Update- arressted for Child Porn 69 Year Old MALE is Set Free. Friends of Alcoholics Anonymous Supporting Him In COURT!

Court sets child porn addict Donald Judge, 69, free

Donald Judge

Donald Judge outside Manly Court / Pic: Braden FastierSource: The Daily Telegraph

HE downloaded thousands of images of child pornography but a judge has spared a grandfather time in jail after saying his “compulsory personality” was behind his depraved behaviour.

Judge Ronald Solomon told the court 69-year-old Donald Judge had progressed from alcohol to child pornography. The District Court was told Judge had battled addictions to gambling and alcohol, and had for the past 10 years been “addicted” to pornography.

“It comes as a surprise to me that an alcoholic would divert to pornography but that appears to be the case,” Judge Solomon said.

Some of Judge’s fellow members of Alcoholics Anonymous sat at the back of the District Court to support him. read the full story here…http://www.news.com.au/national-news/nsw-act/court-sets-child-porn-addict-donald-judge-69-free/story-fndo4bst-1226607997352

Victims groups were shocked yesterday to learn that there is no way to appeal against the new sentence.


He had pleaded guilty to possessing child abuse material.


They found 6690 images of child pornography and 2382 videos. They included rape and bestiality.


But Judge Solomon said he took into account Judge’s age and health issues, and the fact that he had “taken all steps” to assist himself in overcoming his addiction and had mentored people in Alcoholics Anonymous.

HE IS SITTING IN YOUR AA MEETINGHOLDING YOUR HAND and maybe checking out your child or if you have one.



How Does One WASH The AA/NA Garbage Out of Your Brain? And How Long Will That Take?


By Leaving. By reading “inspiritual books, and attending health farms and sanitariums”….opps Im sorry ….Im reciting AA BB literature goobly gunk. See ….AA is deeply engrained into my brain and maybe even my subconscious. Even though I left AA 2 years ago. I was in it a long time Im ashamed to say. But oh well, I must move forward.

Here are some of the things have helped me: I have gotten a puppy who is now 3 years old to care for and love.


I take long walks in a big park to clear my head. I do TM , or Quantum Mediatation, daily. I chant. I watched lots of Anti AA youtube videos and watched Penn & teller Bullshit on AA. I go out to hear more “live music with friends”  I read lots of Books. My favs are You’VE BEEN LIED TO by Hank Hayes, Amy Lee Coys book FROM DEATH DO I PART, Addiction Proof Your CHild and Take Control Now by Dr Marc Kern.

I have a radio show blog talk radio SAFE RECOVERY. I write here. I read OP. I blogged in ww.stinkin-thinkin.com when it was a super busy site. I read your posts. Oh …how I love your posts….I know I am not alone in my quest for sanity….free from AA dogma and punitive , judgmental assh**ls.

I have done much to re program my brain from as early back as being 3 years sober and 21 years of age when it dawned on me that AA was not going to fix me. Og Mandino’s The Greatest Secret in The World. I listened to many subliminal tapes , yes cassettes to send me positive affirming messages. I have walked on hot coal and taken a Tony Robbins Workshop weekend. And finally ….as you know….I am making a Documentary about what happened to me and whats really going on inside AA and it’s culture. ( I’ll be glad when it’s done) !!!Its pretty dark.

What are some things you do and have done to get this crap out of your head?



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Join us for a fun 1 hour show with blogger from www.expaa.org Gunthar 2000 exposing the pitfalls of AA and its culture. We will celebrate 2 years of radio shows that give us who left AA, or are leaving AA  a voice to speak up and speak out on many of the abuses going on and what we can do to have those criminals arressted and sued !!!! 🙂

Remember 13 stepping if it begins IN A MEETING is Sexual Harassment, is illegal in the USA , is against our civil rights. SO as he /she flirts with you, harasses or touches you be sure to get his or her FULL NAME. Knowledge is power. But if no action is taken they can harass, rape, molest and kill another member. If a crime if committed …do what Keeper says “CALL THE LAW.”

AA is NOT a secret Society.

AA is a huge Multi Million dollar non profit that brings in over $12,000,000 million dollars a year.

call in 818-475-9211






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If AA meetings are Treatment for their “disease” then why not get some real help? Are these steps really enough? blogger ILLBEFREE says HELL NO!

freedom 1a great poster illbefree wrote this post this past January and I felt it needed to get more attention.

I asked my ex sponsor a couple of months ago if going to meetings was supposed to be the “treatment” for what she and AA kept insisting to me was “my disease”… She said, “Well, no…”

Yet and still she said I just had to keep going to meetings, praying and doing what she and my grand sponsor told me to do and then…suddenly…I would get my MIRACLE and God would lift the obsession with alcohol. She said we were POWERLESS as alcoholics over alcohol and all we could do is pray, obey and wait. WTF?

Hmmmm…. (http://www.orange-papers.org/orange-powerless.html)

I suspect that deep, deep down they do not really all REALLY believe all that BS.

If AA’s believe that alcoholism is a disease, why do they not believe it is requires real clinical treatment? Prayer is powerful; still, it is not TREATMENT for a DISEASE. Are they really so obtuse as to be utterly incapable of seeing this? It was in the back of my mind all along. But they just kept accusing me of stinking thinking that would eventually lead to my death.

“That thinking is going to kill you!” they often warned.

The anti-intellectualism of AA and the 12 Step Doctrine: (http://truetalesfromalcoholicsanonymous.wordpress.com/2008/01/23/the-anti-intellectualism-of-aa-and-the-12-step-doctrine/)

And the question I pose repeatedly is, if AA’s themselves sincerely BELIEVE that alcoholism is a disease over which the afflicted have absolutely NO POWER…why do people who have slips, relapses, etc. face such HARSH reactions from AA members, sponsors and old timers?


Would one shun, punish, fire, criticize, and humiliate, etc. a person who had the disease called cancer for going out of remission? Of course not!

But AA’s kick the shyte of members who relapse… I know that first hand.

They refuse to look at the research. They refuse to update their literature and become educated on work is effective for those dealing with alcohol over use. They want only to fight their “devil” (a.k.a disease) with “the program” (a.k.a. made up religion).

Again, do they REALLY believe it is a disease?

And the fact that their PROGRAM does not help most people…which is a SURPRISE, being utterly brainwashed, in denial and insane, they refuse to accept.

What’s the big frickin SURPRISE?????

I stand confounded by their thinking or lack thereof.

This is why I got so much flack from my sponsors regarding my constant probing and research. I was FORBIDDEN (a.k.a. suggested) to continue to look up information online. Do they REALLY think they can control information in this, The Great Age of Information? They try. Why? In the face of Information, AA is a terminally moribund Beast. They sense it, if they don’t know it.


Ignorance will no longer be bliss in The Information Age.

There is never any point for me to engage in discourse with religious people. They always fall back on miracles and magical thinking. I do have a deep and abiding faith in the benevolence of the Creator of All…but I will not have God relegated to a magician that we lay waiting and praying to solve for us what we have been given the POWER to solve for ourselves. Unfortunately, I fell for the lie that they were not religious initially. And I have paid for this quite dearly.

What I want to know is WHY our government and mental health professionals are failing to objectively examine the realities here and take appropriate action regarding this religion posing as treatment for alcohol and substance abuse. This is PERPLEXING beyond any reason…

I know it must all tie in with DOLLAR GREEN…

It just MUST!

Alcoholics Anonymous member selling drugs in AA Clubhouse, Seattle, Washington

BREAKING Story…Michael Shepherd who owns and runs the Nomadian Community Resource Center, located at 4267 S Orca Street, in Seattle , Washington was arrested for selling drugs at this Alcoholics Anonymous meetings location.


Read the whole story here…http://www.komonews.com/news/local/Alcoholics-Anonymous-host-allegedly-sold-drugs-before-after-meetings-197486921.html

Bellingham man, 64, charged with molesting girl at Alcoholics Anonymous meeting-Breaking NEWS-Whatcom County Jail report for March 5, 2013

“ITS an outside issue”……This is what we heard all the time when we brought our MAKE AA SAFER PAMPHLET to meetings to get discussions started to raise awarenesss.

NEWS FLASHthis toddler was molested in a meeting. I am so sorry for these children. How many more children need to be molested by AA men in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings


read the full story : http://www.bellinghamherald.com/2013/03/06/2908017/bellingham-man-64-charged-with.html#storylink=cpy



alcohol pics

As Tom Horvath said on HUFF LIVE a few weeks ago. SMART if it continues to grow like it is now will be bigger then AA in 10 years. What do you think?

Its also a fact that meetings are closing and many old timers have left. Many women won’t go back after 1 meeting because of sexual harassment. Many men are leaving because of controlling sponsors.

this is who will be left in AA in 2023

drunk pic

The Saturday Evening Post Required Bill Wilson to Be Photographed and Seen in a Meeting of Alcoholics ANonymous or Else…

bill and saturday evening post oic

They would not run the story. These are the facts. SO why all the hoopla about anonymity.

I’st okay for Bill to be on the cover but people in small meetings should hide who is raping 8 year olds? I just don’t get it.

Why send out 5000 letters to the press each year asking them to break our first amendment rights and keep secret when AA members get into the news and are killing  and raping civilians or even members?

AA article in Sat eve post

Marty Mann’s bio is proving to be an interesting read…boring…but informative!

Narcotics Anonymous -UK- London Meetings Suffering Serious Problems with Sexual Predation and Serious Criminals

This blogger from the UK just posted this on stop13stepinaa blog. I felt it was too important and well said to get lost in the threads!  I felt you all need to see it here.

na 2

UK blogger wrote……

Hi, I did N.A in U.K. for over ten years, never getting more than 9 months clean. In that time I had as many sponsors. A famous suggestion is to take your own inventory not others, however this is what most sponsors do….and it is painful and confusing. Recently there was a guy who had been touching up young vulnerable boys he was sponsoring- he has been arrested and hopefully will be charged. In the last 15 years I’ve seen and heard so many bad stories that I can’t even begin to put them here. I WILL say that the steps are great- vey freeing and one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself…..read the books and get suggestins….deal with this stuff and then leave as I have now done. People are what they are and in the rooms of N.A and A.A you will find some of societies nastiest and sickest people. Be careful who you tell what to. The thing that is almost laughable, if it wasn’t so serious, is that the program teaches these people how to then act as spiritual guru’s. I’m reminded of the sentance from the Bible that says ‘if the blind lead the blind they both fall in the ditch’ and this is so true of N.A. There is a lot to learn there that is worth learning…so go learn it but then leave and don’t think you will meet a good freind or partner there. There are three types of freind in this world- ‘For a reason, a season or a life time’ most will fall into the first two catagories- remember that. Take a look at long term members with 10 plus years….many will spin a good yarn as they’ve had plenty of practice and they want to look good but talk afterwards and you will find that they often lack social skills (even after all that work) and are most commonly some of the most self-obsessed, self-centred, self-agrandising and insecure individuals you will ever meet……..most never have relationships as a result or they do, they tend not to go the distance. The danger with going and making it part of your lifestyle or plan (as I found out) is when you leave you feel like you’ve lost everthing you once had and then you have to learn to talk normal English again. Being around miserable, moning people will rub off on you.
It’s worth mentioning, though, that in A.A’s early days, their success rate was 80%, however this has dropped to 3%. The reasons are thought to be 1) treatment centres (hijacking the program and then adding loads of cliches, catchphrases and ideas not original to the program) and 2) DTO’s or Drug Testing Orders, as they call the in U.K. This last one ment that suddenly a once genteel mostly middle class crowd were hickjacked by hardend criminals that came in and demanded to be heard or else!! This distroyed the previous atmosphere of recovery and many central London meetings are now nut houses (fascinating from a socialogical point of view, as people talk very openly about all kinds of horrors) which are great places to score drugs and pick up vunerable randy women for sex…..I have personally know two women who came in looking for help, got used for sex and then used drugs and died. I really don’t know what the solution is….and so I left, and I’m doing just fine on my own. I know this is long, however, I hope this is useful to someone out there.

If anyone would like to contact me needing further info or even suggestions on which meetings are good strong ones in London then please feel free to message me at tr1479@hotmail.co.uk

God bless you all and don’t let the basterds get you down. x