The “ASAM “American Society of Addicted Medicine is all Stepper Sh**T…did you know that?


I know they sound official. I know they think they are in charge. I know they think they are different. I know they think they know what is right for everyone, but really…a 1935 religious conversion cultish institution that is FULLY and I mean fully embedded in our medicine , The FAA and aviation. WOW …holy shit… I thought coercion when you got a DUI was bad. I thought sentencing a sex offender was bad and it is, but what I have uncovered is quite …fucking madness. I will not mince words here, because this is some scary shit.

So who are these guys? Are they special ninja addiction Doctors…. Nope. Are they specially trained for alcohol dependency? …nope… Are they trained in Japan with ancient warriors who fight voodoo bad guys addicted to alcohol? Nope.

They are all f **king steppers who think they are better then the rest. They are in control ….and they love it …Are they good men? Are they kind and loving and so they know how to make good coffee and clean ashtrays from the 1970’s.

DO they serve canned Carnation milk and white sugar with their coffee in plastic cups served up in plastic brown holders? OMFG … I hate that shit. Don’t you ?

Everyone needs to know and we need a reporter to tell at least this part of the story. I will be telling it in a segment of my film , but this story breaks the whole damn thing wide open.

ANY Doctor, Pilot, Lawyer, Nurse , or CPA who has lost their license and is being told they HAVE to GO TO an AA rehab and then go see an AA psych  sponsor, and then go to AA meetings can please hire a lawyer and sue their asses. Call me if you have any questions.


be strong, be fearless, be powerful and fight back !


District Judge Rebecca Thorne Tin Sentences Panthers’ Hardy to 3 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings a week! Really …

WHY? AN AA meeting is not a good place for a person with rage issues to go…period. He is a violent guy and should have spent time in jail. I hope this woman knows to stay away from him.

Panthers' Greg Hardy arrested on domestic abuse charge
Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence and communicating threats charges Tuesday. (

Bond was set at $17,000 Wednesday morning for Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy, who was also ordered by a judge to attend three Alcoholics Anonymous meetings per week following his arrest on suspicion of domestic violence and communicating threats charges Tuesday.

The warrant in the case alleges Hardy threw the 24-year-old woman to the floor and bathtub and strangled her.

Hardy was released Wednesday.

According to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg (N.C.) police, the alleged incident involving Hardy’s girlfriend occurred early Tuesday morning. Police responded to a call at 4:18 a.m. ET and the alleged victim said she was physically assaulted and threatened by Hardy.

Hardy claims he called 911 when the alleged victim would not leave. The woman identified as Nicole Holder said she had been drinking before the incident and has been in a relationship with Hardy since September 2013.

“Hardy picked me up and threw me into the tile tub area in his bathroom,” the formal complaint reads. “I have bruises from head to toe, including my head, neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs, elbow and feet. Hardy pulled me from the tub by my hair, screaming at me that he was going to kill me, break my arms and other threats that I completely believe.

“He drug me across the bathroom and out into the bedroom. Hardy choked me with both hands around my throat while I was lying on the floor. Hardy picked me up over his head and threw me onto a couch covered in assault rifles and/or shotguns. I landed on those weapons.”

Holder alleged that Hardy had 25 to 30 firearms in his apartment and that he “threatened to shoot me if I went to the media or reported his assaults to anyone.”

Hardy made no comment Wednesday, leaving the jail in a black tanktop and dark sunglasses without speaking to reporters.

“We are very disappointed to learn of the allegations involving Greg and are concerned for all parties as we continue to investigate,” the Panthers said in a statement issued Tuesday afternoon.

Hardy, selected by the Panthers in the sixth-round of the 2010 NFL Draft, signed a franchise tag tender in March that would be worth $13.1 million for the 2014 season if the team is unable to sign him to a long-term extension before July 15.

The 25-year-old Hardy played in all 16 regular-season games for the Panthers last season and finished with 59 tackles and a team-record 15 sacks. In the past two seasons, Hardy has accounted for 26 sacks.

FILMING in Louisville, and Arkansas, then Bellingham for “The 13th Step”. Coming to a city near you…

MapspicHi. I am coming to these 5 cities over the following 4 weeks as we wrap up filming. .  If anyone wants to talk to me ,  please contact me at

Also… if you know a meeting that I should go to with Make AA Safer Pamphlet, please let me know. If you have any more information that you think I need to know please also contact us.

Please feel free to contribute to the fund…making a film is not cheap…  I have hired an editor and he is beginning to cut the film together. We need animation and motion graphics to be done next.

We have about 10 more days of filming left, some in Los Angeles and a many are in other cities. Bellingham, WA. Charlotte, NC, Little Rock, Arkansas, Louisville, Kentucky, St Louis, Missouri, Palm Springs, CA, West Covina and Los Angeles, CA.

If you, or anyone you know have been harmed and wants to talk to me please contact me asap. I don’t need anymore interviews but if you have been harmed and want help and want to talk please still contact me.

If you know any pilots, doctors, lawyers or the like who were coerced and against their will and sent to AA ….we are also very interested in adding this story to the movie.  If you know the name of a 13 stepper please email me that privately as well. When I am done with the film I am taking my files to the proper authorities.



David Powers, AA member and Director of The Rock Church is arressted and on bail for assaulting young women in his Sober Living Rehabs in San Diego.

women sue pic Daivd PowersWomen sue Mega Church. This man is an Alcoholics Anonymous member. This link was passed on to me by someone from this area that knows him. Sick , sick, stuff….Congratulations to these women for filing charges against him.

It’s a cesspool of sex’: Women sue director of megachurch-affiliated rehab on claims he routinely groped, harassed and even laid on top of them as they slept

  • Taylor Peyton, Andria Donovan and Jaycee Peacock and three other women allege that David Powers is a serial sex abuser in the civil suit David Powers pic
  • Powers’ ABC Sober Living is closely affiliated with San Diego’s 12,000-member megachurch The Rock Church
  • The suit names The Rock Church, Powers, ABC Sober Living and Powers’ wife Tina as defendants
  • Tina Powers allegedly threatened at least one accuser who voiced concerns over her husband’s behavior


PUBLISHED: 14:09 EST, 11 May 2014 | UPDATED: 03:53 EST, 12 May 2014

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Read full story here

Life and Death…not taking the ones we love for granted. Spending more time with them now that we left AA.

loving life ppic

Being in Toronto and getting to meet a blogger I met here, and just life has got me thinking. How much time did AA take away from  my time with my children?

Now hold on…there are about 10 years when they, my children were born  1990 and 1994,  were born where I really pulled back from AA and only went once a month to a couples meeting in private homes. Yet I did run to Alanon 1 time a week , for a short time, when my marriage was falling apart. Did AA hurt that first marriage. HELL YES!

I wonder if I knew what I know today how that would have played out differently. I’ll never know.

I know that when a woman like me did so much work on me…that after 4 years sober I should have left AA at age 22. But I did not. I have been thinking about doing EMDR work for my AA trauma. All the nonsense.

enjoy ifepic

How would my life be different. I would have attended a real University, maybe taken up swing dancing, krav , cooking….I am sure I would have made films sooner….written a book by now, played and sang music around the world…or just have spent more time with them on those nights I went to my woman’s meeting in those last 6 years. …:(

How did AA effect us socially. I think not drinking a drop absolutley effects how you interact  with even moderate imbibers . AS I write this…some of it makes me sad. But on the good side I did experience real normalcy when socializing with other documentary film makers in Canada.whitewinepic

I felt certainly a part of the world, a part of that community and I was really embraced by many who hate AA around the world and they are glad I am making this film.

What are some things that you missed and how do you deal with that now. I plan on taking those swing dance lessons this month. 🙂swing dance pic

A Sub Culture of 12 step groups mentality have undermined our society and weakened our integrity. Powerless or empowered?

i am not powerless

I seriously doubt that AA founders really wanted everyone to think they were powerless over everything.

or did they…

This is absurd. Although I know that Tom Powers from All Addicts Anonymous dealt with Sex in a way that he and Bill Wilson , Mr AA disagreed on. Bill W went on to be a massive 13 stepper. (sexual harassment specialist). Its a fact and quotes can be found in Francis Hartigan’s book.

I want to discuss this crazy ideoligy that is about  AA is a  Religion, but that has sadly seeped into our current culture. I know its been deemed “highly religious” already in 25 states in the US, but more from a cultural, social aspect is what I am questioning.

Maybe this is why the Agape church got so big. Maybe this is why “The Secret” sold millions. The people who are still lost but sober are looking for some sort of way to deal with the fact that AA and its punitive philosophy and powerless, negative labeling keeps one’s self esteem low forever.

Unless you see it, acknowledge it and do massive other work to change your core belief system one is stuck in a spinning rat wheel.

It’s unfortunate when I see really smart women come into the rooms nowadays  and cock there heads to the side like a puppy. Saying I just don’t get this powerless sh*&^%T.

Guess what ladies! It’s bullshit. SO run like the wind…to Smart Recovery, Secular for Sobriety, Hams Harm Reduction,, or read a new good book about addiction like RECOVER! Stop thinking like an addict, The Sober Truth by Lance Dodes, Amy Lee Coys book, From Death DO I part, or Hank Hayes’ book called ” On Track & Beyond.”

I have observed that although in America we have been hijacked by a twisted baby cult called Alcoholics Anonymous with its wacky brainwashing techniques from the post prohibitionist 1930’s.  Sadly …this baby cult is quietly , anonymously, powerfully entrenched in our government, social services, criminal justice system, schools, medicine, aviation worlds.

Lucky for us…there are free blogs , Facebook and the internet. SO now when someone is unhappy with AA, they go home to their computers or get on their smartphones and type in  “is AA dangerous ” Is AA a cult” “.

I also have pitched my film to many in the International Documentary world, here in Toronto, so many , many people now know the truth about AA and I also know that AA has not conquered the WORLD!  Here are some new things I discovered. In Sweden AA is popular…In Germany they hate AA. There are many places where AA is not popular and even in Canada its does not controll their medicine or the treatment of addiction. and their social work  is also not controlled by AA, or its members, or Like MINDED DOCS!!!

This was an old post from stop 13 step in aa that I wrote from 2011…I have edited and updated. Happiness is being free from even a baby  cult! … LOL 🙂