FABULOUS NEWS Regarding Coercion to AA meetings when getting a DUI.Atheist parolee wins federal appeal, is entitled to damages in rights case


An atheist parolee who was sent back to prison after he balked at participating in a religious-oriented drug treatment program must receive monetary compensation, a federal appellate court ruled Friday.

The ruling overturned the verdict of a Sacramento jury, which decided that Barry A. Hazle Jr. was not entitled to monetary damages, even though his constitutional rights had been violated.

Hazle did a year in state prison on a drug conviction. When he got out, his parole agent, over Hazle’s strong objections, forced him to enter a treatment program that required acknowledgment of a higher power.

Hazle continued to complain, so he was removed from the program and arrested. His parole was revoked and he was thrown back in prison for an additional three months and 10 days.

In September 2008, Hazle sued California Department of Corrections and

Rehabilitation officials. Six weeks later, the department issued a directive that parole agents may not compel a parolee to take part in religious-themed programs. A parolee who objects should be referred to nonreligious treatment, the directive said, citing federal case law.

U.S. District Judge Garland E. Burrell Jr. found that Hazle’s forced participation in the program ran “afoul of the prohibition against the state’s favoring religion in general over non-religion,” thus violating rights guaranteed him by the Constitution.

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DUI HELP -HAVE YOU Been Forced to Attend Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings?-What are Your 1st Amendment Rights?


Every year some 1.4 Million people are coerced to attend AA as if it were some real Drug/alcohol treatment  program.

We know it’s not. It’s nothing but a laypersons, super religious type, no leader in charge, self help pods. But we also know this is not the case. AA is not  a sober club looking to support you. It would be nice if it was. AA is not a goody two shoes, love and light organization like you might see on their National AA website.

And further more, when someone gets a first DUI , DRUNK DRIVING TICKET, they most probably are not “ALCOHOLIC’S” like the Bill WIlson variety. 98% of the people who attend AA today are most likely only alcohol abusers, not alcohol dependent.

I am making a film called “The 13th Step” the FILM , right now, that is addressing the court ordering of violent and sex  offenders, the fact that our 1ST Amendment rights are being broken, and that there are 7 other free options besides AA when it comes to alcohol and drug overuse.

There really is too much to cover in one 90 minute film, but hell yea , I am going to do my very best!

But there is another aspect that I am going to address in my film. It’s the one that I am getting the most phone calls, texts,  emails, and blog posts asking me, hey Massive….are you gonna deal with the 13 stepping, brainwashing, the cult aspect, the mindfuck….the emotional abuse, the mental abuse….the sexual harassment, the indentured servitude? ( This goes on at any PG meeting or spin off) It’s against the law too.

My answer is YES, yes and yes!

Please follow the link and watch the video. I will l be posting  video updates in a few days.

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We are doing really well in fundraising and have gotten to a 25% already raised in just 5 days.



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gwenethpaltrowpicAfter you watch this please tell me if there is any hope that we can bring this bullshit 12 step culture to its proper size and shine the light of reason showing how antiqauted and cultish and dangerous it is now, and  bring it to it’s knees.

Do they realize that women will go to these meetings now and not know that pedophiles and rapists are going there intentionally?


How can these actors be in this film.


Its hopeless…..


I love these two actors but …it’s just too much…

This is beyond depressing.


SMART RECOVERY Attendance Blossoms after Author Gabrielle Glaser and blogger/ radio show host/First Time Documentary Film Maker Monica RIchardson appear on ABC’s National Television show “Katie” with KATIE COURIC

change the world pic

I know it’s small in numbers compared to some other self help groups but…

The other night I decided to go to a new SMART meeting that I saw was in Culver City.

I think Smart has tripled in size over the past four years in terms of face to face meetings in Los Angeles.

There were seven men and me there. It was a great meeting with a really great leader. I learned the 4 point system. It was useful for way more then not drinking!

There was the usual stepper being dragged there by an unhappy stepper looking for saner solutions. It was a young crowd. NIce to see.

But the leader told me that the day after Gabrielle and I were on Katie Couric

“Seven women came to his meeting …the very next day.”  Seven!

In Smart terms that’s alot, because often a Smart meeting might have 8-12 people in all.  If Seven women came to one west LA meeting the next day …how many came all over the country. Those women will never have to go to AA!!!! That is progress!

together_we_can_change_the World[ic

Anyway, I think Smart Recovery, Hams Network, SOS and Moderation along with The Sinclair Method are great options that will see huge growth these next 2-3 years. Between Claudia Christian’s Film, Mikeblamedenial and mine The 13Th STEP The Film,  will put a dent in the AA recovery racket.

Teenage drinking Does Not Mean You Have A Disease! I am Normal. I am not ONE OF YOU !










When did drinking a beverage mean you had a “disease”?

Who made this shit up?

Why did Americans buy it?

Who was behind it?

How did AA sneak it’s sorry ass into so many professions? I know some of the answers.

But I’m Still digging and working on reversing the insanity.

1935 – Bill Meets Bobbie cakes and they fall in alcoholic recovery type love.

1939 – he publishes his shitty book.

1940 – He mails out 250,000 postcards to Doctors to sell  his book. ( Known fact…Doctors back then smoked and drank alot.)

1944 – Marty Mann with all the sweet hook ups joins the fold and introduces Bill to Henry Ford, Rockefeller, and the head of Coca Cola and many other big wigs …

1945- Bill and his shitty new age spiritual fix me all wacko program came to Hollywood and AA becomes a star in movies such as “The Lost Weekend” followed soon by “The Days of Wine and Roses” circa 1962…..both were just propaganda for AA.

Its bulls**t runs deep in American culture today and to undo it will be some work.

I’m not saying it’s impossible , it’s just a big job. It will take the same type of strategy that Bill, Bob and Marty Mann used. It will be a bit easier because we have social media, but they are now infested in every health professional , have corrupted the judicial system, have brainwashed; nurses, Doctors, Therapists and even Psychiatrists,social workers, probation officers, cops, lawyers, fireman, pilots, teachers…who have I left out…oh yea…Judges…the guys who keep ordering civilians to AA and NA along with Violent criminals and sex offenders.

There is hope though…Me and Gabrielle Glaser were on ABC thanks to Katie Couric and there is more coming very very soon!

I am back from a beyond needed vacation and I am ready to kick some ass! Meaning…educating the public when they get a DUI, stopping the court ordering, informing Blue Cross and other health providers they can not pay for a religious program disguising itself as health or mental health problems solution. That all drug and alcohol counselors must have back ground checks and cant be Sex offenders ….WTF are they thinking!!!

The gig is up.

Please help me with this list. The top 50 biggest companies in the US. We can call the top 10 first and work down from there.

My Kick starter campaign will launch hopefully in 1 week or less.



Alcoholics Anonymous Female Member Sells Her 13 Year Old niece for Drugs!

More scumbags in AA. This poor child. Disgusting….this stuff needs to stop. It needs to be on the front page of every news outlet.

VA SHORE: Woman who traded her 13-year-old niece’s sex for cocaine gets jail time

She told police a man named Frank came into her room and began touching her. She said her aunt instructed her to touch the man, testimony showed. 

Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Matthew Brenner read aloud portions of the girl’s statement to police.

The victim’s aunt forced her to perform oral sex on the man. Next she was told to lie down and the man had sexual intercourse with her. She did not try to fight him off, Brenner said.

Defense attorney Patrick Robbins presented a witness who said that Kenney was a regular at Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings up until this event happened.

Read the whole story here…