Alcoholics Anonymous World Services voted NO to making any safety policies- CALL and File your Complaint with NYC Headquarters!

AA billw and members circa 1944

Here is a new post I think belongs on the front page . One of our main bloggers here wrote this…

Please call NYC office and ask for the head of the committee….her name is Pam Reising.  This is Paul C’s letter that was sent to them in 2008. They made him wait 1 year to read it to the board. Then they went to the office AA employees and asked them to go to the fellowship and ask them what were they finding. ( Imagine if they did that how much better AA would be today..but oh no they refused. )

The employees voted to do nothing and said to the AA board ” that is not our job”. Then the board created a sub committee which has done nothing, as far as I know in 2009 when my 9 page letter arrived. The board also voted to do nothing.

Thats when a  Board member resigned as did another  delegate. I was told by one insider.

Call them….let their phone ring off the hook I say!!!

If you had bad stories, write them and mail them and keep a record. Please call the police too if a crime occurs. BTW there is a lot of $$$$ scamming in AA. That is a crime too.

I shared this on another site but I thought I’d post it here as well. Take a look how AAWS, in essence, is very dismissive of the subject regarding safety, especially with respect to our young ones.

Orange had already published this on his blog. Towards the last few paragraphs it clearly states what the general service board’s stance is on the topic of safety.
Take a look at the following:

The service structure for AA is odd because under the guise of anonymity and group autonomy, the truth about individual groups is well protected from public scrutiny.

I believe that AAWS General Service Board is in for a big surprise. The hidden motive, I believe is that these people want to protect the money made from publications regarding the fellowship.

Maybe individual groups need to be sued first, then on up the line to districts, areas and finally to the General Service Board.

Just my thoughts.

p.s. hope you are having a wonderful day!


A.A. World Services, Inc.
475 Riverside Drive at West 120th St. – 11th Floor
New York, NY 10115
(212) 870-3400



8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.*, Monday-Friday (except holidays)

Headmaster , Irish Man, found guilty of Child Porn was also sentenced to Alcoholics Anonymos meetings

Read the full story here. This is disgusting. But the public in Ireland and AA members there also have aright to know . This story and my film is GLOBAL.  I’d like to spend an hour with this judge….

A FORMER primary school principal found in possession of 10,000 images of children as young as six having sex, has received a two-and-a-half year suspended jail sentence. Former principal of Arklow Boys School, Padraig Branigan, was also found with 200 short films and 100 stories where children were portrayed in a series of sickening and horrific poses.


A FORMER primary school principal found in possession of 10,000 images of children as young as six having sex, has received a two-and-a-half year suspended jail sentence.

Former principal of Arklow Boys School, Padraig Branigan, was also found with 200 short films and 100 stories where children were portrayed in a series of sickening and horrific poses.

A former Christian Brother with an address at The Rise, Mountain Bay, Arklow, the 41-year old pleaded guilty at Wicklow Circuit Court yesterday to one charge of possession of child pornography.

He viewed the images for an hour every morning, and for up to three hours per day at weekends.

They were downloaded from the internet over a three-month period in early 2004. But when gardai called to his home in October 2004, he immediately showed them a laptop computer on which the images were stored, and a sports bag which contained DVDs and videos.

The computer and bag contained images of naked Thai boys aged between 6 and 16 years in a series of sexually-explicit poses, having sex with each other and with adults.

“I don’t have a solicitor, but I want to put my hands up,” Mr Branigan told gardai. The accused, wearing a green suit, blue shirt and gold patterned tie, said nothing during yesterday’s hearing.

“All of the images show the victimisation of vulnerable children,” Detective Sargeant James Madden told the court, adding there was ‘no evidence whatsoever’ local children were abused.

Mr Branigan was described as being “very popular” outside his home, but once inside his door he drank heavily and one third of his bedside locker was full of empty painkiller packets.

A psychotherapist working with him, Bridget Hussey, told Judge Michael O’Shea that her client was one of nine children from a staunchly Catholic background. He had been abused by a priest when he was aged 10, and for most of his childhood had lived a ‘lonely and isolated’ life. He was emotionally and sexually immature, and was not as developed as his peers.

“I think at 17 he realised he was a gay person but his family background and thinking of the church, which said it was evil, meant he never owned up to the fact he was a gay man,” she said.

Summing up, Judge O’Shea said that while the images were “horrific”, he would take into account the early guilty plea and the fact that the accused had made attempts to sort out his life.

“His fall from grace must have been humiliating. He is in disgrace and will be for the rest of his life. He was a chronic drinker at the time, a loner and unable to face up to his sexuality. He retired to his room, probably badly influenced by his sexual orientation, and does that put him in the category of a cold-blooded paedophile? I don‘t think so.”

He sentenced him to two-and-a-half years imprisonment, suspended for three years, on condition he continue receiving treatment and attending Alcoholics Anonymous. He must also sign the sex offenders register.

– See more at:


Stepper Man “Eric Allen Earle GETS MURDER 1… Convicted for killing Karla Brada

karal brada image smile

Whom he met in an Alcoholics Anonymous  meeting!!!


Thank you to a GREAT DA Ms Abramson!!!! Prosecutor who did a fantastic job!!! Also a great Judge!

Eric Earle was mandated to AA meetings over 55 times , over 22 years. Forced to attend a religious pod of lay people for a violent temper and a drinking issue.

He punched his own mother in the face at one time. Put a pillow over his wife Jennifer’s face and tried to kill her in front of their small children years ago.  Yet many judges shipped him off to AA in a lay persons pods instead of sending him to jail.

This case, along with CSB News  ( which will air soon) and my film, will expose AA and what our courts are doing.  Most don’t even know. I had no idea when I was still in AA.

The DUI coercion is disgusting and must be stopped as well.

Karla’s parents, Jaro and Hector Mendez, and I will go to Washington  DC and to Sacramento to address this and make changes in the law after the film is finished and out there.

The LA Times Homicide Reporting


Thank you for all your blogging and support.

DUI LAWS in California and Your 1st Amendment Rights.


Have you gotten a DUI?

Are they telling you that you have to go to AA/NA meetings. Is your lawyer telling you this right away?

Is the Judge telling you that you must attend AA/NA or you will have to go to jail?

Now you have attended your first AB-541 class required in CA. You were given a card that when you turn it over it says you must attend so many AA/NA classes….meetings…sessions…wow what nonsense.

Over the following week we are going to inform you of your rights and suggest some lawyers that are aware of your rights.

Moderation Management, SOS ( Secular Organizations for Sobriety), and SMART Recovery have been approved by the city of Los Angeles as Secular options for years. WFS is approved and available in San Diego.

If you have a problem with being coerced to AA/NA , inform your lawyer right away you understand , it’s in violation of your 1st amendment rights to be coerced to attend these laypersons self help groups run by average citizens.

What I hope to do with this post is for the bloggers to tell me whats going on in your state/city with DUI laws.  Lets see if we can get google to place us on the first page when someone types in DUI.

We will also tell you what AA is and what AA is not.

Is it safe?

Is it a government agency?  NO.

Does a professional like a social worker run an AA meeting?   NO.

Did you know that judges are plea dealing violent and sex offenses to AA as well.

Did you know that AA meetings begin and end with having to say prayers with the group. The ending prayer you will be expected to hold hands with those strangers.

If you are harmed by a member in AA they will tell you its your fault and ask you

” what’s your part in it”

Old timers may use their ” time” to hit you up for borrowing money. When you ask for it back  ” they may tell you                “to go write about it. “

Neighbors want Nutley to do more about AA meetings Story reposted from Sept 2011

SEPTEMBER 8, 2011, 3:01 PM

Going before the Board of Education last week, Hillside Avenue homeowner Melanie Mitrano-Duffy asserted sex offenders and parolees are potentially attending AA and NA meetings at Franklin Reformed Church, claiming to have gotten confirmation from a senior parole officer from the State Parole Board.

Calls by the Sun to the officer were not returned.

On Tuesday, she told the Nutley Board of Commissioners that two Tier 2 sex offenders from Belleville and Clifton attend the Holy Trinity AA meeting, claiming to have checked the license plates of most attendees. Like many neighbors, Mitrano-Duffy said she would like to see the meeting relocated, not disbanded.

As a government body, Nutley doesn’t have the authority to dictate what programs a church can host, Mayor Joanne Cocchiola said, adding the pastor said members would be encouraged to park at the PNC Bank lot nearby.

Assistant Prosecutor Janice Massaro gave a presentation on Megan’s Law, explaining where sex offenders go socially can’t be legally restricted, though residences are subject to board approval. Those at the highest risk for repeated offense, Tier 3, wear monitoring bracelets, and notifications are given out door-to-door. The public can access information on Tiers 2 and 3 online.

“A very small percentage” are required by their parole board to attend AA or NA if law enforcement feel they have addictions, she said. In this instance, forms are signed by their sponsors and/or AA supervisor, and it’s difficult to track which meetings they attend to screen for locations by schools, especially in a densely populated county where schools are all over.

Two neighbors asked about stationing an officer at Holy Trinity before and after meetings, to which Chief John Holland responded the church would need to pay for that. He said he doesn’t see a need to commit officers to this problem.

Multiple residents expressed dissatisfaction with Holy Trinity’s attempt to compromise and communicate.

State Parole Board Executive Director David Thomas told the Sun he can’t legally confirm or deny whether or not sex offenders live in the area, or are in attendance, as his office doesn’t have the authority to give out that information. Also, no law remains on the books in New Jersey to restrict where sex offenders can live or go, Thomas said.

The school district is gathering information on the matter, Superintendent Russ Lazovick said. While the meetings are a non-school function, Nutley intends to do its due diligence as student safety is a priority, he added.

Other addiction-support groups meet regularly in the township. St. Mary’s Church, Vincent United Methodist’s Church, and Grace Episcopal are listed on the Northern New Jersey Alcoholics Anonymous website as hosting meetings, and the Gamblers Anonymous website lists St. Paul’s Church as a location.

AA and NA meetings “are a part of our ministry of hospitality,” said Rev. Jill Fenske of Franklin Reformed Church, where meetings are held six days a week, some going on for more than 15 years.

NA, moved to Franklin Reformed beginning in July, is held in the daytime a few days a week, split with a church in Belleville, while others meet in the evening. It remains to be seen if the daytime meetings will have any impact on parking once teachers return for the school year, but the church does have a lot which accommodates about a dozen cars, the reverend said.

Franklin Reformed has never received complaints about parking or member behavior from area residents, Fenske said, adding the church has a good relationship with neighboring Walker Middle School.

The school district has yet to reach out to the church, but they are ready and willing to have a conversation if Nutley has any concerns, she said

One meeting is held Sunday evenings, after Liquid Church’s daytime services at Walker Middle School.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story quoted Nutley Police Chief John Holland saying Holy Trinity Lutheran Church would need to be paid to have an officer stationed at the church before and after Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. It should have stated the church would need to pay for that.

– See more at: the whole story here…

I spoke to Melanie who tried to make them change and make it safer, I talked to Bob a neighbor, I talked with Assistant Prosecutor Janice Massaro, and  I talked with the Police Chief John Holland for over 30 minutes about what I was uncovering. It was all very interesting. Knowing  what I now know, I might have asked some different questions.  After all our discussions spj I decided to repost this story. I wonder how things are going there 3 years later.

Suicide, Depression, sadness and not feeling your feelings= Alcoholics Anonymous


Today is National Suicide Prevention Day, but I had no idea when I was creating this post yesterday.

There have been 11 people my husband and I knew that were in AA and killed themselves. Even I thought about it briefly when I was 13 stepped and 19 years old, in 1976,  as I drove a friends car over the steep Pali Highway in Honolulu and a gentle rain splashed against the small Toyota Corolla windshield,  to be

” of service” and go to Prison meetings so I could give back to AA…blah blah…blah.

As the years rolled by, I was abstinent,  I worked my steps,  I rang up my sponsors and discussed my problems and I had great therapy. Yet about every 5 years it seems,  I would have a night…maybe 24 hours where I would wonder why was I broken, Why was I in AA and what was wrong with me. I cried of course and called an AA old timer friend to discuss my dilemma.

But it was when I took TM (Transcendental Meditation), taught by George Quant,  in 2008, that I was taught I was not broken…at any level and this had been proven in research.

I may have had some bad days since then, who doesn’t have a bad day, but never again until recently did I feel so blue. But this time was different. It was not because of any AA slogan or rhetoric. It was not that my life sucked or anything, but in fact it was how huge AA and its rhetoric has gotten into everywhere in America and our culture and government. Never mind the rapes, murders, scamming, assaults, the mind fuck, etc.

SO one day last week when I saw one more depressing article about how AA was infested in the FAA and Pilots and Doctors and so and so….

I said to my husband. …..” you know …..Its just too big”  They …AA …and its members have gotten into positions of power and …it ‘s just too big a fight for me to take on alone. Yea I know the film will make difference…Yea I know CBS 48 Hours piece will make a difference….Yea , ONE LITTLE PILL,  Claudia’s Christian’s film will help make a difference,  but I think its too big ….its everywhere…or is it? There are 350 million americans. there are 800,000 AA members in America is that many, so why does it feel like they have taken over everywhere?

We talked about Gasland and how Josh Fox has taken on Natural Gas and Fracking.

We talked about how Food Inc, opened our eyes to Monsanto.

All I can say is in that moment of great sadness I felt depressed for about a day.  It passed. I didn’t get drunk, I didn’t go to an AA meeting and I am continuing to finish the film.

I walked my dog, went for a swim and out to dinner with my husband to a new and fun place.

But we do need to come together as a community, both professional and all of us here to help fight the lies , even long after all these media pieces are out. I do think their will be a string of lawsuits. Both at AA, the AA board and the FAA and The airlines and companies that are forcing the AA garbage on their pilots. Not to mention the Doctors suing god knows who….for the same thing.

Then I see two other class action lawsuits against AA. One for sexual harassing types of offenses and the other at Gross negligence and Fraud on their part. One must sue all th eBoard members listing them by name and look in the 12 concepts , for in their lies the legal piece that makes them liable for the  “whole fellowship at large”.

“Keep coming back…it works if you work it?”

Really….if that were true there would be 50 million people in AA. I will find the quote from The AA Service Manuel and place it here for you to see.

                                                In Loving Memory of All those who died on 9/11

48 HOURS CBS NEW SEASON – SEE KARLA BRADA MURDER Investigation and Alcoholics Anonymous is where she met him

Please watch and share everywhere. They are interviewing Karla’s Parents and Gabrielle Glaser ( journalist and Author of HER BEST KEPT SECRET). This is the beginning of the truthful media that will expose AA for what it is and what is going on and who has been  getting court ordered there for decades. Shocking! Most AA members do not even know this. AT 2:55 min into the preview of this season we see Karla’s parents being interviewed.



“Cheshire Murders” on HBO Documentaries September 4, 2014 airing again on HBO

stevenhayes_pic_killerI was not aware of this story as it broke back in 2007. It took 3 years before the trial began. A bit like the Karla Brada trial which is now picking jurors.

The interesting thing about this film is that right in the middle of the film, we find out that these guys met up in an AA meeting the night before the murder. Were did they meet? IN an AA/NA meeting? In rehab? in a sober living? They gloss over  the fact that they were in a sober living or something like that …They even interview his counselor and he calls Steven Hayes a perfect stepper  who was working a great program.

MR. NA himself….WOW is that what makes a great stepper.


I watched this film again these past two nights. I missed how horrific these killers were the first time I viewed it. They tied them up, raped them, poured gasoline on them and then lit them on fired and burned them alive!

Great film. Sad , sad horrid story. I love the sister and the parents for speaking out. The sad Dr Peteit …what a traumatic experience he has had to go through.

But …WOW what lovely AA members Steven Hayes and  Joshua Komisarjevsky were. …..not really….evil f**kers they were.  But one thing the “Cheshire Murders” left out is that these guys were court ordered , I bet to AA and NA many times. It gave me a shock to think how many times were they court ordered to AA and NA instead of being sent to jail. I’m going to do some research to see how many times this happened. AND why did the police sit outside hiding behind trees for 30 minutes instead of rushing the house where they knew the Mother and the two daughters were. Now I know that many police, judges and lawyers are in AA and maybe these guys got the AA special treatment at the expense of these beautiful and lovely women’s  and young girls lives. How fucking sick is that?

If these guys were black they would have had the cops in Military gear, and rushed the house with a tank and they would have killed the two black unarmed men with machine guns and saved the women!  Opps …sorry…but true….

Watching it again with the new knowledge I have about how intrenched AA is…leaves me more determined to out this whole banana!

Your thoughts?

Cheshire Murder suspect seeks a new trial


OK who is paying for this shit? Who are these lawyers? Does his parents have a lot of money for this huge defense team? WTF…

Karla Brada Murder Trial Jury Selection Begins in San Fernando Court Wednesday August 3, 2014

I sat in court today with Jaro & Hector Mendez, the parents of Karla Brada and the lawyer John Noland  trial attorney. On Sept 11 it will be three years ago that Karla was murdered.

karla pic smile

I am happy things are moving forward and that CBS 48 hours will be permitted to film some of this trial so the world will get to see how one man was court ordered to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings over 55 times over 22 years instead of going to jail.

This is not an isolated incident.

I will in court as much as time allows with finishing up the film. I will report back each day that I am there. I plan to go often…even if it is for half day.