Suicides in Alcoholics Anonymous culture. Why so many?

Sad Suicide

How many do you know? I know a man who shot himself in the head with 20 years sober. It was about rage and money someone said…really? My brother  in -law hung himself in the bathroom of his small studio in the summer of 2011. He had been sober 8  years, drank, sober another group of years. But when he went back each time with complaints of mental illness and needed to use medication.. they didn’t welcome Brian. They actually shunned and criticized him. Ryan a blogger friend killed himself last June after his 23 year old sister killed herself 6 months prior. They were both in AA and left because ..he felt it was a moronic dangerous cult.

My husband has known 5…that’s alot of suicides. 2 women and 3 men. So he has know 5 and I have know 4!. Thats 9 suicides mostly sober, just between my husband and I.

Can we make a running list of first names and brief accounts. I think it is worth investigating. In Memory of…

So if you are told that

“you will die if you drink, that you are broken at your core  and that you are like a man who has lost his legs you will never grow new ones and that you have to turn your will and your life over to God, .. to be healed. You were born that way, you are naturally incapable of being honest with yourself.  .

But the end is never in site.

You are broken at your core is the essence of the AA ideology.

Personally I thought about driving off the Pali Highway, in Honolulu many years ago after I was 13 stepped. Thank god I didn’t. Thanks to me I didn’t.  Why do you think this happens so much and who did you know? Or did you almost do it too? Maybe this thread will help someone not DO IT!

Welcome. you are not alone.

One more thing…please feel to quote harmful AA quotes right from the books or the slogans spewed ( like I did above) so others can see how religious and how nuts AA really is in todays terms.

Thanks. Have a great Sunday. Im going swimming now. Need a break!

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BREAKING STORY-Twelve Steps to Danger: How Alcoholics Anonymous Can Be a Playground for Violence-Prone Members

karal brada image smile

Story by Gabrielle Glaser


Here it is! The first National Story about AA and all the garabge going on it since THE NEWSWEEK story hit in 2007.

In the spring of 2011, Karla Brada Mendez finally seemed happy. She was 31 and in love, eager to move ahead on the path to maturity – marriage, a family, stability.  She had a good job in the customer-service department of a large medical supply firm, and was settling into a condo she had recently bought near her childhood home in California’s San Fernando Valley.

Her 20s had been rough, a struggle with depression, anxiety, alcohol and drugs. But early that spring two years ago, she told her parents and younger sister that she had met a charming, kind and handsome man who understood what she had been through.

Their relationship blossomed as the couple attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings several times a week. But there was much Karla didn’t know about the tall blond man who said he was an AA old-timer. READ FUll STORY here…

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Gabrielle Glaser and HER BEST KEPT SECRET to be reviewed in WALL STREET JOURNAL on Saturday. “Live” Video of WSJ Interview!!!

Saturday June 22, 2013 you might want to purchase a copy of the


Her book is getting reviewed. Not everyone loves AA.

Here Gabrielle is on WSJ being interviewed “Live” We are so proud of you !!!!

You go girl!!!!!


Wall Street Journal Interview with Gabrielle Glaser


James Gandolfini Dies in Rome @ 51 years old.


This is so sad. God, did I love this guy! A great actor! So young…to leave us. I loved your work so much and I’m so sorry you left us too soon. My condolences to his wife and children. This really bummed me out. I hoped that I would someday meet him.


A New Critical Viewpoint Book on Alcoholics Anonymous and American History of Alcohol Use pre-order now ‘HER BEST KEPT SECRET” by Journalist Gabreille Glaser


In my mail on Saturday I got my hard copy of the book, herbestkeptsecretpicbookcover


Journalist Gabrielle Glaser, really tells the story… about AA, how it doesn’t work, about rehab, about the 13 stepping, about the history of woman drinking in America….

We have been talking for 2 years now. She interviewed many people all over the country. I was one of them.

I’m in it. My whole story with the Bullshit in AA that I went through those last 2 years. ..OMFG !!!

Okay its almost here.
Wow its really really good…Im still reading it…… on Simon & Schuster to boot.

Order on Amazon now if you want or buy it when it comes out. Post everywhere on anti AA blogs.

Seeing Old AA Buddies After Six Months OUT…by ILLBEFREE OR DIE

intimadation picillbefree wrote this on her blog and thought is warranted more attention.

Just a couple of weeks ago I was walking to 7-11 with my zipped shopping bag tossed over my shoulder. I heard a strange voice call me from a vehicle. I just smiled and waved. (I had on my sunglasses w/o contacts and I would not be able to recognize whoever it was. I’m used to people hollering and blowing HELLOS to me here and there. I just wave and keep it moving.

The voice got LOUDER and more DEMANDING. I looked and it was one of my favorite AA people and another ol AA buddy.

She got out of the vehicle and approached me.

“How’ve ya been?” she smiled as she extended her arms for a hug.

“I’m okay,” I said over her hugging shoulders.

I immediately began to explain to her EVERYTHING (well almost everything) I have been doing…what my ex sponsor did to me…how my grand sponsor mishandled it…as usual (Old Mrs. “You have the look of DEATH upon you!”)

I told her that I sincerely feel that they helped me in the beginning, but ultimately tried to DESTROY me–and those witches almost succeeded.

“I feel like an abused child whose abusive caregivers initially took in and helped to save her life only to turn on her and try to KILL her for not getting ‘in step’ It is INSANITY for real,” I explained. “I suffered a MAJOR HEAD FUCKING from those two ol birds!”

“Please don’t judge and condemn all of us and AA due to two bad sponsors!”

“I’m sorry guys…but in the time I have been away I have gone to SMART–”

“GOOD!” cheered my ol favorite buddy throwing an arm triumphantly in the air.

“Hmmmmm….” I thought, “That was not the reaction I thought I was going to get!”

“Whatever you have been doing; wherever you have been going, it’s good because YOU ARE STILL HERE!” she said stroking my back. She was always such a positive, caring lady. I felt a tinge of guilt well up inside of me for neglecting to call her after what my ex sponsor did to me. She would have RUN to help me. I know it—

And I would likely still be in AA right now if I had because she had offered on numerous occasions to become my new sponsor and take me through the steps OR take me through the steps while I was with my old sponsor. She was willing to do whatever worked for me. I told my old sponsor about the offer to go through the steps with me and she said, “You tell them that I DO NOT co-sponsor!” (This is laughable because that is EXACTLY what she and her sponsor, my so-called grand-sponsor were doing!)

I remembered how damned “NICE” those folks were to me. It made me a little sad…and longing for days of IGNORANCE….and belonging if I must confess.

“I have been teaching myself to just be ALONE again. I do not really talk to many people on a friendly basis. They put a rift between my family and myself so that I do not have the same rapport that I once had with friends, associates or even my mother. (My mother and I used to be BEST FRIENDS…It’s not the same now.) I was so depressed and even felt somewhat suicidal at first…but I’m alright with it now—“ I explained.

The AA guy friend said, “You need to just get a new sponsor!”

I go, “God is my sponsor…”

“No…no! You need a real live person in the program to sit with you, go through the readings and the steps!” He always was kind of pushy, that one.

“I’m sorry guys,” I looked down. I didn’t want to hurt, upset or insult them. I know what they believe. “But I have just learned far too much about AA to go back into it now… I know WAY, WAY MORE than I knew prior to leaving AA….”

“But–” they started.

“It is actually IMPOSSIBLE for me to go back now. I would honestly rather DIE than go thru anything like what I was subjected to again…” I felt very guilty saying that to them. My eyes did not actually meet theirs as I stood talking like a sheepish little child explaining why she has been playing hooky from class or some such mess. (What is wrong with my ass! DAMN!)

“Well, you at least should have called me, Hon,” said my ol AA buddy.

“I’m sorry. I erased EVERYBODY’S number after my sponsor called to push me to hit-bottom-death. I didn’t want to call anyone out of desperation…If I was going to die due to leaving AA…I just accepted it–AND I ALMOST DID!”

I explained to them that I achieved a month solid sobriety via SMART.

“Good for YOU!” my buddy cheered. (I didn’t expect that at all. Weren’t they supposed to cajole, coerce and chastise me sternly? Maybe I had been away sufficiently long enough that I was to be treated nicely enough to get me back in? I did not know.)

“I got a new job…”

“Good girl!”


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