Character Stepper on SHOWTIME “Shameless” Tells Fiona ‘everyone’s an addict” ! DUDE go …yourself!

Tonight I was catching up on my Shameless episodes and I wanted to gage as Fiona’s

emma_fionapic new Boyfreind Mike’s addicted asshole stepper rehab brother practically rapes Fiona and informs her that

“We are all addicts”  OMFG….they did this on the new show ‘The Fosters’ last week.

OKAY Im so done. I feel like going into about 10 meetings in Hollywood and letting it rip on how full of shit AA and its bullshit is. I do have to go to about 3- 4 and bring my crew so we can decide which one to film me in there talking my Make AA Safer stuff.


But here is th problem I have with the Writers and Producers on My fav show. Even if they hate AA, it still gives it free promo and people think its the only Game in town. People think its true…that we are all addicts….give it a f**king rest . My oldest son …left the room…. rolling his eyes.


SO GUYS on SHAMELESS WRItiNG TEAM> Wake THE FUCK UP and write a  line or two about how AA sucks and the guy or gal is going to Smart or Moderation or SOS and then the character says’ What;s that” and they say. I fucking hate AA . Smart is so much cooler , no labeling, no steps, no religious bullshit…write whatever you want but Please someone write about the 7 other free options…..PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Law & Order SVU, MOM, Shameless, Nashville, Criminal Minds, Breaking Bad, Nurse Jackie,

Can you name another TV show with a stepper thread?

Jake Mc Dorman is an awesome lovable actor in this and I adore Fiona, But this guy who plays the brother… I bet he is a full blown ass hole stepper! Any bets?

Members of Alcoholics Anonymous Kill young teens in Home invasion-Akron brothers accused in Barberton killings set to appear in court Wednesday

killers in ohio

as reported by By Cory Shaffer | Northeast Ohio Media Group 
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on January 08, 2014 at 8:29 AM, updated January 08, 2014 at 12:41 PM

BARBERTON, Ohio — Two brothers accused of killing two teenagers and their father on New Year’s Eve are scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.

Michael Deon Hendon, 22, and Eric Donta Hendon, 30, are each charged with three counts of aggravated murder. Their initial appearance is set for 1 p.m. in Barberton Municipal Court.

Police arrested the men Friday, accusing them of targeting John Kohler and Ronda Blankenship’s 7th Street NE apartment to rob of drugs and money, according to a release. Police have not said what led them to that conclusion.

Kohler, 42, his stepdaughter, Ashley Carpenter, 18, and son David Kohler-Carpenter, 14, were each shot to the head. Ashley and David were pronounced dead at the scene, and Kohler was kept alive on life support until Friday afternoon, the Summut County Medical Examiner said.

Blankenship, 38, was listed in critical condition at MetroHealth Medical Center Friday. Her condition is no longer being released.

The brothers are being held in Summit County jail on $10 million bond.

Eric Hendon was released from prison in June after completing a 13-year sentence for attempted aggravated murder and sexual battery – crimes he pleaded guilty to when he was a juvenile.

In 2011, Hendon filed his own motion for judicial release from Mansfield Correction Institution, according to court records.

Hendon asked Summit County Court Common Pleas Judge Elinore Marsh Stormer to release him early and place him in a community based correctional facility, in part because he had “realized the errors of his ways” and obtained his G.E.D., a college degree in business administration and completed several programs.

“This defendant has not been slack or lazy in turning his life around,” Hendon wrote. “Regardless of the outcome of this motion, the defendant will continue to maintain this outlook on life and to be a productive person to society as a whole.”

Hendon’s motion was denied because, under Ohio law, only inmates serving 3 to 10-year prison sentences are eligible for the program. The judge also cited Hendon’s “poor prison report.”

As part of Hendon’s sentence, he was ordered to be placed on 5 years of community control after his release.

Read the full story here. If you click on the court papers it says they are in AA.  I know a source who said these men were seen in meetings the week of the murders.

Violent Sex Offenders accused of murder of two teens in Ohio…..reporting from the UK

Police arrest suspects off GPS clues for triple murder of two teens and their father in New Year’s Eve home invasion

  • Violent sex offender Eric Donta Hendon, 31, and his brother Michael Deon Hendon, 22, are each charged with three counts of aggravated murder
  • The elder Hendon is a registered violent sex offender – he was granted a supervised release last June after 13 years in prison
  • He was originally locked up in 2000 for shooting a woman in the vagina
  • Police tracked him down using his court-mandated GPS ankle bracelet
  • Ashley Carpenter, 18, and David Kohler-Carpenter, 14, were pronounced dead at the scene, father John Kohler was taken off life support last week
  • Stepmother Ronda Blankenship remains hospitalized


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Elizabeth Vargis, Good Morning America ABC news Boldly promoting Alcoholics Anonymous on National TV and Breaking AA beloved traditions!

elizabeth Vargas_pic

Sad to see her promote AA through her medium …ABC NEWS, Good Morning America and the rest …

I just watched this clip and it was pretty sickening to watch a grown educated woman , unabashedly promoting the sick dangerous cult of alcoholics anonymous. I wonder who convinced her to do this. OMG Now for sure the whole world will be watching…Elisabeth I don’t think so . ABC viewers, anti AA members are gagging at your interview,….See we were once brainwashed, some were lucky enough to see through the Bullshit. I wish you could have gone to Smart Recovery or WFS or MM or Practical recovery where you would have been given a scientific option. SO now you are stuck going to AA forever because they are telling you that you re broken and have a spirit malady…are you aware that this hogwash was written by Bill W in 1935 who never researched or vetted this crap?

Maybe this is the work of Lauri Dhue or some other crack pot stepper who boldly promotes AA. Is Elixabeth aware that women have been murdered and raped by AA men for years. That sexual predators and pedohiles are sitting with her holding her hand in AA meetings….or does Elizabeth attend those “special ” star studed meetings…hmmm I wonder…

I cant wait till my film is done and the world really see the shit hole of a place that AA is, how dangerous it is and that there are better saner options !!!!For a real normal woman.


EVEN in 1986 Rapists- Pedophile Ronald Nelson Melvin was Convicted -also a member of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Read full story here…

Rapist Sentenced to 65-Year Term for Assaults on 17 Victims

July 26, 1986|TERRY PRISTIN | Times Staff Writer
    • Unswayed by expressions of remorse from a 28-year-old man whom police dubbed the “security building rapist,” a Los Angeles Superior Court judge Friday sentenced him to 65 years in prison, calling him “a walking time bomb” who should never be returned to society.

“These are not ordinary rapes,” Judge Robert T. Altman said in sentencing Ronald Nelson Melvin. “They’re rapes of children, they are serial rapes, they are rapes under the very cruelest of circumstances.”

Melvin pleaded guilty April 21 to 29 counts, including rape, kidnaping and child molestation, involving 17 victims who lived in mid-Wilshire-area apartment buildings with buzzer systems. The victims were between 10 and 17 years old, except for one 8-year-old and two women in their 20s.

According to testimony at Friday’s sentencing hearing, Melvin apparently led a double life for 19 months, beginning in August, 1984.

Stalking Victims

Melvin the rapist was stalking young victims, slipping into their apartment buildings behind them and forcing them, usually at knifepoint, into secluded areas so he could assault them.

The other Melvin was an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous, who had a kicked a drinking habit that began when he was 12 and went out of his way to help both friends and strangers benefit from his experience. This Melvin was trained as a plumber’s assistant


Attention Lawyers and Judges- How Can Sex offenders and violent offenders be sent to Alcoholics Anonymous when they know there are no safety policies in place?


How is this happing?


Don’y they know…no one is on charge in an AA meeting.

Why do they ask about sponsors. Sponsors are nobody. They could be a control freak and loser and why would our courts even tell someone they have to go to AA or go to Jail.

Im in Ohio and I am so shocked by what I was just told in my interview …being forced to go to a place where the judges are also sending rapists and pedophiles.

Alcoholics Anonymous, Fort Collins, Colorado…Cleveland, Ohio -When AA Doesn’t Fit… What Options do you have?

bill and saturday evening post oic

This is what an AA meeting looked like when Bill Wilson posed for his first big marketing plug in one of the biggest Magazines of the times …thanks to Marty Mann the PR genius with all the sweet hookups and …trust me she know all of the High Society and she connected Bill Wilson with all of these people. AA would not  have existed without Marty Mann. Here are some other pics to remind us of how medicine use to be

insane a pic

If you are feeling that maybe AA is very outdated and toxic…you are not alone.


fear imageImagine using this puppy for medicine today…so why are 95% of rehabs using AA from 1935 and religious cultish pop psych lay person groups for a mental health issues or a behavioral issue????Why why why…

antiques medical image

So why has AA held such a strong hold on alcohol and drug over use problems in our society. If a government can control and weaken its people they might like that. AA is a philosophy and culture that dis empowers its members at every level. Think about it.

Join the many who are Leaving AA and trying sane alternatives to that wacky dangerous culture. Remember cigarettes were once good for you! There’s always Smart Recovery online.

smart image

Smart has a chat 24/7…I like this option. The other alternatives that are free.

I hear there is one young peoples Smart Meeting. Sorry no perverts allowed …smart has rules about who can come to a minor’s meeting unlike AA …

I don’t know about Cleveland  Ohio …I will post those options when I get there. Also , if you want to start an SOS meeting just contact Jim Christopher and he will send you a starter kit.

sos logo

Moderation Management …I suggest if you have been in AA to deprogram first throughly before you …cheers! 🙂

Harm Reduction, Hams Network see Ken Anderson for this option, and The Sincliar Method with the use of Naltrexone.

There is a great resource page on with every book you could imagine to read to help you.

Just a few more tips…

You are not broken.

No one labels themselves in any other newer modern program.

You have no disease.

No other program is religious, none have sponsors. none require you to come for LIFE!!!

Critical View on Gabrielle Glaser’s book “HER BEST KEPT SECRET”…


A Moderate Proposal on Moderation

Finally making a year sober AGAIN after 20 years of relapsing, I wake up to an article telling me I didn’t need to be abstinent after all.  Not so helpful.  A rebuttal from somebody who’s been abstinent with and without AA.  

Earlier this year an author named Gabrielle Glaser published a book called Her Best-Kept Secret which read as both a defense of Moderation Management and an attack on the philosophy and culture of AA. According to Glaser, AA is an abstinence pushing religious group wherein predatory males prey on vulnerable female victims rendering the entire society of AA a sexual abuse free-for-all not adequately monitored by AA’s World Services office.

read the full story here…


Gabrielle Glaser has OP-ED Piece in The New York Times!!!!

Breaking News…Gabrielle Glaser author of Her Best Kept Secret has a piece in the NEW YORK TIMES…WHOO HOO !!!!!!!!


Cold Turkey Isn’t the Only Route

Published: January 1, 2014 2 Comments

THIS New Year’s, a good number of those who struggle to control their drinking will resolve to abstain from alcohol. No halfway measures. Quitting is the only way.

Anna Parini


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The cold-turkey approach is deeply rooted in the United States, embraced by doctors, the multibillion-dollar treatment industry and popular culture. For nearly 80 years, our approach to drinking problems has been inspired by the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Developed in the 1930s by men who were “chronic inebriates,” the A.A. program offers a single path to recovery: abstinence, surrendering one’s ego and accepting one’s “powerlessness” over alcohol.

But it’s not the only way to change your drinking habits.

Read the whole story here…