CBS News Los Angeles, CA Covers Story of Karla Brada Murder- AA Lawsuit for wrongful death!

Here it is folks. Something we have been waiting for, for a long time….A list News Organization reporting about this story.


Gabrielle Glaser Hammers Alcoholics Anonymous on THE DAILY BEAST ! GO Gabby!


One more round of Journalist , author  Gabrielle Glaser, of  “Why Women Drink and How They Can Regain Control”, of hard hitting what is wrong with AA, Karla Brada Murder and the passing of Elizabeth Pena. The Daily Beast contacted her and asked her to write a piece.

She even gave me a mention. Sweet !!! Thanks Gabrielle….

Elizabeth Peña and the Truth About Alcoholic Women

Read full story here and comment..the haters are out for sure…


Glenn Close Returns to Stage, Reveals Remarkable Childhood in Cult

It appears that Glenn Close was a member of The Frank Buchman Cult The Oxford Movement as a child! glenn close

Back on Broadway in Edward Albee’s ‘A Delicate Balance,’ the three-time Tony winner opens up her larger-than-life father, William Taliaferro Close, a doctor who spent years in the Congo, battling Ebola and serving as Congolese leader Mobutu Sese Seko’s personal physician; his decision to join religious group/cult the Moral Re-Armament; and why she holds no resentment: “Forgiveness is probably the most revolutionary concept there is right now in our world”

This story first appeared in the Oct. 24 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

The cult’s impact was so great, says Close, that for years “I wouldn’t trust any of my instincts because [my beliefs] had all been dictated to me.”


Close was 7 years old when her dad, a Harvard-educated doctor from a long line of New England blue bloods, joined the religious group known as the Moral Re-Armament.

Read The full story here…

There is a lot of history I didn’t know about how big the Oxford Movement became…some 30,000…and it continued into the 1970’s…I think it helped grow AA in high wealthily circles. If they were not in 12 step , they were part of the MRA…all the same except in AA 13 stepping was prevalent.

Your thoughts?      Any more facts anyone knows?      Some one needs to interview her from “our camp” the ex steppers” .

Maybe she has insight…she was close to Robin Williams? hmmmm…..

Dr. Carl Hart- Professor at Columbia will be my guest on Tuesday on Blog talk radio SAFE RECOVERY !

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Join me Tuesday at 4 Pm pst  7 pm EST for a 1 hour show. A sane intelligent man who is doing real research at  Columbia University.

  1. Carl Hart is an associate professor of psychology and psychiatry at Columbia University. Hart is known for his research in drug abuse and drug addiction. Hart was the first tenured African American professor of sciences at Columbia University. Wikipedia

He an  author of “High Price” and a scientist who debunks the bad nonsense promoted by the AA generated 12 step nonsense.


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Barry A. Hazle Jr., Atheist, Wins Nearly $2 Million In Settlement Over AA Based Rehab Program

truth justiceThis story broke on The Courthouse News Service. Here is the original story. His lawyer is given credit which he should get a medal as far as I am concerned. John Heller in San Francisco. We applaud you!!!


A California atheist has won a settlement of nearly $2 million after being sent to jail on a parole violation for objections he made about participating in a faith-based rehab program.

Barry A. Hazle Jr., 46, served time for a conviction of methamphetamine possession in 2007. As a condition of his parole, he was enrolled in a drug treatment program where participants were required to acknowledge a “higher power,” according to the Sacramento Bee.

Hazle complained and asked for a different treatment program, but was told the only option in his area was the faith-based, Westcare 12-step program, according to the Record Searchlight.

Hazle was sent back to jail for more than three months for allegedly being “disruptive, though in a congenial way, to the staff as well as other students” and being “sort of passive-aggressive,” the paper reported.

“I’m thrilled to finally have this case settled,” Hazle told the Searchlight. “It sends a clear message to people in a position of authority, like my parole agent, for example, that they not mandate religious programming for their parolees, and for anyone else, for that matter.”

Hazle sued in 2008 and won, but a jury refused to award him any damages. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals then threw out the decision. In a unanimous ruling, the three-judge panel said Hazle was entitled to compensation.

The jury’s verdict, which awarded Hazle no compensatory damages at all for his loss of liberty, cannot be upheld,” Judge Stephen Reinhardt wrote in the court’s opinion. “The jury simply was not entitled to refuse to award any damages for Hazle’s undisputable — and undisputed — loss of liberty, and its verdict to the contrary must be rejected.”

The state of California will pay Hazle $1 million, while Westcare will pay $925,000under terms of the settlement, according to KRCR-TV.

Hazle told the Sacramento Bee he plans to become active in local drug rehabilitation efforts.

The California Department of Corrections has since issued new rules stating that parole officers may not require parolees to attend faith-based programs.


Alcoholics Anonymous Sued for Wrongful Death of Karla Brada , Mendez vs The General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc

lawsuit picture

Today ,  the server arrived at AA World Headquarters and served AA , all three non- profit corportations with a wrongful death lawsuit.

I will post more later.

Being Court Ordered to GO to Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings for a DUI. How wrong is that!

Attorneys Shaking Hands On Courthouse Steps

AA has been deemed “highly religious” in 50% of all U.S states.

Under the First Amendment freedom of religion clause, this means courts in those states cannot sentence convicted DUI offenders to attend AAs “Highly religious” meetings.

But 25 state courts are doing it anyway, not only violating the Constituion, but also letting sexual predators into the 12 step programs right through the courthouse doors….

The federal government can end this illegal practice. But it’s up to us us to report it.

Fight back. Know your rights. Tell your Lawyer first thing you know you have secular options.

They are



Moderation Management

Women for Sobriety ( located in San Diego and where else)?

Don’t let them do it. Tell your Lawyer right away that you understand what AA is a what AA is not. AA is a lay person support group from the 1930’s that has never been updated.

AA is not a government agency

There is no one in charge at an AA meeting.

Have the lawyer talk to the judge and mention that  AA is a religious support organization with over 497 mentions of GOD , higher power, him and father  of light mentioned in the first 164 pages of the Big Book.

Tell them that you know that courts all over the country are ordering violent and sex offenders to the same place they are telling you to go. And that women have been murdered. Cite the Karla Brada Case.

Tell them you are entitled to a secular option.

45-year-old William Peterson of Granger may be out of Prison now and back in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Detroit , Michigan

45-year-old William Peterson of Granger just feel the need to repost this old story. His 2 years are up. How do we post this so AA members in Detroit can be warned?

Ex-banker gets deal in child molestation case

An ex-Michigan bank president accused of molesting a 6-year-old girl has pleaded guilty in a deal that could eventually clear him of felony charges and keep him off Indiana’s sex offender registry. St. Joseph (Ind.) County prosecutors charged William C. Peterson, 43, with felony child molesting. The South Bend Tribune reported authorities accuse the Granger resident of fondling a sleeping girl in May 2008. St. Joseph, Mich.-based Edgewater Bank fired Peterson soon after he was charged.
MAY 11, 2011

His trial was to start Friday. Under Tuesday’s deal, he’ll be sentenced in 2014 on misdemeanor battery charges and will be cleared of felony penalties if he sticks to court-ordered terms. They include staying away from the victim, continuing psychiatric counseling, attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and abstaining from drugs and alcohol.



Ex-banker from Granger headed to prison for child molesting

July 27, 2012|WSBT-TV and ERIN BLASKO South Bend Tribune
    • SOUTH BEND – A former bank president accused of molesting a 6-year-old girl in May 2008 has been sentenced to two years in prison for violating the terms of a plea agreement.

45-year-old William Peterson of Granger pleaded guilty to sexual battery and battery and is now required to register as a sex offender.

On April 12, Peterson reportedly tested positive for alcohol, violating his plea agreement, refused urine drug screenings, failed to report to probation and did not attend alcohol and mental health counseling, according to deputy prosecutor Cara Brook at an April 20 hearing.

By not following the court deal, St, Joseph Superior Court Judge Jane Woodward Miller called Peterson to court to convict him of child molesting and sexual battery, and on Friday, it was Woodward Miller who handed down the 2-year prison sentence.

According to court documents, Peterson, former president of St. Joseph, Mich.-based Edgewater Bank, fondled a sleeping 6-year-old girl at a home in Granger in May 2008.


 Detroit Michigan, Indiana…??? AA meetings beware if you have small children of this sex offender court ordered to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.