Barry Lopez’s Story in January 2013 Harper’s Magazine about Confronting Trauma of sexual abuse. Once Again AA members hide a Pedophile.

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WHAT A STORY…when I opened up my January issue of Harper’s Magazine, I had no idea what I was in for. I was tired and wanted a break from the AA stuff…hmmmm. I guess that was not gonna happen.

HOLY SHIT…Barry Lopez is a fantastic writer and tells this harrowing tale of a man who serially sexually abuses him from the age of 7, for 4 years.

For those of us on this blog, we know what is going on in AA. Yet I had no idea this story includes more Alcoholics Anonymous members covering up a hideous sex offender, pedophile. You can listen to the radio interview. But I hope , please read the full artilce from Harpers here. I think you have to be a subscriber to read the whole thing so I will try to see if I can get it for you somehow. Its unF**king believable. I think it explains how deep the history of cover up is in AA…not by Barry Lopez, but by his step father who became a big wig in AA in NY and a 1st cousins of his mothers in California.

Sliver of Sky by Barry Lopez…Read Full Article here…

CHAPTER 5 from The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous- Is it just one big LIE ? Whose ASKING?

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DEPROGRAMMING from AA and any other 12 step cult. Page 1. The first thing I heard as I sat in rooms the last 5 months was that all of a sudden it felt like the literature was really off base, filled with lies and antiquated. SO I started my blogtalkradio show SAFE RECOVERY and I took apart the literature.. you can read it there, and I wrote my own version, but this is my own brain, trying to make sense of something that makes no sense. Here we go…

Rarely have we seen  a person …any person who throughly followed Bill Wilson’s path. For if they did, they would have to be clinically depressed for 20 years of their time spent in AA.

They would have to take LSD for a few years to seek cure for alcoholism even though he didnt drink for 20 or so years when he started the LSD treatment. He would have been shunned and judged in today’s AA and have to start over with his time, which is a very important part of the AA hierarchy  of today.

Rarely have we seen a person follow this path. Those who do recover usually fail to completely commit themselves entirely to the wills and wants of this programs sacred leaders and unassailable dogma, usually men and women who are constitutionally capable of absorbing Bullshit.

He says: You are someone who is constitutionally incapable of being honest with themselves. ( So in plan speak Bill is calling you a sociopath) At every meeting you attend for the rest of your life you will be told this extremely negative phrase and you are expected to take it in and absorb it as truth. ) Sounds kinda destructive to me…

They are such unfortunates. But wait….you are not at fault. He gets you off the hook here. You were BORN THAT WAY! Really Bill? From birth, all of us sweet little babies….we were born broken? Long before we were hit, abused, molested….WTF Bill? Sorry Bill, I don’t think so! You have no natural capacity to be rigorously honest with yourself. ( Is he calling you a sociopath again?) hmmmm I think so. Then he talks about those who have emotional and mental disorders but gee wiz fellas….you too can recover if you can be honest. Now he doesn’t say “In recovery” he says “recover”.

Now here is one of the biggest manipulations used….If you have decided you want what we have and are willing to go to any length to get it. Get what Bill? Sanity….not drinking like you did…moderation….switching from drinking to screwing newcomer woman…cheating on Lois…..creating a fake company and selling stock when no such company existed? Thats fraud…BILL…..Thats go to jail fraud Bill.

Okay , so you make the decision you want what we have, hmmm kinda creepy in todays sexual predator filled rooms, but okay, then you are ready to take certain steps. Now he begs us to be fearless and thorough...I guess like he was.….and that we have to let go of our old ideas …the result would be nil, until we let go absolutely. SO here is where it gets so culty to me.

He now tells us that we have to REMEMBER, that alcohol is cunning, baffling, powerful….really…I think it’s a beverage. A beverage with alcohol in it in different proportions.

When Bill was going through this, prohibition had just eneded and the temperance movement was huge. Alcohol was considered evil. Now Bill was blaming you, me, himself. Demon Rum got off the hook. It was you, me and Bill who were f**ked up now. not alcohol the beverage. Get it….Im sure the booze industry loved this guy.

But now he gets all religious on us. “WITHOUT HELP IT IS TOO MUCH FOR US! But there is ONE who has all power- that one is GOD. MAY YOU FIND HIM NOW!”

OMFG- Now, this is a religion. SO how is any Judge in the land sentencing people to this cult? Oh  boy, we have our work cut out for use….But wait there is more.

Half measures availed us nothing. Again he refers to GOD, that we need protection from HIM….he is talking about God  here, not a lightbulb, I am sure of it.

AND finally here are the steps we took, which are suggested as a program of recovery. NOT “RECOVERING” forever!!!!

OK Im tired now. That was exhausting. Just kidding. It was fun to get it out of my head.

But clearly, if you are leaving, take any part of the literature, write it out and talk back to it using your sane brain which btw you have not lost!!! and post it here or journal privately like some bloggers prefer to do to help deprogram.

Love u guys and gals. :)bloggers:)))




So why did he try it. Was he still having cravings

Alcoholics Anonymous Member Safety Workshop in Lexington, Kentucky- local rapist loose in AA community -keeping it hush hush

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A blogger posted this on the blog here and I am hoping to bring it into the light.

PLEASE, PLEASE if you have been raped by an AA member you must go to the police. He does not get to rape you . He will rape someone else. Anonymity has nothing to do with breaking the law. This is not what any of the traditions mean. AA literature is NOT THE LAW.  AA IS NOT THE SKULL & BONES Society folks. AA’s writings were written in the 1940′s when rapists were not allowed alone with blacks and gays and prostitutes.

This what was posted:

There is going to be an AA Safety “workshop” put on by the two Districts in Lexington, Kentucky AA. I found this out very recently. I was also told that this workshop is in reaction to a woman being raped locally by another member. People I know also know the identities of the rapist and the victim, and went so far as to tell me I’ve been in a meeting with the rapist and probably know him as well; but they hide behind the misused concept of anonymity and will not tell me or anyone else who this person is. It appears though that the idea of CYA for safety is becoming more visible. I am hoping some good can come of it, at least the idea of there being a problem is starting to surface.


Country Singer-Mindy McCready Dead Of An Apparent Suicide- Another person not WANTING AA REHAB!

This is very very sad.

On Jan. 30, a judge has ordered McCready to be committed to a treatment facility to deal with mental health and alcohol issues. However, after undergoing a series of tests, she was released from the facility the following day and allowed to enter into an outpatient program.

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How can we reach the media. How can we reach these parents?

Forced to a life of AA steppers wacko 1939 religion and cult. Not everyone has the strength to fight their controlling ways. Her father had his part in it. He had her children taken away. Is he a stepper? I don’t know.

I’m glad I found Stanton Peele’s books, ADDICTION PROOF YOUR CHILD, ALBERT ELLIS Books, The Sinclair Method, Smart REcovery, SOS, AMY LEE COY, and so I could see AA for the nut house it is.

read the full story here …

LOS ANGELES TIMES Puff Piece Promoting Alcoholics Anonymous from March 2011

We all wrote letters, we sent faxes when we saw this. This was the push back we got from the work we were doing. In 2010 I had a reporter say to me ” we need the police involved to make this a story.

Well now we do. Karla Brada is dead. Is that good enough now. The maddness needs to stop.

WARNING. Its not a great film. Its too long and its slow… but it was my first attempt to make something in imovie, so critics…go easy on me. I promise my next shorts will be better 🙂

“HOUSE of CARDS” NEW Netflix Series Blatantly Promotes Alcoholics Anonymous in Scene With Kevin Spacey and Actor Corey Stoll

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Great acting and great writing but who in this production is a stepper?

In Chapter 6 of NETFLIX NEW Series Kevin Spacey’s character, Francis Underwood, bullies character Peter Russo, played by actor Corey Stoll into attending AA meetings. Even though Peter is already stopped on his own. My jaw really dropped to see such blatant propaganda. Who on this show is in AA. I wanna gag!!!!!Call the writers, call the actors, call the producers. I can’t take this crap much longer. corey stoll pic

Narcotics Anonymous Member Tells Woman Not TO Take her Psych Medication WHAT ARE THESE Nutjob, Non-professionals THINKING?

A new blogger here posted this story that I think is very important for us to talk about at every level, including when we visit our private physicians and therapists. There is a book that each of us could buy and bring to our Doctors. I will get the title and post it later .Its about the Sinclair Method. Or we could all order Pamphlets from Smart or SOS or create our own. IN THE MEANTIME…

Here is her story 

Here is a letter I’m sending to the doctor that took care of me when I was in the hospital in October after a suicide attempt:

Dear Dr. Kelly,
First I want to thank you for all of the care and support you gave me during my stay at (name of hospital) from October 24 through November 8th. You were truly kind and caring, and I would not be on this road to recovery without you. But there is something I wanted you to know. If you remember, my problem is that I became addicted to prescription sleep medications. I attempted suicide when that addiction became overwhelming and consuming. You put me on antidepressants, which completely changed me and how I look at life. They in fact gave me a life. I was never able to feel happy before this. You pushed me to, actually, insisted that I get “hooked up” with a 12 step program and sponsor before you would allow me to be discharged. In fact, during my entire stay, 12 step programs were the only recovery support options mentioned. I wanted to let you know what happened to me after I left the hospital, and why I want you to strongly consider suggesting other recovery options.

I attended the (name of group) Narcotics Anonymous group on Thursday night at 8pm at (name of church). A woman there told me that she would sponsor me, but that first I would have to get off all mind altering substances. I shared with her the medications I was on – medications that you, Dr. Kelly prescribed for me, and medications that I truly believe have given me back my life! She told me TO GET OFF THOSE MEDICINES. And she said that she would help me. She is not a doctor and has NO medical experience. In fact, she is a factory worker with no medical training whatsoever. These are the types of groups you are sending your patients to! They are undoing all of the good you are doing your patients!

I would like you to seriously consider this information and think about it. Please visit the site where you can learn about many other problems within 12 step groups, and also alternative recovery solutuions. I for instance am researcing Smart Recovery. I am not asking you to stop recommending 12 step all together – at least not yet. But I would urge you to consider recommending other secular, non 12-step recovery options. As you know, Narcotics Anonymous is not held responsible by any trained professionals. Had I followed this woman’s advice, I might not have been so lucky this next time in the hospital. You might have been putting a tag on my foot rather than writing me a prescription for an anti depressant that would stabalize my condition.

Thank you for your time and attention, and thank you again for helping to save my life.

All the best,

I really hope I get a reply…

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