Attention- Airline Pilots, Doctors, Lawyers and Nurses who Hate Alcoholics Anonymous we need you …

Old pilots picI have now been contacted by my 3rd Airline Pilot who is furious about AA coercion which my lawyer is saying is really Extortion.

I have a journalist who wants to talk to you. If you are willing to speak up publicly even better. ALL is good…

We are talking about getting you all connected so you can sue the FAA and/or the Airlines that has the EAP that forced you to an AA rehab, AA treatment and or an AA Psychiatrist who charges you $1,500.00 for an hour ( have been informed he was charged $2,500.)  pretty steep AA fees….so you can get cleared to work again ….fly  again….etc. OMG what BULLSHIT THIS IS!!!

If you are a DOCTOR…two young attractive doctors

I have a question… who could be sued….THE ASAM. the AMA and your employer who told you , that you had to go there.  I’m not sure but starting with your EAP employer….possibly.

The next Idea is about suing the courts..( the City )  for DUI coercion in a Class action lawsuit which was suggested to me by a reporter while I was in Court today. Then taking it all  the way to our State Supreme Courts and then to the Supreme court for a ruling that you have to offer Secular options. We are not in Saudia Arabia. We have a 1st Amendment. They are breaking it every day in all the courts all day long.


Its hard to sit in a court and hear a judge say this. I followed one man out and gave him my literature. He was sweating he was so scared. The judge told him ” You better get these 52 NA’s or you are going to jail.

I plan on helping in any way I can. I have a great lawyer in California that can  talk to you . contact me at

I’m open to other ideas as well.

Famous Movies Stars and Singers that escaped the Clutches of alcoholics anonymous …

Marilyn Monroe

marilyn monroe

Judy Garland


Jim Morrison

jim morrison

Jimmy Hendrix

jimmy hendrix

John Denver

john denver

Janis Joplin

janso joplin

Tonight as I walked into a bathroom of a bar in Burbank CA for a party for an animated series I was struck by the beauty of a photo of Marilyn Monroe. But what I thought of as I saw her lovely face, putting on her makeup in the picture was all of you here on the leaving aa blog.

She was not captured by the cult of alcoholics anonymous…oh btw …have you noticed I am not giving aa the capital letters ….they don’t deserve it….

How many wonderful writers, composers, actors, singers and teamsters drank or drugged too much in the 1920’s, 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s cocaine…90’s …But those listed here got to live their lives without  AA getting inside their heads and mind f**king them.

What a refreshing thought. Have I Left out any???GO ahead and add them and their picture to the list.

Sometimes I wonder, wouldn’t our world be a better place if these AA members would just leave all us creative people alone ? Wouldn’t our world be a better place. For one…Robin William’s would still be alive …love to you Robin!!!

The Los Angeles Sunday Times- not a peep about Robin Williams in today’s paper!


Why was there not a peep about Robin in today’s paper. The only thing the  Times  likes to promote is Alcoholics Anonymous. They like to pretend AA is safe. They even promoted Betty Ford a few months ago A full page story! How Hazeldon bought Betty Ford cause that crap place is not doing well. GEEEZZZ I wonder why.. Abusive steppers are the counselors with not a lot of REAL training   Why not tell Robin’s story?

Maybe a better question is why didn’t they tell the story. I think it’s a disgrace that they didn’t mention him and not one picture not one-story anywhere in the Sunday paper today. RIP Robin. 🙁 Here is an old video I made in March 2011 when I was leaving AA. Just ignore the ONE DAY AT A TIME refrain in the chorus….lol I was still in AA when I wrote this song. 🙂

Robin Williams, beloved actor, dead at 63! Hazeldon an AA rehab failed him miserably!

robinwilliams pic

First off let me say…we loved you Robin and we are so sorry you had to leave this way. Im sorry you were brainwashed by AA as well. I’m sorry for your family and close friends. Such a tragedy. I was such a fan. I loved your work.

Robin, did you know other options even existed? DID you try any?

Did those steppers tell you not to take medication for your depression?  Were you told in AA that you were broken? That you had a spiritual sickness too? What lies they tell in AA culture.

Well now you are in Heaven and now you know the lies you were told in AA and in that shitty rehab that steals money from many families and coerces Pilots to go there and charges them huge amounts of money.

Another rehab failed a wonderful person. RIP Robin…:( so sad…so sad …

The film “The 13th Step” is in Post Production! …OMG its been 3 longs years.

Ok…wow…Im tired. it is finally there. Just came back from my editors house. What an amazing editor….more later. Im going for a walk with my dog!

Thank you all who contributed in any way to my leaving AA and deprogramming etc !

So there is now much to do before you all can see this puppy.


Cops and Alcoholics Anonymous – Police Officers and AA Coercion…WOW What a JOKE…these guys are NOT Powerless

They do not look like they are powerless to me. The suicide numbers are very high with police officers. Can you imagine being sent to AA after you know how many criminals are being sent there.

cops pic

Really….If you are a police officer and you are being coerced to a religious organization by your Union please contact us here.

Then tell them no thanks buddy boy!


YOU can attend

Smart Recovery


Moderation Management

and Hams Harm Reduction

The Sinclair Method may be a better fit

Women for Sobriety





Lawsuit challenges Nebraska’s requirement for man to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings

Nebraska man sues the state for being forced to attend AA meetings.

Read story…

By MARGERY A. BECK  Associated Press
July 31, 2014 – 5:55 pm EDT



OMAHA, Nebraska — A Fremont man is suing the state of Nebraska, saying his constitutional rights were violated when he was required to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings even though he objected to the organization’s religious foundation.

Marvin Sundquist, 43, of Fremont, was issued a probationary massage therapist license in late 2012 based on Sundquist’s history of drunken driving and other minor convictions. One of the requirements for him to move off probationary status was to attend weekly AA meetings.

The Nebraska Attorney General’s Office moved to revoke his massage therapy license last year when he objected to mandatory attendance of AA, Sundquist said.

“AA is a religious organization,” Sundquist said. “I do not believe the state should be telling anybody to go to them, and it cost me a career as a massage therapist because I didn’t go.”

Sundquist instead asked to see an alcohol counselor who offers a non-religious program, but was denied that option by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, he said.

“They would not accept my alternative or provide any other alternatives,” Sundquist said. “Their only option was to attend AA.”

On Thursday, the health department provided documents showing that it had issued Sundquist a license earlier this year, rejecting the attorney general’s revocation request because Sundquist had established a sobriety support system and had proved his sobriety through random testing.

But Sundquist’s lawsuit, filed Tuesday, said the revocation action cost him his massage therapist job and caused him to be evicted from him home.

The lawsuit names the state, its Attorney General’s Office, the state health department and several individual state employees with those agencies as defendants in the case.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Human Services said her office had not yet seen the lawsuit and declined to comment on it. A spokeswoman with the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office said Thursday that she was looking into the lawsuit.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a 12-step program that seeks to help people overcome alcohol addiction. Several of the steps have religious overtones, such as those that have the participant pray, strive for moral reform and seek help from a higher power.

Some courts have held that it’s unconstitutional for authorities to order people who declare a religious objection to attend AA meetings. In 2007, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, based in San Francisco, found that a parole officer can be sued for damages for ordering a parolee to go through AA.

Sundquist — who is acting as his own attorney — is asking for $200,000, saying the state cost him a promising career as a massage therapist. He is also seeking an injunction to prevent the state or its employees “from requiring similar religious activities against their religious objections.”