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Have you been in and out of AA/NA? Have sponosrs told you to just do “another 4th step” Do you feel like AA is a cult? Have you been told to do more “service” ? Are tired of hearing readings from a book from 1939 being your design for living? Have AA memebers told you what medications you can or can not take? This and more are some reasons why people are running from 12 step meetings and it’s culture.

But what about the person who gets a DUI and is court ordered illegally to AA meetings. Know your rights. Ask for a non religious alternative , such as LifRing, Smart Recovery, Hams Harm REduction, Drink Link Moderation , On Track and Beyond, Amy Lee Coys WAY, Rational Recovery and SOS , Secualr Oranizations for Sobriety .

Join Monica aka  massive for a 1 hour show on why AA doesnt work for some. What happens in AA today. How is this harmful to some and where else can a person get support and help.

I may read blogger gunthar 2000 version of Chapter 5 one more time for fun!!!

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Big Story on 13 stepping on “The Fix” Website -Do Sexual Predators Thrive in Alcoholics Anonymous?


When I got sober at 17, AA welcomed me with open arms. I didn’t know back then that some of them were dangerous.

The good news is, you can be anything you want to be in AA. A writer, a flamenco dancer, a bank robber. I’ve met sober drug dealers and sober Oscar-winners. We’re nothing if not diverse, and to my mind, that’s one of the greatest blessings of the program. There’s a richness and breadth of experience in the rooms that’s unlike any other place I’ve been.

The bad news is, you can also be a sexual predator.  see the full story and make your comments here… http://www.thefix.com/content/sexual-predators-in-aa-10070

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Posted in AA Activism by Massive on May 22, 2012

Mary Kennedy Was an Alcoholics Anonymous Member at Time Of Suicide


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This is so very, very sad. I urge people to stop sending people, thier family and freinds to AA. Try Smart Recovery, See Amy Lee Coy’s site, Hank Hayes On Track and Beyond, Secular Organizations for Sobriety.


Try sane healthy choices of the current century, not some religious dogma made up crap from 1936 by an insane Bill Wilson founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.

AA hurts many people in more ways then this. Dig deep. Investigate alternatives to any 12 step programs.

They are filled with sexual and financial predators,   and… “Emotional vampires”.

My sincere condolences to her children and family.


Another AA member commits suicide. Mary Richardson Kennedy had joined AA 5 months prior to committing suicide by hanging herself. She had been in rehab as well. It is hard to believe a woman of that intelligence was convinced to go to Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings. Some even knew she was suicidal in the past.

RIP Mary Richardson…..

Mary Kennedy remembered for struggles, warmth

Mary Kennedy (Associated Press/Peter T. Michaelis)

By Peter Applebome and Anne Barnard / New York Times News Service

Published: May 18. 2012 4:00AM PST

 Everyone remembered the capture-the-flag games, the signature event at Mary and Bobby Kennedy’s forested estate with the pool, treehouse and sprawling grounds in the green reaches of northern Westchester County, N.Y.

Like a variation on eternal Kennedy themes, the couple brought out famous families — Glenn Close, Christopher Reeve, Chevy Chase and their spouses and children — and many less pedigreed friends, neighbors and schoolmates for long afternoons of lemonade, Oreos and spirited rambles through the woods.

It was, friends said, the unpretentious essence of Mary Richardson Kennedy, who led an adventurous life, but whose greatest gifts seemed to be for friendship, good spirits and building the family nest.

And, stunningly, it became yet another backdrop for what seemed like the perfect life gone awry when Kennedy, facing a divorce she dreaded, a recent history of drug and alcohol problems and a long fight with depression, was found Wednesday hanging in a barn behind the three-story red-brick house she had painstakingly rebuilt.

“A lot of times I don’t know how she made it through the day,” her husband, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., said Thursday. “She was in a lot of agony for a lot of her life.”

The Westchester County medical examiner’s office said Thursday afternoon that the cause of Kennedy’s death was asphyxiation due to hanging.

Bobby Kennedy said that contrary to earlier reports, no note was found at the scene.

The Bedford Police Department, which was investigating the death, declined to provide any details Thursday. There was no indication that the death of Kennedy, 52, was anything other than a suicide.

Kerry Kennedy, a sister of Bobby Kennedy’s who roomed with Mary in college, said thatMary, who took part in Alcoholics Anonymous, had been sober for five months. But that was not her only battle. Mary Kennedy also suffered from depression, people close to her said, and had talked of suicide in the past.

“She fought with every ounce of her mission to overcome that horrible disease,” Kerry Kennedy said. “It was not something that she asked for; it was something that she was


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Nick Cosmos Gamblers Anonymous Member Sentenced to 25 years in Prison-For a $400,000 million in Fraud


Cosmo was convicted of felony fraud and swindle in 1999 and sentenced to 21 months in prison. He was released in August 2000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons.

Cosmo was working for a brokerage at the time of his conviction. He lost his National Association of Securities Dealers license.

 Step 2 –

…and Judge sends him to Gamblers Anonymous, for help.

” I guess it didn’t help!

Cosmo’s attorney Richard Levitt said his client has struggled with a gambling addiction since he was a student at MacArthur High School in Levittown, attending Gamblers Anonymous meetings, getting counseling at South Oaks Hospital in Amityville, and even taking Prozac to help suppress his voracious habit. Levitt suggested that Cosmo was powerless when it came to placing bets and other risk-taking behavior.

Doesn’t the Judge know that the BLIND IS LEADING THE ” BLIND” in 12 step culture. It’s not a professional setting. Doesn’t the judge know that 12 step meetings are filled with predators of all kinds because judges all over the country are using AA, NA , GA , SLOA as a dumping ground for criminals? Fight back….call your local officials, and demand that these criminals are not dumped into your neighborhood under the guise of a 12 step meeting.

Steppers Beware- Keep A tight watch on your Money- Never Invest with a 12 Stepper Read Full Story Here…



Steppers Beware- Keep A tight watch on your Money- Never Invest with a 12 Stepper Read Full Story Here…



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Sky Capital’s Mandell Sentenced to 12 Years for Fraud- Alcoholics Anonymous member sent to jail for $180 Million fraud


Another reasons to run from Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and it’s culture! Here’s more to their Rigorous Honesty!

Mandell, 55, asked Crotty for mercy in sentencing him, saying that he and his family have suffered continuously since FBI agents raided Sky in November 2006. He told the judge he never intended to cheat anyone, blaming his conviction on false testimony by witnesses given in exchange for leniency.

Mandell, who has a wife and two daughters, ages 12 and 8, submitted letters from more than 125 people in his support, including people he’d helped through Alcoholics Anonymous.

Mandell, Harrington and others at Sky Capital also used the money to award themselves excessive commissions and pay off other victims who’d lost money through prior purported investment opportunities, prosecutors argued during the trial.

The U.S. said the two solicited millions of dollars from victims for what they claimed were restricted stock offerings or private placements that promised large returns.

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