Car thief goes on “Wild Rampage” after attending Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meeting in San Diego, California June 28, 2012

  • This was posted by investigative blogger JR Harris- We thought you’d might like to know the kind of people attending 12 step meetings now! BEWARE!!!
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In a real life reenactment of numerous problems with criminals being befriended by someone at a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting and going on a rampage, Dustin Spencer Totten, is accused of stealing the car of a fellow member of NA who was giving him a ride home. After a wild chase where Totten is accused of attempted robbery, DUI, leaving the scene of an accident and reckless driving he was eventually caught.

Moral of the Story? Watch out who you give a ride home in 12 Step meetings. You could be one of the next victims.

Suspected car thief goes on wild rampage

Written by Debbi Baker Facebook: debbifb Twitter: @debbi_baker 12:14 p.m., June 28, 2012

SAN DIEGO — A 24-year-old suspected drunken driver was arrested early Thursday after a wild crime spree in a stolen SUV that started in Point Loma and ended in Scripps Ranch.

The man, identified as Dustin Spencer Totten, was getting a ride home to Pacific Beach from a friend just before 11 p.m. after the two had been at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, San Diego police Lt. Andra Brown said.

The driver stopped his black Nissan Xterra at a station on Rosecrans Street near Liberty Station and got out to get gas. While he was outside the SUV, Totten jumped behind the wheel and sped off, Brown said.

The victim called police and said he saw last saw Totten speeding down Rosecrans with all the windows of the SUV rolled down.

At midnight, officers were called to Rancho Bernardo where two women reported that a man tried to rob them, Brown said.

The women told officers that they were pulling up to a left turn lane on Pomerado Road at Rancho Bernardo Road, where they encountered a man standing in traffic lanes waving his hands outside a black SUV, Brown said.

The women thought the man needed help. He walked up to their car, tapped on a window and then pulled open the driver’s side door, Brown said.

He demanded that the women hand over all their money and threatened to kill them if they didn’t. The women did not comply but instead sped off with the car door still open. They drove a short distance and called 911.

Eight minutes later, a man in a black SUV pulled in front of a car parked on Rancho Bernardo Road and blocked in the vehicle.

The driver got out, walked up to the man and woman in the car and demanded they hand over cash. He acted like he had a gun under his blue hooded sweatshirt, Brown said.

The driver honked the horn and scared off the would-be thief, who then got back into the SUV and rammed the parked car before speeding off.

Totten next appeared at a 7-Eleven on Carmel Mountain Road where he demanded money from a customer walking into the store who ignored him, Brown said. Rebuffed and angry, Totten rammed the customer’s car several times before again driving away, Brown said.

The spree came to an end a short time later after an officer spotted the stolen SUV about 12:30 a.m. heading the wrong way into the drive-through of a fast-food restaurant on Black Mountain Road, Brown said.

The Xterra backed up because a car was in the lane, then pulled the wrong way into another drive-through and continued to drive erratically while honking his horn, the lieutenant said.

The officer tried to stop the vehicle but it sped off to an apartment complex on Twin Trails Drive, where the driver abandoned it and ran. He was caught after a short chase.

Officers reported that Totten smelled of alcohol and had a bottle of pills in a pocket, Brown said.

He was booked into jail on multiple charges including auto theft and attempted robbery.

The Sheriff’s Department reported that Totten also appears to have been involved in a hit-and-run crash in Poway on Pomerado Road near Ted Williams Parkway during the spree.


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Insane Asylums From the 1930’s -Would you let someone treat you with a program from then?

A college Student wrote this piece and it made me think of AA.
Insane Asylums were not meant for torture. They were meant for curing mental illnesses. People often mistake the treatments they used back then as torture because the psychologists back then believed that they were helping cure them by using very physical damaging procedures. For example, people were often shocked in order to help treat with psychological disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. It was believed that the shock could help cure these patients by sometimes inducing seizures so that the person could not remember what had happened before it. It would sort of brainwash the patient. Another thing that they would do as a last resort was brain surgery. A frontal lobotomy is still a fairly common form of psychological brain surgery that is still performed today. Although today it is done much more precisely and carefully. The way they perform this surgery is by cutting holes in through the skull of the patient. Back in the 30’s and 40’s, the surgeon would stick two metal rodes in through the holes and scrape away at the brain. It was believed that this front part of the brain is what had caused certain disorders and they believed that by damaging this part of the brain with two metal rods was the best way to get rid of the disorders. Thousands of these surgeries were performed for even the most mild mental disorders. It was believed that the surgeries were an easy cure for anything from mild depression to schizophrenia. All they were really doing was damaging the brain and although the person would often be cured of their mental disorder, they were often not able to do many other things after the surgery such as walk or even talk. It was a big price to pay and thankfully all of those treatments have been researched much further today and are much safer and more controlled.


I am a psychology student at Fordham University
Does this picture remind you of something? Maybe an AA Meeting…just saying…

What Would AN Ex Stepper Meet Up In Los Angeles, California Look Like? June 13, 2012

The is the first of it’s kind. Why do we need this? 

People have left for many reasons. ( here is the short list)

1. Its a Cult

2. They are closed minded

3. They have a wacky made up religion (a group of sick nuts can be your God too) LOL

4. Sponsors are dictators

5. They are filled with predators

6. 3rd Level Sex Offenders are being sentenced there

7. Its a 1939 Antiquated modality

8. They lie to themsleves

9. They read literature that is filled with Bullshit

10. They are not really your real friends

11. AA is filled with Violent criminals

12. A powerless philosophy is dangerous to ones psyche

13. They are only anonymous when it suits them best

14. They pay their employees hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Everyone else is guilted to work for free for the good of their sobriety.

15. It doesn’t work. Okay…it works for 1 % who go there….maybe….

16. “Despite what the AA literature says, people who need medications for mental illness will frequently be told to stop taking it, and it many treatment centers it is not even permitted.”


Suicide and Alcoholics Anonymous the “YOU ARE BROKEN FOREVER PROGRAM” How is hurts Young People Tuesday June 5 on blogtalkradio with massive

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Ryan appeared as a guest on my show on November 1, 2011 right after his sister committed suicide. Ryan Created a blog called steppin on suicide and wrote on many other blogs about his passion….how AA rehabs and AA philospghy hurts people. Ryan spent 2 longs years in a 12 stepper rehab that offered him no help for his real issues.

Angry and frustrated and trapped by a world he felt he had no power to be free from… Ryan sadly took his life on June 1, 2012.

I agree. So for you Ryan, I dedicate this show to you.

Our passion to educate families and Courts as to  how we can stop any parent from sending their kid to 12 step and how AA kills people with their sick dogmatic views.

AA also tells you , that you are broken for life and that you have to “keep coming back ” forever. Cause you are “sick …forever.

We all here know this is one of AA’s biggest lies.

We will miss you Ryan!

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Mary Kennedy and the History of Addiction of Political Wives by Stanton Peel’s Ph.D.

New article About Mary Kennedy and Why The Disease Model Doesnt Work by Stanton Peele

The most famous political wife in the history of addiction was Betty Ford who, after being First Lady from 1974-1977, entered treatment for addiction to medications (then called “chemical dependency”) in 1978, then created the famed Betty Ford Center in 1982.  Betty Ford and her namesake center became the emblem for modern addiction treatment.  Ford detailed her story in her 1987 best seller, Betty: A Glad Awakening.

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