Dr. Robert DuPont, President, Institute for Behavior and Health attacks Dr Lance Dodes for his critical view on AA in his new book The Sober Truth

Well…who are you Mr DuPont? robert dupomt


The 1930’s was over a long time ago and addiction and science have come a long way since you got sober in the  1960’s.

AA is so intrenced …


One more thing… I here you think Pot is a gateway drug. Wrong! Big Pharma pills are the gateway drugs and Afghanistan is the path by which heroin is coming once again into the country , just like the Vietnam WAR.  More people die from legal prescription drugs. No one dies from pot and even Police officers know that Pot is the least of our problems.


Lance Dodes, M.D. author of The Sober Truth on blog talk radio SAFE RECOVERY- Wednesday March 26, @ Noon PST, 3pm EST

The sober Truth

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Join host Monica Richardson for a 1 hour in-depth interview with Dr Lance Dodes who has just released his new cutting edge book, The Sober Truth, DEBUNKING THE BAD SCIENCE BEHIND 12-STEP PROGRAMS ABD THE REHAB INDUSTRY. http://www.amazon.com/Sober-Truth-Debunking-Programs-Industry/dp/0807033154/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1395713647&sr=1-1&keywords=The+Sober+truth



New FOX SHOW “RAKE” airs Friday Nights at 8pm -Starring Greg Kinnear Is a SURE ANTI AA- anti Stepper MUST SEE NEW SHOW!!!

Greg Kinnear pic

I love this show !!!!!!! You go Greg Kinnear!

Recently an attorney we are working with told me he thought of me when he saw this episode, because of the AA references and  they are not flattering either. They really make fun of AA like I have never seen before. I watched an episode that aried last week called 3 strikes.  WATCH on …Laughing!!!




“Alcoholics Anonymous helps millions ” they say. Really? I say… AA has hurt Millions. AA is shrinking down to 800,000 from 1.2 million


Today I was in my little local Nail salon. I have been going there for 22 years. A small unassuming place filled with a few sweet wonderful funny woman from Vietnam. A small family business.

Normally there are just regular ladies there. But today I was running late and had to call them and change my appointment, so as usual they accommodated me with “no problem”!   When I got there I had to call a blogger in Chicago and left him a message. I never talk on my phone there. I go there to relax and get away from my work. “its a pampering lovely hour usually.

When I arrived it was very quiet and the one lady in the salon was finishing up and  getting ready to leave, and over heard me talking about interviewing a judge. So when I got off the phone she told me her husband was a judge.” What was my film about” she asked, and we had a nice talk. She asked me for my card and said she wanted to call me later.

Now during this talk a couple of woman came in and over heard us. Well it turned out they were both Lawyers.lawyers fightingpic

One was a Federal prosecutor. Well, can I tell you…this became  is a serious sparring fest. One big debate on how great AA was and dare I criticize this fabulous institution! I did not back down and the shit these two women said to me was so f**king nuts It made me think I may need to buy a gun and wear a bullet proof vest.

WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with these people. They are not even in AA and they are defending it like  a jealous woman.

truth pic

The next time I’m at the nail salon and someone asks me what I do for a living…I’m going to say I’m a cop or I work for the FBI !!! LOL …Just kidding.  controversy I’ll just say I can’t talk about it…its way too controversial. Let them pay and see it in the theatre. There they can throw tomatoes.

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Gabrielle Glaser writes about Moderation in March 2014 Readers Digest Magazine

Here is the lasted article by journalist Gabrielle Glaser expelling the theory that AA is the only game in town which  we all now know is not true. Thank you Gabrielle!



Twelve Steps to Danger: How Alcoholics Anonymous Can Be a Playground for Violence-Prone Members by Gabrielle Glaser, Special to ProPublica,

June 24, 2013, 8 a.m.

By Gabrielle Glaser

karla pic

In the spring of 2011, Karla Brada Mendez finally seemed happy. She was 31 and in love, eager to move ahead on the path to maturity – marriage, a family, stability.  She had a good job in the customer-service department of a large medical supply firm, and was settling into a condo she had recently bought near her childhood home in California’s San Fernando Valley.

Her 20s had been rough, a struggle with depression, anxiety, alcohol and drugs. But early that spring two years ago, she told her parents and younger sister that she had met a charming, kind and handsome man who understood what she had been through.

Their relationship blossomed as the couple attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings several times a week. But there was much Karla didn’t know about the tall blond man who said he was an AA old-timer.

Court records show that Eric Allen Earle repeatedly relapsed and turned violent when drunk, lashing out at family members, his ex-wife and people close to him. By the time he and Karla crossed paths, judges had granted six restraining orders against him.

Read full story here…http://www.propublica.org/article/how-alcoholics-anonymous-can-be-a-playground-for-violence

UPDATE: There is another court date for Karla’s case this week. We will keep you up to date as this case unfolds. We will be in court with her family to provide support.

Doctors, pilots, nurses and lawyers are getting coerced to the religious lay persons “peer support” Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings.

dr 1935


Last week I was flying to Chicago and I  sat  next to a nice young pilot. We began to talk and I told him about my film and about AA coercion. I gave him my DUI pamphlet and told him to spread the word. He then informed me that when he was hired, at his training a member of AA who covers themselves as “BIRDS OF A FEATHER” came in a gave a talk…What? In your training? Yes he said. “Yes I think they are 12 step people”……Then two days later a pilot contacted me. What he told me I could hardly believe… but I do.

Last month I spoke to a Doctor who told me AA is deeply immeshed  in our medicine, in our research and while I had him on my show , I was sometimes speechless at what he was saying. I was so in shock. We all discovered how deeply it is in our judicial system years ago but our Pilots…


plane 1935…the FAA….our Doctors being told to be powerless and to go to a religious pod with a bunch of knuckle heads  for drinking a beverage? Holy cow….This is scary.

I also found out recently that AA has single handily slowed up real scientific research and cures for alcohol and drug over use/ and dependency at some of our oldest institutions.  Why are famous people pushing AA. What do they have to gain. Why does the government have AA on its website.

Ok guys and gals.. this is a big story. Its bigger then my film. But I assure you …I have reached out to some journalists to tackle this mother flocker. If are a pilot, a lawyer, and Dr and butcher a baker a candle stick maker….oh I lost my train of thought    just  kidding…Seriously if you have been told YOU MUST GO TO AA OR YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR LICENSE BACK please contact me for now at makeaasafer@gmail.com and soon we will have a journalist who I will be connecting you all to .


One more thing http://www.whitehouse.gov/ondcp/recovery-systems-and-services

GET AA and its wacko religious 12 step meetings, where dangerous felons  and pedophiles are sent every day, in every state … off my GOVERNMENT WEBSITE NOW!!!!!!

How Long were you in? How long are you gone? How did you deprogram? I now understand why people blow their brains out… because of the brainwashing!


Have you ever found yourself walking your dog, taking a shower, or driving your car and somehow having a conversation in your head with what a stepper will say to you? I have.  So how long will it take till it stops? I know that I am making a film about it  so maybe for me its different, but something tells me …maybe not. Maybe we all go through this.

The other day I thought to myself as I was thinking about this.  WOW this is what someone is thinking when they finally blow their brains out. When will this stop.

I think it has partly to do with the way the 3 pieces of literature are read at every meeting and they are read in a very hypnotic way. The brainwashing is deep.

I am curious as to what some of you think regarding this. I am also interested in hearing about how long you went, how long you have been gone and what helped you most to get this crap out of your head!!!

In regards to time… .include the years you were there even if you drank. It all matters in this survey. Example . You attended AA for a total of 11 years. But you drank 3 or 4 times over those years. Just say you are in it 11 years for the purpose of my survey.

If you want to include how many people you knew who killed themselves too. I knew 5.

I recently attended a huge AA GS event. There were things said in a late night roundtable that made me see how its dying internally. I mean really dying inside. There were some nice sane folks there. Yes they believe stuff  I no longer believe, but the sane ones think that many things need to change. So why are they still there and we are free? I don’t know.

First off I was there to give out more safety pamphlets for the last time. You might say, why bother, why try to make it safe. Let them rot in their sexually predatory mud pit . But what I do know is that the safety pamphlets empower people and when they try to go back to there groups and make it safe and they get ostrixiced. They leave….So its really my last act of going inside because I know this is what took me out and I am so friggen happy about the fact I now see AA for what it is and that I left.

And to talk to certain ex trustees about safety. Many people came up to me wanting the literature and telling me stories about problems all over the Pacific Region. I did speak my mind there about court ordering of violent offenders and sex offenders. This event  constitutes 15 regions and 9 states. A speaker from the podium in front of 500 members or more who was a trustee talked about women getting raped in huge numbers by AA men. It was kickass how she talked. They all respect her.

But here is what I heard and saw there… This is no new young blood at the GS events.  Even the good nice members think AA needs to change, deal with the fact it’s so religious  and change that  and deal with safety. But you and I  know that AA in NY is too stubborn, rigged and arrogant and Fat with money and power. So that makes people lazy. It makes them lazy.

Its true …they mostly talk about promoting their agenda and   how to get new recruits. I felt so happy and “grateful” that I am free. I didn’t feel connected and I felt like an outsider in a really great way. btw we never held hands and said the Lords Prayer. I stayed apart. They noticed. God it felt good to not pray with them!!!

I was in from 1975- 2011. There were 10 years when I first had children that  I went very infrequent, thank goodness.  I was abstinent 37 years. I am normal now. They lied. My “disease ” was not doing pushups in the parking lot. What a stupid saying ….

I am free now.

It took me about 14 months to deprogram enough to know all the lies and to be free of the Bullshit. It took me a year to stop crying about wasting 36 years  in AA . I cried too many times for harming my children with AA bullshit and lies.

What did I do to deprogram?

I read the OP ..there was no forum then …Thank GOD! They would have ate me alive.

I blogged on Stinkin thinkin nightly while watching old episodes of Law & Order SVU and Criminal Minds.

I read new books by Stanton Peele

I went to Smart & SOS meetings here and there. I realized I was tired of meetings.

I blogged and and I answered calls form all over the country by women and men  who had been harmed.

I love you all today. I know I don’t know you all. But those of you I know.. I love you guys and gals for all your support and sh*t you gave me as I left. :)))))) …I think I just love bombed!

If you are still concerned how big AA is I suggest you to go an old big meeting and see how big it still is. You might be surprised. Oh and I don’t label myself either.

Dont go alone. Bring a normal friend for support. I have done this only because of my work and my film in different states and AA is shrinking.

Stanton Peele told me that the numbers have gone from:

1.2 million to 800k in the US and CANADA in the last few years.


IS AA religious or is it spiritual? Is it white or is it SNOWFLAKE?


I just did a show about this. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/saferecovery/2014/03/05/is-aa-religious-or-spiritual-is-it-white-or-snowflake In preparation for my film I had all the references to GOD, HP , higher power crapola pulled out. We found there were some almost 600 references to God in the first 164 pages.

I am making a film about AA and 12 step coercion and if you would like to donate to the film please consider the Tax deductable donation. Many have been forced to AA or NA  against your first amendment rights. Please click on the links below.


Or you can donate to the IDA and use paypal as well…http://www.documentary.org/community/sponsorship/donate?film_id=4112

There are also a lot of MUSTS! For a take it or leave it program there are many many musts.

I am convinced AA is a suedo,  religious,  and very cult like for sure. If you leave they ostracize you. If you question its tenets, they ostracize you. If you try to make it safe…they tell you its an outside issue. But we can think for ourselves and use our minds and not be brainwashed.

lightbulb pic

I think they are crazy! Please listen to the show and I will do a few more so we can laugh and not cry our way through this process. Some times its hard. 🙁

There are 7 free non religious options. Smart Recovery, SOS, Moderation.org , LIfeRING, Hams Harm Reduction, The Sinclair Method and Recover! The PERFECT PROGRAM> by Stanton Peele and Ilse Thompson.