Indie Spanish speaking Alcoholics Anonymous “rehab ” type places in Los Angeles is killing its “clients” and getting away with murder.

One story leads to another….

I  spoke to a Detective when I was at Court on Friday. He told me that the Spanish  speaking community have these ” phony rehabs” and they are tieing people up and making them go through withdrawal with no medical help.

Soanish speaking AA imageThey are dying. Then they are getting scared and throwing them in the alleys.

I said how many….he said 5-10 a year since 2005. I said why can’t you get them on practicing medicine.

spanish AA bbThe have AA in spanish on the front of the building. I said I would like to help.

He said ”  The DA says they need to prove it ‘s  a homicide. ” He knows it is.

I asked him if they called NY AA. He said Yes, but he said they said ” they have nothing to do with those groups ” . I said yes they are connected, They have the AA name in spanish across the front of the buildings. He looked at me

I didn’t think of it then…but maybe the DA he is talking to or dealing with is an AA member.

There are family members who are just taking this crap when they could be also suing AA. ..and putting those killers in jail!!!!

More investigating. Get them on a code violation and shut them down..Oh thats right …they have special privileges cause they are AA members. Right …they are above the law.. well I say F**K THEM.

I’m gonna investigate  this one.


Commercial Airline Pilots are contacting me! Some stepping up and refusing Alcoholics Anonymous Extortion/coercion!


Recently we had a pilot here blogging… and he and I  spoke for a long time. It was refreshing  to have Pilot # 2 find us!!. I guess the word is out.

I am horrified at the way the FAA is embedded with AA. I think this happened way back in the mid 1970’s when AA grew the most and even scooped me up …..argggggggH!!!!

I have contacted a journalist  in hopes we may get a piece written and get it in a big newspaper. ..Will see…

In the mean time…have a wonderful Weekend.

Herbert Tracy White – Is Justice Finally being served? Murdered in November 2010 in Downtown Los Angeles

Stop13stepinaa’s Blog BEWARE CURRENT AA/NA members of newcomers targeting you …oldtimers, for money, sex, and just plan ole “using you ” cause you trust people in AA…

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tracy white

Herbert Tracy White was murdered in Nov 2010. Tomorrow morning there will be sentencing. There was no trial…after 4 long years they made this family wait…

This poor family has to sit one more time and look at these evil , evil two who targeted Tracy for the good Samaritan that he was. I will look them in the eye and ask questions and give them an ear full. They are so full of Sh*t.


Pretended they wanted help as newcomer addicts. He was a sweet compassionate sober man who helped anyone who say they wanted it. Here is a good example of how being a Good trusting AAer is DEADLY!  I will be in COURT tomorrow morning.

What Film Festivals do you think The 13th Step is right for? Please submit your suggestions.

film festival picI am done.

We are done… for now…dont get me wrong…there is still a lot to do…

but I have a film now.  WHOO HOO !!!

I know the famous ones, like Cannes, Sundance, Tiff, Amsterdam, South by SW, Vancouver, austin, Telluride ( i missed this deadline by just a few days) Full Frame in North Carolina where Keeper’s son was murdered so many years ago by his AA sponsor.

film fstival pic 2

I think I should submit to Detroit, or near by I think Michael Moore has one there, Chicago and Cleveland, Seattle and Portland. Palm Springs and LA too.

An exposé of Alcoholics Anonymous, 12-step programs, and the rehab industry-and how a failed addiction-treatment model came to dominate America.

If you are thinking of leaving AA or need help deprogramming I highly suggest Lance Dodes Book THE SOBER TRUTH.


AA has become so infused in our society that it is practically synonymous with addiction recovery. Yet the evidence shows that AA has only a 5-10 percent success rate-hardly better than no treatment at all. Despite this, doctors, employers and judges regularly refer addicted people to treatment programs and rehab facilities based on the 12-step model.


In The Sober Truth, acclaimed addiction specialist Dr. Lance Dodes exposes the deeply flawed science that the 12-step industry has used to support its programs. Dodes analyzes dozens of studies to reveal a startling pattern of errors, misjudgments and biases. He also pores through the research to highlight the best peer-reviewed studies available, and discovers that they reach a grim consensus on the program’s overall success.

But The Sober Truth is more than a book about addiction. It is also a book about science, and how and why AA and rehab became so popular despite the discouraging data. Dr. Dodes explores the entire story of AA’s rise, from its origins in early fundamentalist religious and mystical beliefs to its present day place of privilege in politics and media.

The Sober Truth includes true stories from Dr. Dodes’ 35 years of clinical practice, as well as firsthand accounts submitted by addicts through an open invitation on thePsychology Today website. These stories vividly reveal the experience of walking the steps and attending some of the nation’s most famous rehabilitation centers

The Sober Truth builds a powerful response to the monopoly of the 12-step program, and explodes the myth that these programs offer an acceptable or universal solution to this deeply personal problem. This book offers new and actionable information for addicts, their families, and medical providers, and lays out better ways to understand addiction for those seeking a more effective and compassionate approach to this treatable problem.


Pedophile pediatrician caught in child pornography mail sting redeems himself through 12-step spiritual recovery.

Pedophile pediatrician caught in child pornography mail sting redeems himself through 12-step spiritual recovery. Through the help of the Montana Physicians Health Program his character defects have been stifled. According to the PHP polygraph examination he never touched any kids at all–just liked to look. The polygraph proves this according to the PHP so with their help he was sprung from the pokey early and got his medical license back just two years after being caught with child porn and admitting to a lifelong history of being attracted to prepubescent boys. He has to attend two twelve step meetings per week–one AA meeting and one pervert anonymous meeting.

Substance Abuse and Intimacy Disorders Program at Promises Malibu Welcomes New Program Coordinator and Primary Therapist
Program coordinator joins the Substance Abuse and Intimacy Disorders program at Promises Malibu.

When did an AA Clubhouse’s like The Paradise Club in Cuyahoga Falls, ( or any clubhouse) become a drug treatment rehabilitation Center with Counseling for Alcoholics? this is the link to the club tax return.

When is the world, The IRS, going to get hip to the fact that is  just  big scam. And that these clubs are sexually predatory in nature  and that there is no counseling going on there. Its a lay person support group that is “highly religious” faith healing antiquated nonsense form 1939!!!

AA billw and members circa 1944

The Paradise Club at 1710 Front St. in Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221. The club was started after a fire at the ARID Club (which has since closed down after re-opening) and Alcoholics Anonymous Multi-District Area 54 that has a monthly meeting there the third Saturday of the month at 4:00 PM.

Interestingly AA Area 54 is run out of the Paridise Club in Cuyahoga Falls ($450,000 in Assets). They are having trouble retaining DCMs and they just voted themselves an increase of their “stipend” from $75 to $100…. Many people are quitting.

CUYAHOGA FLS, OH 44221-4712

EIN: 341002293
Ruling Date: 11/1976

Last tax Return 2011:

Gabrielle Glaser’s reporting on Center for Motion and Change in Manhattan in NY City.


CreditKirsten Luce for The New York Times

A Different Path to Fighting Addiction

Finally The New York Times is printing pieces that are non 12 step help…Thanks to Gabrielle Glaser and the women at The Center of Motivation and Change the world is now going to learn new things available to parents and their children.

by Gabrielle Glaser

When their son had to take a medical leave from college, Jack and Wendy knew they — and he — needed help with his binge drinking. Their son’s psychiatrist, along with a few friends, suggested Alcoholics Anonymous. He had a disease, and in order to stay alive, he’d have to attend A.A. meetings and abstain from alcohol for the rest of his life, they said.

But the couple, a Manhattan reporter and editor who asked to be identified only by their first names to protect their son’s privacy, resisted that approach. Instead, they turned to a group of psychologists who specialize in treating substance use and other compulsive behaviors at the Center for Motivation and Change.

The center, known as the C.M.C., operates out of two floors of a 19th-century building on 30th Street and Fifth Avenue. It is part of a growing wing of addiction treatment that rejects the A.A. model of strict abstinence as the sole form of recovery for alcohol and drug users.

read the full story here…


Pacific Health System Has to Pay 2.3 Million to Boys Who Were Molested By 12 Step Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsor Volunteer –

$2.3M to victims in rehab sex abuse suit

By Kristina Davis JUNE 27 2014


SAN DIEGO — A San Diego jury awarded nearly $2.3 million this week to two boys who were sexually abused by a volunteer at a National City rehabilitation clinic.

Wednesday’s verdict ended a 15-day trial against Pacific Health System, which operates an outpatient facility treating substance abuse and mental illness.

The boys were 13 when they were victimized by Robert Poizner,  robert_poiznerpic a volunteer and mentor who was tasked with driving the patients to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Instead, he took them to his apartment, molesting them and providing them with drugs for a roughly yearlong period, according to the 2011 complaint.

The abuse also occurred during overnight hotel and apartment stays, the suit says.

Poizner, 44, was convicted of 24 counts of sex abuse against children. He is serving a sentence of 82 years to life in prison.

The lawsuit alleges that Pacific Health put Poizner in a position of power despite his own history of substance abuse and previous criminal convictions. The victims were particularly vulnerable, the lawsuit says, because the boys suffered from psychological problems along with substance abuse.

The jury deliberated for two and a half days before reaching a $6.5 million verdict, but also found that Poizner and, to a much lesser degree, one of the boys’ parents shared some of the responsibility for the conduct, thus reducing the amount Pacific Health owed. The jury found that Pacific Health owed one boy $975,000 in damages and the other $1.3 million.

“We are hoping outcomes with civil remedies for the victims force these facilities to do extensive background checks and more efficient supervision on their volunteers,” the boys’ attorney, Stephen Estey, said in a statement.

Pacific Health’s attorney, Douglas Guy, said Friday that it was premature to comment on the verdict.


Michael Botticelli is a stepper, an AA member, promoting his agenda in our White House and in our government Holy Sh**T …What about their sacred traditions anonymity at the level of press, radio and film and internet?

Michael Botticelli Becomes ONDCP


If you are a person, woman, man or teen who is assaulted by an AA member, you may be  told ” we can’t tell you his name” we are anonymous…but when AA and its ego driven member want to promote their agenda, their black & white thinking from 1939, that has never been updated, vetted, or researched they take all the stops out.

I am so ….about all this…so I guess we need these films to come out and tell the world what AA really is and that there are other free, science based, secular options available.

And we need to shine the light on this monster called AA.

Here is the lastest from our White House website…

Deputy Director

Michael Botticelli was sworn in as ONDCP Deputy Director on November 27, 2012. Mr. Botticelli has more than 20 years of experience in the treatment and recovery field, including service as Director of the Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Abuse Services. He has served in leadership roles for the National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors and was a member of the Advisory Committee for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Center for Substance Abuse Prevention as well as the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention. In 2008, he was the first recipient of the annual Ramstad/Kennedy National Award for Outstanding Leadership in Promoting Addiction Recovery and, in 2012, was awarded the National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors’ Service Award. Mr. Botticelli is in long- term recovery from addiction, celebrating more than 24 years of sobriety.

There are seven other free options and they are Smart Recovery, The Sinclair Method, MM Moderation Management, SOS (Secular Organizations for Sobriety), Women for Sobriety, LifeRING, and Hams Harm Reduction for Alcohol.

Google is AA safe, google Alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous.