Please go to ask it .com and type in “Is Alcoholics Anonymous a Cult” etc….lets get the Search Engines ROARING!!!

lightbulb picToday on MSNBC I watched a piece about what people type into “ask it .com” ….So lets do it. GO there and ask every question  you want.


for example:

Is AA a Cult?

Is AA dangerous for woman and teens?

Is AA run by a professional?

Is AA safe?

Questions for now…. try and write out AA …like this ….

type “alcoholics anonymous” and lets see what we come up with.   I just went there and typed in  ” Is Alcoholics anonymous filled with sexual predators? ” It led me to both my blogs Leaving AA and Stop13stepinaa as well as some other good anti AA sites.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all ! Mele Kalikimaka- Holiday season without AA dogma …what a joy!


This is my 3rd year being gone from AA. WOW…what a relief. Last year was hard as I was still healing from my surgery, but this year is so lovely! How is your holiday season going? How many years are you gone or are you still in process of leaving?

I thank you all for your blogging and your support in every way possible! Thank you all who have supported the film.


Last Show of the Year on Blog Talk Radio SAFE RECOVERY – Today December 17th, 2013 at 4pm PST 7pm PST

celebrate picCall in to 818-475-9211 I will take some live calls today


Join me in celebrating a wonderful year of healing, success with continuing on the making of my film The 13th Step. Along with  the success of being a chapter in  Gabrielle Glaser’s book  Her Best Kept Secret, Why Women Drink and How They Can Regain Control and being on Katie Couric this summer, raising the money on indie gogo so I could continue making the film with a more professional look, being accepted by the IDA to be my fiscal sponsor so I can raise funds in a nonprofit way, hiring a great editor, Barry Rubinow, to make the new trailer and see the final pieces of the puzzle coming together to finish and release the film sometime this coming 2014.

It will be my last show of the year to talk about all I learned this year including who I will promote as my favorite authors and favorite for profit Addiction treatment programs.

I also have my recommendations for nonprofit help as well. You know me….:) Thanks for all your support and blogging here.

Drinking is not a disease. I am not in RECOVERY! I recovered a long time ago. Oh that stupid word!!!

lies are not welcome here pic

I dont know about you but have you ever had a stranger ask you ” are you in recovery ” with that stupid grin?  I have. Laurie Dhue asked me in the make up room while I was waiting to be on The Katie Couric Show last summer and a man asked me waiting out side Westdocs in September 2012. wtf is with that stupid word.

I told her straight up ” NO ! Im not in AA anymore! Im not an alcoholic ! I left AA. I don’t have a disease I believe it s a behavior!! I said AA here pic

Right now I am looking for a Neuro scientist to talk about this and debunk it in my film. drinking alcoholic beverages is not a friggen disease for life. WHo made this shit up? How did our culture get so brainwashed? It’s bad folks….how many believe this crap even people who never went to AA. The media is also responsible for the mis information as well. We need to debunk that and tell the public its all Bullshit….that no one facilitates an AA meeting.

What’s your opinion?


NEW Trailer for “The 13th Step” is here!!! Please share everywhere…and thank you all for participating in our film.

Here is the 7.5 min trailer

I spent the day on a stage in Venice, CA filming some of the finest VO actors in Hollywood reading public posts written on my  blog from way back when… till recently. It was mind blowing to hear these actors speak your works …OMG the insanity that is going on in AA it abominable!!!

Many of you reached out to me with your sad tales of rape, controlling sponsors, assault and 13 stepping. I cried when I saw the new trailer for the first time yesterday.
I have spent hundreds of hours with your stories in my head , in my files and on my computer. But now you are all coming to life privately in a cinematic way, to change how the world sees AA with all of the lies and criminal activity as well as the cult aspect is and was captured today on film.

I have one more video that’s about 3 1/2 min long that has more alternatives to AA footage that I will release in January 2014.  It has been a long journey, but I do plan to release the film in spring of 2014 and to submit to film festivals worldwide.

NO ONE has EVER made an exposing critical Documentary of Alcoholics Anonymous and people like controversy film so I am sure we will find distribution.
I was surprised how many Actors were also pissed off how one sided this issue is handled to this day!

Love you…

Hi everyone…I have a new trailer ready and its it up on youtube right now. Please share and feel free to contact me if you want.
December 10, 2013

Although we are raising money again… I am really posting here for you to see the progress I have made and what the new footage looks like. Please spread the word.

This story is too controversial, untapped and never told. Hollywood loves that sh*t.

We know the truth here. Now the rest of America and the world converted to AA Bullsh*t needs to know it too!


 The 13th Step film has been awarded fiscal sponsorship through the International Documentary Association. This sponsorship has made the film eligible to receive tax deductible donations and grants to further our funding efforts.

Our first fundraising campaign through Indiegogo raised over $24,000. With those funds we have been able to hire a professional crew that includes a Producer, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Documentary Film Editor and support staff. We are filming new footage using Canon 5D cameras.  Below is a link to the new trailer that we have created with your generous contributions.

If you wish to contribute further to our film, please follow the link below. Click on “make a donation” to pay via PayPal or credit card.


Contributions are payable to IDA and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


To send a check: make payable to IDA and send to:


3470 Wilshire Blvd suite 980

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or to

Inwood GIrl  Productions, LLC

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( please make check payable to IDA and place “The 13th Step ” in the memo.

Credit card donation form, if you do not want to use Paypal:



I continue to receive sexual predatory stories on my blogs weekly, and am still seeking people who are willing to share their stories. If you would like to speak to me privately, please e-mail me at




The 13th Step is about the criminal and sexually predatory behavior that occurs systemically in Alcoholics Anonymous. This behavior goes unchecked by A.A’s world headquarters, despite repeated warnings from respect board members and longtime members. This behavior is exacerbated by the systematic sentencing of criminals and sex offenders to AA meetings without the knowledge of the AA members.