NASHVILLE TV SHOW on ABC Promotes AA as a “go to” ….for Addiction and Alcohol Dependency

I recently have been watching this show. I was a fan of Hayden Panettiere from HEROS, so I was curious. Now I do like the music and it’s interesting to watch where they are going knowing that the music business is in the toilet… so I also wanna see these guys working. I mean musicians. The world after all still needs live music right? I do ūüôā

T Bone Burnett is the Music Supervisor on this show as well. But really what got me watching it was that  a journalist told me to watch it because of this stepper component. We ex steppers need to keep our enemies closer right?

So the sponsor played by actor Robert Wisdon and sponsee played by Charles Easten seen on the left, ¬†are having the usual coffee shop coffee meeting… ok…let me gag…. When the sponsor tells the sponsee ¬†that he is better then a therapist!!!¬†I wanted to beeachhhh slap the guy right through the TV but , hey , it just wasn’t possible. No offense to the actors, I like them, they are doing a great job acting, but the stepper talk….wow …so dated. Get with the times creator Callie Khouri! Do some digging. Google Alternatives to AA PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is this blantant promoting of Alcoholics Anonymous that makes us  sick.

The music is the saving grace on this show along with some of the actors and great set design. Love the songs, singing and music. But please cut the stepper crap out.

Your thoughts on how we can reach these Hollywood types to wake up and mention other choices like Smart Recovery, SOS (Secular Organizations for Sobriety) ¬†or Moderation. Why can’t some of these shows depict a character have a problem and overcome it and drink moderately? That’s what 95% of all troubled drinkers do.

Come on guys…’s not 1935 anymore. AA is ¬†outdated and filled with sexual predators and violent criminals anyway!

Here is my question to the Producers of the show …If you went to a Dr and he pulled out a manual from 1939 and tools from then…wouldn’t you run?

I would. So here is a dentist from the 1930’s or would you prefer cigarettes that were advertised that they were¬†good for your health?

Donald Judge sentenced for possessing child pornography


A WHALE Beach grandfather was yesterday sentenced at Manly Court to 18 months in jail for possessing child pornography and child abuse material.

Donald Judge, 69, pleaded guilty on June 20 to six counts of possessing child abuse material. At the sentencing submission on November 1 the court heard that Judge had an addictive personality.

As a member of Alcoholics Anonymous he had acted as a mentor to other members.

Judge had previously battled addictions to gambling and alcohol, and had for the past 10 years been addicted to pornography.

According to a statement of police facts tendered in court, Mr Judge brought his iMac into a local computer shop on February 1 complaining that it would not start up.

He told a technician he had “highly sensitive material” on his hard drive, and requested that it was not accessed.

The technician began work on the computer and found images of child pornography.

Police were immediately called to view the files, a search warrant obtained and the following day Judge’s home was raided.

Police seized several hard drives, 16 DVDs and two more computers. Examination of these by the Electronic Evidence Branch found up to 6690 images of child pornography and up to 2382 videos.

The court heard that downloaded material contained images of children as young as five.



Blog Talk Radio ” Live” Today at 4pm PST 7 pm EST SAFE RECOVERY with host Massive.

Call in 818-475-9211

A show for the young and the old. If AA or any 12 step has not worked for you maybe there is hope. Tune in for a one hour show of honest in depth discussion on all the other fabulous choices for healing alcohol and drug over use.

There are many non 12 Step approaches to getting help from alcohol and drug overuse. SO why all the free propganda in some new big films like FLIGHT with Denzel Washington and SMASHED a small idie film? Is it possible that these actors, film makers and writers have no idea SMART and SOS and Moderation, Harm Reduction, Amy Lee Coys way, Hank Hayes  with On Track and Beyond and Drink Link Moderation exist?

Sadly to say, I didn’t know they existed until 2009.

If you know a young person who dislikes AA or NA and wants to quit illegal drugs, cut back on destructive drinking,  but wants to have a beer once in a while and not be abstinent the rest of their lives, you should join us for this show.

I will be taking calls from a young twenty something who is courageously dealing successful with a heroin use problem in the non 12 step way.

EMPOWERED not powerless… is our motto!


I hope all the bloggers here have a nice day! Thank GOD none of us have to go to any creepy alka-thon in some creepy AA Clubhouse. ¬†For Leonard Peltier who is still in prison for what the FBI did to them in the 1970’s , I say, that I sincerely feel ¬†for the Native Americans who sadly experienced genocide from the US government at that time.

I bet Thanksgiving is not a good day for them.

So for me its not about the pilgrims, but about being thankful to have a family that I love. Thank you for supporting my radio show and my blogs!

Blog Talk Radio Tonight a 7 pm PST Talks About… Is it Safe To Send Teens to Al Anon or Alcoholics Anonymous?

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Local Realtor talks with Monica Richardson about how her adopted son and herself were told these programs were good. Soon when her teen attended meetings in Santa Monica, CA he was sexually preyed on  by old phedophile men with years of so called sobriety.

We  will talk honestly and boldly about this insane practice of Califonria Judges and how we as  citizens can and are fighting back.

Simple Reasons to Leave Alcoholics Anonymous

  1. Sexual harassment, rampant going on in AA for 75 years and still going on by older trusted respected AA men
  2. Rape ‚Äď going on forever in AA. Rarely are they reported
  3. Murder- By men sent to AA instead of jail.
  4. Indentured servitude (against the law by the 14th amendment) by Clancy and his clones for free honey doos…doing servant type work for free because Clancy or someone sober 20 years is their sponsor. Disgusting!
  5. Children molested by sober men who date sober women
  6. Millions of dollars stolen form innocent trusting AA members by old timer men with slick silver hair and slick silver tongues.
  7. Ancient literature repeated endlessly that corrupts and destroys a healthy ego and self esteem of good men and women who trust that AA is still a good thing
  8. thousands committing suicide because of AA bullying and degrading of members when they ‚Äúslip‚ÄĚ or drink again.
  9. The insanity of reading Chapter 5, The Preamble and the 12 Traditions at every meeting most of which are lies and harmful to ones self worth yet they wont implement Safety measures for youth and teens and women .

Is that enough? Still not sure…visit¬†¬†to read many of them there.
Consider options ;  SMART Recovery & SOS, are non AA, abstinence based programs. There is Marc Kern, Moderation Management, Hams Harm Reduction and Donna Cornett www.Drink Link Moderation. They have online meetings ( SMART has online chat meetings daily and over 600 meetings worldwide. ) Call Steven Slate and St Judes Retreat in NY for contemproary answers. Dr Mary Ellen Barnes and Dr Ed Wilson in California for non 12 step solutions. 

Always thinking outside the box. ALways looking for a refreshing solution that work. I would NEVER send my sons or any friend to ANY 12 STEP PROGRAM.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): 2011 Tax Returns

IN case you are thinking of leaving or just left AA, here are some of the financial facts the local people in AA do not have a clue about.

Thanks to blogger live and die free. here is the rest of the post I found on Orange- papers forum.

Submitted by live_free_or_die on Thu, 10/25/2012 Р05:57

The fellowship of AA is serviced by 3 NY nonprofit organizations. All 3 are in NYC.

Alcoholics Anonymous Grapevine Inc. (AAGV) was formed in 1944.
2011 Tax Return >>¬†…

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (AAWS) was formed in 1962.
2011 Tax Return >>¬†…

General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc. (GSB) was formed in 1943 (previously The Alcoholic Foundation, Inc-name change to GSB in 1954).
2011 Tax Return >>¬†…


The GSB is the “agency” that controls the overall policies of the 2 other corporations and the fellowship of AA. The GSB is made up of as certain number of “trustees” that control GSB. Certain trustess are also on the boards of directors for AAWS & AAGV, thereby controlling those 2 corporations.

According to the Bylaws of the GSB, in part:

The General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc. now has but one purpose, that of serving the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is in effect an agency created and now designated by the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous to maintain services for those who should be seeking , through Alcoholics Anonymous, the means for arresting the disease of alcoholism through the application to their own lives, in whole or in part, of the Twelve Steps which constitute the recovery program upon which the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous is founded.

7. The Charter and bylaws of the General Service Board are legal documents, empowering the trustees to manage and conduct world service affairs. The Conference Charter is not a legal document; it relies on upon tradition and the A.A. purse for final effectiveness.

8. The Trustees are the principal planners and administrators of overall policy and finance. They have custodial oversight of the separately incorporated and constantly active services, exercising this through their ability to elect all the directors of these entities.

9. Good service leadership at all levels is indispensable for our future functioning and safety. Primary world service leadership, once exercised, by the founders, must necessarily be assumed by the trustees.

For everything you never wanted to know about the workings and structure of AA see the Service Manual for 2011/2012 here >>

PLease Sign Petition- Alcoholics Anonymous is Not Safe and AA World Service Doing Nothing About It!

In Loving memory of Karla Brada, and Kristine and Saundra Cass

This petition will be sent to  President Obama and VIce President Biden, and their wives and all State Senators, and Governor Jerry Brown and  will be receiving my petition which addresses Violent Criminals being sent to  AA and then murdering our innocent citizens. Both AA members and normal civilians need to know this is happening and we want this to be stopped at state and federal levels.

If you have already signed the petition…a big thank you. If you have not, please , please consider signing , then ¬†posting on FACE BOOK and twitting this petition, or send to your friends who care through email.

In the name of Karla Brada ( Santa Clarita, CA) and Kristine and Saundra Cass (Honolulu, Hi.)

who were all brutally murdered by men they met in Alcoholics Anonymous. These men were both sentenced to AA meetings as a dumping ground. Karla’s parents are actively helping to get more signatures.

Please follow the link here and feel free to add your own personal comment!

Here’s the link for your new petition:¬†

ELECTION DAY – Making Your Voice Count !

Make your voice heard. Get out to vote. These are the phrases we hear for months on end before the election. Well, that day is finally here. Now my email box will not be filled with political agenda. What ever the outcome, I hope we as Americans can make this a better country. I hope we can get the money out of politics. That we can stop fighting inane wars. That we can provide affordable education for our youth.  That we can provide recovery aid to those who need it from hurricane Sandy. That Americans will be more empowered and informed when any one they know or love has a problem with alcohol and drug overuse.

I promise to dedicate the next 4 years to changing how the world views the relationship to 12 step programs and “real” help that is safe!

EXPOSE….Empower…Educate…and live without AA dogma!