Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are filled with Sex Offenders and Violent Criminals and 13 stepping Old timers

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WARNING! If  you did not know this fact:

  • The Courts are sending these men to AA and NA
  • The sexual predator is coming to AA and NA and are targeting vulnerable new woman
  • Old timers are sexually harassing woman and teens. ( DO NOT SEND YOUR TEEN TO AN AA MEETING) try SMART RECOVERY, SOS, or instead. It’s safer.
  • There is no one in charge at any 12 step meeting
  • There is no trained facilitator at any meeting ( even though in some TV shows and FILMS they depict AA to be this way….its NOT!)
  • A sponsor is just a lay person. They have no training. They may be nuts. They maybe a thief. They may be nice. They may be a rapist. They may be a thief.
  • We are getting many complaints about controlling abusive sponsors  and many are leaving now because of this.
  • A young persons meeting is the same as any other meeting. Its just a name. Do not trust anyone with your under age minor.
  • If you are a woman with small children do not trust an AA man with your toddlers. There are many pedophiles in AA now.


A GOOD RULE : TREAT AA and NA people like you would any other stranger. Do not give them a pass because they are sober in AA and preach a good talk. Do not trust them sooner then you would someone you meet in a grocery store. AA and NA members are not more spiritual then some knucklehead you might meet on the street.

“Time” Years…sober…in AA…How many years do you have? Is it all EGO or Do People get Better With Time?

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How long are you sober? A catch phrase used “in the rooms” every day all day. So is this a badge? Does this define who I am or who I was? I say no.

As a few other bloggers have recently pointed out on my stop13stepinaa blog it is a clear and certain fact that just because you have “time”, that doesn’t mean you aren’t a sick …,

rapist, a violent offender, a serial 13 stepping old timer, or an abusive controlling sponsor.

When I first joined the non joining fellowship in 1975, I didn’t care about my time. I took no 30, 60 or 90 day chips. In my mind I had quit for good and because I wanted to. No one was forcing  me into the nutty mothership of Bill Wilsonism. I was naive. I was young. I loved magical ideas back then.

As those early years rolled by I realized at 3 years that something was definitely wrong with AA and that I needed to do some “outside” work as AA’s like to call it. At 10 years I noticed that I still had some serious issues emotionally that were not being cured by AA, service and blah, blah , blah…

I saw people who drank ” went out” come back and feel horrible about taking a chip again for being a “newcomer” . Why all this strange punitive behavior? One woman drank only some wine 1 night after 5 years and then returned on her own. Why was she taking a chip? Why does AA insist on making people testify in front of a crowd ,  a crowd of strangers to boot, beat their chests , admitting they drank some beverages with alcohol in them. They stand around puffing themselves up about the time, don’t they? Or was it an illusion? WHat would happen if no one was allowed to tell anyone how much time they had, they gave no chips, and no one talked about “slipping” when they drank a beverage with alcohol in it. DOesnt it soudn rediculous when you phrase it like this?

This is why I think it is so important the words I use and used as I deprogrammed . Do you think we need a brochure called “How To Deprogram from any 12 step Program.”

So why all the wearing the “time” as a badge before every introduction to someone you meet in AA? Now that I’m gone almost two years I think it’s mostly all ego.

The last few years I was still going, many of the people with a few years seemed  happier to me in general and more well ajusted then some of the old timers by the looks of it. Not all of them… but in general I began to feel  like, so what… you have this amount of time, but how sane are you, how happy are you, how many good relationships do you have?

What have you done besides these steps to help your mental, emotional, and physical state? I found out more then I cared to know. I was shocked. Many had done nothing else.

What do you think?

Jason Segel We BEG you to Beware before you drink the Koolaid at Alcoholics Anonymous!

OMG NOOOOOOOOO…please Jason…do not go to alcoholics anonymous ….whose idea is this?

Now listen Jason… if you are reading this post. I want you to know that steppers are some crazy ass people nowadays and if you wanna quite I highly suggest SMART RECOVERY , SOS < or  etc all these programs have face to face meetings in Los Angeles.

JASON Segel is allegedly attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in a desperate bid to win his battle with booze.

The 33-year-old actor decided to tackle his drinking problem following his recent split from Michelle Williams, reports

According to the website, Segal went to a 12-step meeting on March 2 in Hollywood and told the group “I have been sober for 12 days”.

“He told everyone it’s time that he stops drinking, for good,” a source said.

“He stayed for more than an hour listening to other people’s stories about their battles against alcohol addiction.”


Read more:

read full story here…

Lindsey Lohan Stands up to DAVID LETTERMAN …you go girl!!!

Take a look at this clip. I have never seen her stronger. I am so proud of her. Maybe she is talking to a non stepper counselor finally.

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So why was it okay for Elvis Presley



and Judy Garland to have alcohol and drug problems and everyone just kissed their ass but with Lindsey Lohan they talk to her like a child.

If Judy Garland or Elvis lived today OMG the crap they would have to listen to in our 12 stepper ridden culture. Edie Falco and Steven Tyler would be phoning them up for a ” I can help you ” Bullshit intro to AA…..It just makes me sick. Im glad I grew up then…when the drinking age was 18 ….but you could buy beer at a bodega at 13 and drink in a bar at 15 in NYC.

When a teen was a teen and not sent off to rehab when they smoked pot and got drunk. What a F**ked up world.

ANYHOO, when I saw this , I could see she was different then when Matt Lauer berated her on national TV last year.  Lindsey if you are reading this , know that there are THOUSANDs of people who eventually learn to drink moderately and that there are millions who leave AA and HATE IT!!!!!!!!!! You  are Not ALONE!!!! They are nuts!!!!!!!!!

I was glad to see her throw it back in David Letterman’s face. You go girl!!!

Stop Courts from Sending Violent Criminals to Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings.


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PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION IF YOU HAVE NOT and pass it around on all the social network sites! Thank you. Things are a changin!!!

Let Karla Brada’s murder end the madness! Stop the needless sentencing of violent criminals and 3rd level sex offenders to 12 step meetings. Alcoholics Anonymous has no safety polices or procedures in place and there is absolutely no one in charge. In fact, some who are in positions of “power” so to speak, are the predatory ones themselves.

Average citizens and current 12 step members have the right to know what our judges are doing and how dangerous meetings have become.

Have You Been Sexually Harassed, Assaulted, Molested or Raped by an Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous Member

truth justiceI know I have asked this before on my but I am not sure if I ever asked this here.

Please contact me now if you want to get justice served. CALL HOTLINE –

 Phone # 424-543-4310 for confidential help.

1) were you a child who was molested by an AA/NA member. ( it doesn’t matter how long ago)

2) your child was molested by an AA member

3) you were raped by a man you met in AA/NA

4)you were grabbed on your boob by a man in a meeting. or anywhere else on your body…

5) Your child was murdered by a court ordered violent offender to an AA/NA meeting.

6) You were sexually harassed and when you told an AA member… they told you

 ” what was your part in it” they turned a blind eye and blamed you.

7) did you attend a meeting where a known pedophile was and people knew there were underage children there, and the members did nothing and then your child was molested or raped?  DID this happen at  private AA club or in a church?

8) were you  financially scammed , ripped off by an oldtimer AA member who used their “time” to intimidate you.

ANd finally, there are good things happening behind the scenes, but  I can not report them yet…..however,  know that the more of you that go to the police , file police reports and contact me privately it will all help.

I also have finished a short piece of my film and am getting good feedback here in Hollywood. Im going to  a big International Documentary Film Festival Mart soon as well.

I appreciate any suggestions about focus in reporting crimes that we are discussing here.

I also think that its VERY important, that if you have been harmed in any of these ways to do 3 things.

na 2

get the names of these men

* call the police and MAKE them file a report.

* write to AA/NA by mail and send it certified mail with signature card needed. CAll them and record ( the recording is just so you can remember what they say to you)  the conversation so you can remember what they say when you make the complaint and ask them what they are doing to warn the public and warn current AA/NA members. Take copious notes ..they will be needed later.

courage red

please write to me at or CALL 424-543-4310

Remember if they grab your butt in a grocery store and they grab your butt in an AA meeting CALL THE LAW! FILE A REPORT AND KEEP COPIOUS RECORDS.

BREAKING NEWS KARLA BRADA CASE Finally has a Pre Trial date . May 22, 2013

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19 months after the death of Karla Brada finally , finally a pre trial date. I went all the way out there and missed the few moments I waited for last time…that took all day ….but today was different.

Eric Allan Earl is going to go to trial for the alleged murder of Karla Brada , daughter of Hector and Jaro Mendez, two of the sweetest , most wonderful people.

There were many NEWS trucks outside the San Fernando Courthouse today. So Jaro and I talked to ABC, Channel 5 and CBS about Karla’s murder. They were there for the the 10 year old who was kidnapped from Northridge. I think that story has an AA/NA connection as well but I haven’t had time to dig to see if Im right or not.

I sat with them in their house and saw all the papers showing how Earl was sentenced to 1 year of AA or jail  as far back as 1993. GEE WEEZ which one would you pick. 20 years of a rap sheet. 20 years of AA not helping him EVER!!!!!!
Over and over again the same behavior and no AA success story. WTF!

Another f**ked up part of this story is , Karla’s entry into rehab, and them busing her to the AA meetings where she meets mr 20 years in and out of AA and trouble. But she has no idea that Earl is not a garden variety drunk.I am not even sure what to call him.

He is such a good liar he now has another AA woman paying for a defense attorney. I think the lawyer is an AA member too. I hope the Judge is not in AA….I’ll be at the pre trial and I will report the story here.

Does The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous Need to be rewritten? Many say…OMG YES…

Join bloggers Massive & gunthar 2000 for a 1 hour show on Blog talk radio


SAFE RECOVERY at 4pm PST & 7 PM EST. Tuesday April 2, 2013

WHere in we will debate, dissect and dismember those gnarly, outdated, antiquated rubbish ridden chapters of AA literature.