Murder in Bellingham, Man Meets Woman in AA and Kills Her. Another reason to leave AA NOW!

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Recently someone sent me this story. There is more here then just this story. But this is all I can post now. But it is just what we are talking about. A man mandated to AA. But the woman has no idea he is  mandated and he already had criminal record and already dangerous.

New Sexual and Harassment Law Passed in May 10, 2010 please read and Post Everywhere!

In Alcoholics Anonymous, it might be the only meeting place left on earth in the USA where women are sexually harassed, assaulted and raped, their children are molested and get away with it,  every day in many cities across the country, without going to the Police or suing their ass in Court.

So if a man or woman for that matter, in an AA meeting turns to you and unwantingly says seductive sexually charged statements you have the right to get a retraining order against them.





The Days of AA Bullshit is coming to a close. AA sold $100,000 less in Big Books in 2009. No one buys a BIG Book anymore. They are bought by the group and given away. Its the DUI’s and Court orders that keep the gravy train going. Tell every person you know who gets a DUI and is court ordered the truth about the law and AA mandating. Religion and State don’t mix. 1st Amendment RIghts!

Harassment Prevention Orders, Chapter 258E

Chapter 258E is new legislation that was enacted to provide criminally enforceable protective orders to victims of harassment and sexual abuse, regardless of whether the victim and the attacker have a relationship. This new law became effective on May 10, 2010. Prior to this law, a victim of abuse could petition for a restraining order only if the abuse was a family member, someone living in the victim’s home, or someone with whom the victim had a “substantial dating relationship.”7 The harassment prevention order law allows a victim to obtain a civil restraining order against a menacing stranger or acquaintance.

7 See the 209A Restraining Order Process in the Domestic Violence section of this manual. MDAA VICTIM-WITNESS ADVOCATE REFERENCE MANUAL (2010)

– 57 -Chapter 258E defines “Harassment” as:

1. Three or more acts of willful and malicious8 conduct aimed at a specific person committed with the intent to cause fear, intimidation, abuse or damage to property and that does in fact cause fear, intimidation, abuse or damage to property; or

2. An act that: a. Byforce,threatorduresscausesanothertoinvoluntarilyengageinsexual

relations; or b. Constitutesaviolationofsection13B,13F,13H,22,22A,23,24,24B,

26C, 43 or 43A of chapter 265 or section 3 of chapter 272.9

A violation of a civil harassment order is a criminal offense. The process for obtaining an order is similar to the 209A process discussed in the Domestic Violence section of this manual.

The Neverending Thread on Stinkin- thinkin site is our “The Long and Winding Road”

I know it’s not or recoverying from recovery site which is now down, but you can start any new topic here and discuss all aspects of leaving AA, having left AA or if you are thinking about leaving and want support.

Blog away. But, there are some rules.

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If you love AA and still love AA…go to www.IN THE and blog there or join the many other pro AA sites. There you will find many who are still in the rooms and you can all get all warm and fuzzy together. I am with etp.

The AA fellowship is gone and has been since they started sending DUI’s or the forced marines from Kaneohe in the late early 1980’s. I at times in the past had fantasies about how “nice ” AA still is /was…whatever.

A trip to The Marina Center in Culver CIty for a late night or evening meeting cured me of all my past false memories that are no longer honest or true.

3rd level sex offenders are being sent to AA with plea deals.

Volient criminals are being sent.

Young Johnny age 17 is being sent.

Some mother brings her 14 year old daughter who just smoked a little pot…even though mom was a total hippie in the 70’s ….

Aunt Mary is being sent. She is equally clueless of who is sitting next to her.

AA and NA are really , really dangerous. My binder is now 2 inches thick with news stories.






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Cyndy who is now 40 was dropped off at a Straight camp one month after turning 14 years old. You can order her book on or on her website Nancy Reagan and Lady DI visited parading around their War On Drugs. The abuse and humiliation and abuse she endured is beyond any words I could write here.

But know this…this kind of abusive camp still exists in the USA today, under different names. Join us for an in depth discussion of abuses to teens in America,how it relates to our current politics and how Mit Romeny is connected to this story. Listen live and chat in the chat room to hear a story of strength, survival and resilience. A fabulous writer, teacher and advocate for youth in America today.

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