Call to action Get the ACLU to Force Drug Courts to get AA meetings out of our Court System and Get our Government to remove the Promotion of religious Alcoholics Anonymous meetings off of our Government White House Website!

the white house

Outrageous…I say..mixing religion and courts. Forcing people to AA religious type meetings.

Here is what I did and I encourage and request you do the same.

I called the White house hotline and told them I wanted to make a comment to a person on staff. I said I wanted this comment to go to President Obama. I called last week and told them how I was outraged that on our White House website blog it was promoting alcoholics anonymous meetings.

She was kind an patient and listened to my request. I was polite and passionate and very nice but firm in my tone.

Then I called the ALCU in NYC and they said to call my local chapter,  which I did.

aclu imahe

Find yours here…

I then sent my concerns in an email and I am hoping to get some lawyers on board.


Now imagine if each person here picks up the phone and makes these same calls.

Just explain the dangers going on and mostly hit on the topic that AA is so religious and people are being sent there and the courts are mandating violent and sex offenders and woman are being murdered and raped . Make sure you include a few top news stories to back this up. Stay focused on the religious aspect for the ACLU’s mission.

Some facts. God, him or HP s mentioned over 500 times in the first 164 pages of the Big Book.

DO I have any takers? Thanks to anyone who takes some action. It made me feel great and I will follow up with the ACLU and report on the progress.

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500
(202) 456-1111

Sexual Favors Required from a Male Sponsor in Los Angeles or Kentucky? Will you tell your story? Will you out the predators?

sexual favors

Recently I was in Kentucky when I was brought to a club where this is going on. A man who says he has 22 years or so , goes into the DOC and brings new women out and then bullies them into thinking they have to perform sexual favors on him so he will take them out of prison to his dumass meeting place. Frankly…I would rather stay in prison then go to THAT AA meeting.

In 1994 I was walking through century city mall when I ran into a woman who I knew from Meetings at 20th Century Fox… noon lunch meetings back in 1983-86. She was very distraught and was crying. She told me she was “drinking” again ….in the AA way and that she couldn’t go back to AA cause of who and what her sponsor required of her.

The story she told me was shocking. I will not name names here but he is a man who runs a cultish meeting and is involved in the downtown mission as well. He required her to perform sexual acts on him when she was new and for many years as part of his ritual of being her sponsor . I was horrified.

I was not attending any outside meetings the years my kids were babies and little. Thank GOD I had some sense.

I have not had anyone come forward to tell on this guy. I have had emails telling me its true … but vetting this stuff is important and it would be powerful if some of these women would tell on him. I don’t need anymore interviews for the film as we are wrapping up Filming next week and editing like banshees and will have a cut of the film in 3-4 weeks. I will be posting short clips next week, here, on youtube and on my The 13th Step website. The reason I am bringing it up is that this guy has influenced meetings all over the country and in a very sick sexual predatory way. I the can get outed, we can really take AA down to the size it belongs. A peanut!

Even if something doesn’t make it into the film it will have a possible chance to get on the site and we need to have a strategy for activism. Changing laws, educating, more exposing and  getting money into non 12 step hands so that can grow. AA has controlled this sector for too many decades. I plan to make PSA’s to promote other options and inform the pubic they can not be sentenced to AA meetings for a DUI ticket.

Here is  poster we made that got ripped off the wall in The Marina Center 2 times. I gave up and left AA in May 2011.aa sexual harassment poster

Recovery Bullies If a bully cannot see they are controlling others with fear, what are they to apologize for in Step 9? Not one of the 12 Steps gives advice on confronting those who hurt you.

by Juliet Abram Posted on THE FIX Blog


A quick temper will make a fool of you soon enough.” ― Bruce Lee

Admitting that Alcoholics Anonymous psychologically harmed me has been cathartic and healing. Replies from AA fanatics predict that without their steps catastrophe awaits via jails, mental institutions and death. Where I live, anyone trying to convince me to do anything, let alone stay in a 501(c) non-profit organization, under threat of death is a bully.

Asking me to accept “powerlessness” is asking me to relinquish personal power to make positive changes. The anti-feminist misogynistic books and patriarchal spiritual terms of AA are also condescending. Steppers eager to judge me as an angry, self-centered dry drunk who wants to play the victim are name-calling bullies. The all-knowing 1939 Big Book doesn’t know that evidence connects bullying to substance abuse in adults.

Bullying is defined as “aggressive behavior that is intentional and that involves an imbalance of power. Most often it is repeated over time.” Links to bullying prevention and information can be found on well-known 12 Step treatment center Hazelden’s website.

Maybe the bullying is really an attempt at being confrontational. But using fear to recruit others to follow AA means AA is not a program of choice. If I’m afraid to speak my mind out of fear of retaliation, then the tormenters have become my higher power. Although currently some former AA friends believe I have a vendetta to put an end to an AA, I know I alone do not have that kind of power.

Are scare tactics something sponsors pass down? Do old timers who bark out orders to “keep it simple stupid” consider themselves bullies? What if instead, the counselors were skilled in motivational interviewing, an approach centered on a person’s values, beliefs and preferences. Stanton Peelewrites that MI developer William R. Miller, along with Bill White, have shown “not a single study over four decades had found confrontation therapies to produce a positive result.”

In comparison, AA’s 62nd General Service Workshop notes that members with sponsors are “healthy people,” because sponsors can set a good example and curtail sponsees’ bad behavior. If someone can’t acknowledge their bullying is wrong, the bad behavior won’t be corrected.

Read more here…

How bad is 13 stepping, Sexual Predatory Behavior in Louisville, Kentucky?

sexslavery in america

Pretty bad. I am here. I am interviewing woman who have been so badly 13 stepped by older, and I mean way older men, like 68 year old hitting on 20 somethings for sex. But here’s the hitch. There is a twist on this story that makes it a crime what they are doing. A real crime. They find themselves vulnerable women who are also addicts and they feed them drugs and actually offer them drugs when they slip. Use. etc.

There is another man who is going into the women’s prison, bringing out the new ones and also having sex with them. More 13 stepping in connection with the DOC and Im sure H & I ….AA 12 step work. Sounds like AA bullshit sexual predatory work. Sex slaves are always thought as immigrants from Thailand or the like, but in America and in AA it seems we have a sex trade of its own 1930′s variety.drug-sex-slaves-drugo-s-demotivational-poster-1255530749

I am horrified by the stories I am hearing. I also remembered another reason I came here and why I am making the Documentary The 13th Step. A few years back there was a story where in the parents molested and raped 4 of their own children. They , instead of getting 15 years in prison were plea dealed to Narcotics Anonymous. Did NA locally warn the members in Kentucky that these pedophiles are now attending those meetings? NO they did not!

Here’s what I am seeing. They are dealing drugs out of the … Club. Or near by, or the leaders are selling it  and or giving it to them woman in exchange for sex and holding them hostage to do what they want with them. 13 stepping is not illegal but the dealing the drugs is and indentured servitude is against the law.  Sex Trading is also illegal.

So who do we go to?

The local police? Do they care in Louisville when men sell drugs to  women in a bad part of down. DO they care about sex trade?  The FBI? The Local AA Intergroup? The Local NA Intergroup? The Local main Newspaper in Louisville, Kentucky? The Local News Station?

This is a huge problem here and I am shocked by what I was told in the interview we did last night. This is disgusting. We will be heading to the Local AA club to see for ourselves and bring the literature to seehand on knees picif we can empower some of this woman. and warn the guys that it has to stop. Here is one idea…they can sue the club for sexual harassment and close the club down if the right young person will do it and realizes she can do it. Perhaps it might even be a guy , or a gay person who will come forward….

Wish me …wish us luck…dont worry …I am not going alone 🙂


Suing Alcoholics Anonymous, your “EAP” employer, 12 step rehabs and your Insurance Company that pays for a religious 1930’s never updated peer support groups. No Mental Heath and NO real Health Care provided there ma, so whats the deal? What can you do?

Is AA like a wind up  phone circa 1930’s…oldphone1930

and Smart Recovery is like an IPHONE.


Why in America are we so stuck back then, when it  comes to addiction, alcoholic overuse and dependency? At first I thought AA just grew as a grassroots organization. I thought that because the readings at AA meetings and the folklore that is perpetuated in meetings, makes one think that. Our TV  shows like “MOM”momtv show pic

and FILMS like “FLIGHT”

flightpicwith Denzel Washington   promotes it all flagrantly like its sweet cookies and milk support group that is run by professionals  and  secular, which we all know is not true! …

so hear is the thread you have requested….:)

Hi.  Have you been coerced or bullied into AA? Are you a Doctordrsmokingpic

or a pilot? AA was formulated when cigarettes were promoted as being good for us as we see here in this ad. Well, is AA still good for the masses? Never updated, never researched  or never vetted? For 75 years…

pilots pic

I have just come back from interviewing a Pilot and a Doctor.  I was so shocked I had a hard time watching the footage when I got home. I got up from my desk, went downstairs and told my husband it was too depressing…I could not handle it …how sad he is…. Thank God my editor is more detached! LOL Thanks … Barry RUBINOW.

The coercion within the FAA and pilots is so fucked up that it broke my heart. This pilot /doctor was so sad that I have no words for what I felt from him. We could not film him in the light and we will have to pitch his voice for fear that he will be so retaliated upon and loss his license.

Things are very bad when the FAA is sending you to an AA psychiatrist who is called a something …blah blah medical Sponsor with some silly other word preceding it. They charge $1,500. for one session. There are only 2 of them in Northern Cali. They force the pilots to go to an expensive $40,000 bullshit rehab called HAZELTON !!!!!!! filled with stepper shit….OMFG!

I want you to know this….You are not alone. There is an attorney who can help you. Please contact me for now and we  will begin to see how to handle all the emails.