to show affection, but that hasn’t changed to this day. Read The whole story here

AA Sponsor Accused of Sex Assault-Breaking Video- Denver, Colorado

Stop13stepinaa’s Blog BOULDER, Colo. – A sponsor for an Alcoholics Anonymous group in Boulder is accused of sexually assaulting a member he had offered to help.

Longmont police arrested Laureano Sifuentes, 64, Wednesday night on suspicion of unlawful sexual contact. Sifuentes posted bond Thursday morning.

Boulder detectives have been investigating Sifuentes since November 2011 when a woman reported that Sifuentes had touched her inappropriately during a meeting that he had scheduled at a Boulder hotel. read more…

Young People and 12 Step Culture-tonight on blogtalkradio Safe Recovery

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Whitney Houston Found Dead in Beverly Hilton Hotel

I was so saddened when I heard the news today about Whitney. In the mid 90’s I bought all her records, that means, LP’s and sang  along to Saving All my Love for You. I was envious of her fame and her vocal ability. I too was a singer. But I could not sing like Whitney. I was sober though. But I would have never guessed this would be her path.

As the years rolled by…many  poeple made fun of her and her drug use with Bobby Brown. But now no one is laughing. Perhaps if she was not forced into rehabs run by faith healing steppers. Perhaps if she was shown other ways. Im sorry for her and her family.

Everyone should know. Rehab is not necessary, nor good for everyone. PLease inform all those you love about Smart Recovery, Practical Recovery, SOS, WFS, Amy Lee Coy’s way, and Hank Hayes new book, You’ve Been Lied too… as other solutions.

Whitney…we will miss you.

Is Alcohol Dependency Genetic and is Our Brain Different at Birth?

I would like to discuss and debunk the myth that Alcoholism is a disease. It is my understanding that this word began to be used when the Insurance Company’s were going to cover rehab/treatment and the beginning of a million, now billion dollar industry began.

What if over drinking and over using drugs were called behavior? And if Americans were taught skills to cope etc. I am doing research on this because I ran into a woman at the pool the other day who said in no uncartain term “Yes, they have found the pre disposed Alcoholic/ Addict brain is different then someone who has no issue with drinking etc. Really , I said.

Honestly, I don’t believe this. So I will be looking for Doctor’s and research Universities who are non bias to be interviewed for my radio show and documentary. Any help with pointing me in a factual direction I would greatly appreciate. Here is some I cited from a Texas website

288. Can we find genes that cause alcoholism? The concept that a single or multiple gene(s) causes alcoholism is much more complex than we expected. The latest research on “genomics” is telling us that the interplay of several genes probably affects the risk of developing the disease. Some gene sequences will greatly enhance the risk of becoming alcohol dependent, while other sequences will only somewhat enhance the risk. Other sequences may somewhat lower the risk of developing the disease. (July 4, 2005)

Also I want to promote moderation instead of all abstinence based ideas. Here is a woman who has been working on this for 20 years. I just heard her on Kenneth Anderson’s blogtalkradio show the other night and I want to support her.

I also think this is a very dangerous road to go down with our youth. I see that Betty Ford is going after the younger crowd now. I even heard a radio ad the other day doing just this. Why is this. Are the adults getting hip to the fact that their $25,000 a month program run by steppers doesn’t work even if tried over and over again? And the price for teens or 18-25 is even higher. How absurd is this?