SAFE RECOVERY on Blog talk radio- Tearing Up The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Tuesday @5:30 pm pst September 24, 2013


Join us for a 45 min show “tearing up the Big Book” and all it’s ridiculousness!!!


Have you or someone you know been told to stop taking your medication in AA?

For years AA members have been playing God, Doctor, therapist, and marriage counselor.

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Here is a short synopsis of what we hope to change and effect:

Change Federal and State Laws around AA coercion and 12 step plea bargaining with Sex and violent offenders.

Force AA to add safety and sexual harassment policy. This would include forcing them to have Area and District “Make AA Safer Workshops” all over the county. Create a hotline for those assaulted and harassed. Have a paid AA person, or some professional employee to travel the country dealing with places that are most dangerous and grievous with bad situations. Post my literature everywhere, including a Sexual Harassment and Financial Scamming Poster at the entry way to every meeting.

Put a warning on their site main GSO  and on all AA meeting sites.

Have a Safety statement read before every meeting.

Have a warning read that it is illegal to give medical advice to other members about Medications members take.

Make it policy that No Person under 18 may attend a meeting.

Educate the public on the 7 other free options.

Educate the public what is really going on in AA and shine the light and expose the truth.

Thanks. I appreciate all the contributions so far and the feedback as well.

Registered Sex Offender released in 24 hours over 16 times Murders and Rapes his Grandmother









Watch video here:

Sex offenders routinely released from California jails, records show

By David Fitzpatrick and Drew Griffin, CNN Special Investigations Unit
updated 3:22 PM EDT, Wed August 7, 2013
This story is so scary I felt it needs to be here as we are dealing with alot of sex offenders going to AA meetings and getting away with it.
This story has a heart breaking ending. Please post everywhere.


When Rest, Rejuvenation, Relaxing and Enjoying Life is more Important then ” AA Service”. So, Why Do You Want to Leave AA!


This weekend I went to Vegas. I thought I was going there to talk to Lawyers. I saw them, yes they were there. AA Lawyers, Normal Lawyers, but after talking to a few young woman in their 20’s  who were a bit drunk, by the bar, I realized what a buzz kill my film and work is.

Even before I arrived there I thought that this might not be the best idea. I had a great time anyway!

I think it’s going to be better to talk to people who are getting the DUI’s first. Empower them. The lawyers are already making big bucks from their DUI tickets. Why tip them off.

One of the things I felt from AA and those last 2 years when I was a GSR was that ” doing service in AA” is such crap. Crap that I bought into for way too long. At least being a GSR showed me AA’s true colors and what a lie it all is. There upside down triangle. What a lie and clearly AA is worse then our government when it comes to change. If you want help leaving AA, become a GSR and go to all the required meetings and you will run screaming !!!

SO instead I visited with blogger ETP, who meet us there, which was fun for all three of us. Maybe our first unofficial ex stepper meet up . LOL

I  ate too much,  and saw Circe de Soleil “O”. OMG was that show amazing.  I didn’t think about my film or AA the whole time I watched this fantastic show.

Thanks for holding down the fort.