Wishing All us Ex Steppers, Soon to Be Ex Steppers A Happy New Year!

Whether you have left AA, are ponding leaving, or you are just lurking… we wish you a happy, safe, fun, empowered, holiday season.

This marks over 1 year that the LEAVING AA site has been here.¬† Over 101 Countries have been viewing the site. Some 60,000 views from the USA and thousands from the UK, Canada and Australia. I will post the stats when I learn how to read them LOL ūüôā

Thanks to all who helped me through some rough issues this past fall. Thank you to all those who blogged and shared your pain here.   Although my community feels more like it exists on the internet right now, we are many in numbers. I did make two new freinds in LA that I can meet in person. AMY LEE COY is awesome!  The other remains anonymous. We hope to finish my Documentary this year and I hear there are a few more films being made to expose the criminal activity going on in AA and NA.

The biggest news is about the Lawsuit against AA for Karla Brada’s murder. Another important event was the fact that an ABC reporter, Don Champion and his station had the guts to ¬†report on live TV from Denver, Co about the oldtimer sexual predator in March of this year, finally speaking out on a National Broadcast station! We put up a Bus stop bench ad up ¬†in Los Angeles to let folks¬†know that they have other choices.

Thanks to the blogs that support us and the people behind each and every one of them. Thanks to Hank Hayes for writing a book “YOU’VE BEEN LIED TO…exposing AA so that I don’t have to write it. There are many more books that I have been reading this year. I plan to put up a resource page this year with my favorite books! Addiction Proof Your Child is my fav for parents.

And thank you to mfc66 for having recovering from recovery site up…even if it was only for a few months. It was an awesome blog.¬†

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Empowered 2012…..

powerless 1939…

you choose….


Have You Been Sexually Harassed, Assaulted, Molested or Raped by an AA Member?

The time to come forward is now.

There are two News Reporters, one at a Major network and another who has contacted a Journalist working behind the scenes on the problems really going on in AA and how women are being treated.

Many have contacted me directly on my other blogs over the past 2 1/2 years.

Either way if you have been hurt and are willing to speak they want to talk to you. Please contact me at info@mysaferecovery.com.

You might also want to know that AA is being sued and it is a very strong case. There is finally an ATTORNEY in Los Angeles who will do it and she understands the LAW and how AA tried to wiggle around and under it with its ridiculous traditions.

Please if you know someone who has been harmed and they are  ready to talk, please  give them my information.

Please help stop the silence that has been going on in 12 step for ever….no women needs to be murdered, raped, molested and sexually harassed by AA men ever again. Stop The Silence…

AA Member Sentenced In Murder of Woman He Met In Alcoholics Anonymous

Corey DeanThomas had four violent felonies to his name when mandated to AA meetings. In 2009, he attacked another woman with a box cutter and scarred her for life. He also threatened to murder the entire family, and ran after a 14 year old.  The courts knew who they were dealing with when they sent him to AA meetings. He finally carried out his threats of murder on a  woman he met at an AA meeting in October 2011. She left behind 2 children.

St. Paul: For strangling ‘best friend,’ 34 years in prison

Corey Dean Thomas did not accept that Megan Neely was leaving him.

In his anger, the St. Paul man strangled the 27-year-old mother of two and stuffed her body into a crawl space of her apartment.

“All you had to do was be a man and walk away,” Neely’s mother, Terri Neely, said in Ramsey County District Court at his sentencing.

Thomas spent several hours after her death responding on her cellphone to texts from family and friends wondering where she was. He pretended he was Neely.

Thomas pleaded guilty to intentional second-degree murder. He was sentenced Tuesday, Dec. 11, to 34 years in prison, the maximum the judge could give him under the plea agreement.

Family and friends of Neely nodded and murmured “Thank you” as the sentence was pronounced. Many were in tears.

Judge Kathleen Gearin also gave Thomas, 32, credit for the 422 days he has served in custody since the October 2011 murder. She ordered him to pay $7,800 in funeral and burial expenses.

When it was his turn to speak, Thomas unfolded a sheet of yellow paper. He apologized to Neely’s family for what he called a “horrible tragedy.”

“I lost my best friend, and I’m sorry for taking her away,” he said in court.

He said during his Oct. 22 plea hearing that he and Neely had met at an AA meeting. They had been dating about three months and moved in together.

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Is Alcoholics Anonymous a Cult? Do AA Members ACT Like They Know It ALL?

Do they act and say things making one believe that  their way is the only way?

I have seen this in many forms. I think it…AA… is dangerous because many people need help and AA and its ideology is actually hurting poeple. Its just not true. The AA literature is filled with lies. People are not powerless. Alcohol over use is not a diease. AA is not the only way to stop, moderate or get help. AA is not the only form of free support self help groups.

Smart Recovery, SOS, Moderation Management and Hams Harm Reduction and Life RING are other choices. In 10 years if SMART continues to grow as it is, it will be bigger then AA. Amy Lee Coys Way is better, Hank Hayes was On Track and Beyond is better.

This is from the orange-papers and I felt it was time to share it here.

There are many aspects of a cult. www.orange-papers.org


Dr Marc Kern, Moderation Specialist Therapist in Los Angeles, Live on Blog Talk Radio Tuesday

The HABIT DOC, Dr Marc Kern a Moderation Specialist will be on SAFE RECOVERY on Blog talk radio Tuesday December 4th @ 4PM PST  and 7 pm EST



SO if you or someone you know have a question or would like to speak to Dr Kern, please get your questions ready for a great opportunity!


Help Raise Money For Karla Brada’s Legal Fees


PLease help us to help Karla Brada’s mom and DAD. Jaro and Hector Mendez.

PLease feel free to post everywhere. WHen you go to the Indigogo page , after you click on contribute, in the box, you put the amount you want to donate. $1, $5, $10, $15, $25, $50, $100 etc. No amount is too small. We so much appreciate your support and help for her parents Legal Fees.


Thank you!