Alcoholics Anonymous is a Cult of Massive Manipulated proportions. SCARY STEPPER MOVIE Part 1


SO what makes up a cult? There is a conversation that I hope to bring over here from a FACEBOOK group I am in. At a few times in history AA was compared to Scientology. The AMA was critical of it. So what happened. How much money , and power did it take. Or was it just Hollywoods fault. Lillian Gish, Marty Mann, The Lost Weekend, The Days of Wine & Roses, Dick van Dyke’s fault and his 1975 Press conference with Senator Hughes in Washington DC?

Why did I even fight those words and say..”.no AA is not a cult…gee Bill W is dead.” Where is the leader. How can you have a cult if the leader is dead? Well, surely now I know this doesn’t matter.

What would a movie look like if it really tore up AA. I would actually like to make one. Would it be a comedy? A dark Comedy like Shameless? Would it have to be a series like Dextor on Showtime. Showing the real horrors of disgusting predatory men who have disgusting violent sex with 16 year old girls at ICYPAA events . Guys with tattoos and are 25 years older then the young teens they are .with …well …you get the picture.

These are the types of emails I get. I have gotten for the past 5 years, starting with my stop13stepinaa Blog. Its such a quiet thing these days, yet still people find me from it.

If you didn’t notice…Im pissed off tonight.

I AM NOT  ALONE! !!!!!!!!!!!!

I know there are thousands more  out there.

Outing the Charlatans who sell AA (12 Step Based ) Rehabs-Sober Living likes its treatment PARENTS BEWARE!

charlatan pic

Parents please beware when someone tells you that your child needs to stay in a Sober living after 90 days or in fact at any point. This has become a huge business and we are going to out these places one at a time.

1. A sober lIving is just a house to live with other addicts. Not always the best idea. They only use AA and AA meetings an charge desperate parents large sums of money for their non professional advice.

Please post your stories  and we will add proper names in the tag after you have posted.

Ken Seally Recovery 911 was just reported to us. in Palm Springs.

American Doctors Are Killing Themselves and No One Is Talking About It- (another AA connection?)

suicide image

Another article by GABRIELLE GLASER hit THE DAILY BEAST. – Such a tragic story….Please read and share everywhere.

It’s estimated that at least 400 U.S. doctors kill themselves every year. Many are struggling with depression, anxiety, or addiction. 
Greg Miday was a promising young doctor with a prestigious oncology fellowship in St. Louis. He spoke conversational Spanish, volunteered with the homeless, and played the piano as if he’d been born to it. He had rugged good looks, with dark wavy hair and a tall, athletic build. Everybody—siblings, patients, friends, nurses, professors, fellow doctors, and above all, his physician-parents—adored him.On the evening of June 21, 2012, Greg drew a bath, lit candles, and put his iPod on speaker. He drank a copious quantity of vodka, and placed family photos on the ceramic ledge of the tub. At some point, he scribbled out a note that read:

“Dear Some,

My Family, I love you.
To others who have been good friends, I love you too.
This is just the end of the line for my particular train.
Earth wasn’t a particularly great place for me.
We’ll see what else is out there.
Will miss you all!
Am sorry for what it’s worth. Greg Miday.”

Then he climbed into the warm water and with surgical skill, punctured the arteries carrying blood to his hands and feet.

Read full story here

Huffington Post article rebuttal – Yoga Guy Defends Alcoholics Anonymous-attacks Gabrielle Glaser !

yoga guy image

I guess Gabrielle Glaser author of Her Best Kept Secret, and journalist of The Atlantic piece is hitting a nerve. Good. I for one am glad.

AA has finally found themselves in the midst of public controversy that will not stop.

Since the 1960’s I do not think there has been a non stop barrage of criticism from ex steppers and professionals.

Release of Her Best Kept Secret -summer 2013

Appearance with Gabrielle Glaser and Monica Richardson on Katie Couric- July 2013

Gabrielle appears on WSJ “live”, the book is written up in the New York Times. Gabrielle had many more pieces published….

Karla Brada Trial moves forward  and Eric Earle gets 25 years  to life. It was finally captured and reported by Local CBS LA NEWS by Jeff Nyuen. It aired on TV and Posted on Facebook and twitter for the world to see.

Local Santa Clarita Tribune Jim Holt reported. …covered and following the story about Karla and the comments  in the paper goes viral. Pro AA and Anti AA’ers fighting fiercely. They shut down the comments they got so nasty.

The story of Santa Clarita Valley murder victim Karla Brada has reached a national audience with the airing  of “The Sober Truth,” a “48 Hours” episode about Brada’s death at the hands of the boyfriend she met at Alcoholics Anonymous. The CBS 48 Hours FACEBOOK page also went a bit crazy. The stepper were vile.

CBS 48 hours Airs Nov 2014. My leaving AA blog goes from 800 hits a day to 10,000 a day for the following week. Leaving AA blog reaches 4 million hits for 2014. Blog talk radio has some 204,000 free downloads and listens. Some 5,000-7,000 people listen monthly. Barry Hazle wins Lawsuit for AA court forced coercion.

Multiple Anti AA Facebook pages are created and other smaller anti AA blogs.  Now Orange Papers and Stinkin thinkin are not alone. ( Many anti AA sites do not allow the pro steppers to troll, hence creating a new environment for us. Now more people feel safe enough to post and come out of the closet. ), contacts me and wants to write about sexual assault in Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Huff Post has Los Angeles  Yoga guy  write a rebuttal piece to Gabrielle Glaser’s Atlantic piece. More come out of the wood work. …………..GO Gabrielle!

Brent Weyrocuh, a pilot contacts me and we form a community where pilots who have been extorted to AA are forming a class action lawsuit. There are twelve involved currently.

Two movies are set to screen and be released this summer. The Business of Recovery and The 13th Step.

Here is Tommy Rosen’s rebuttal to Gabrielle.

We will need to organize and build a strategy. AA has done this for years.

Marty Mann did it all.  Bill Wilson was too busy f**king newcomers.

Marianne Williamson Slams Gabrielle Glaser – re MSNBC – Chris Hayes Show

Well I guess author of Her Best Kept Secret, journalist Gabreille Glaser has struck a nerve in a few places. For one in the anti stepper camp, Gabreille is our hero, someone who seems to tirelessly stick her neck out, write another intelligent, evocative piece and get herself on the airwaves, radio, or TV, Katie Couric or CBS 48 hours The Sober Truth.

But it was this recent appearance on Chirs Hayes’s show on MSNBC that is bringing out the big guns….who will be next Oprah? Who knows, but I expect it will be someone good.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 3.56.14 AM

A big Thank you to Chris Hayes,  and MSNBC for having Gabrielle on the show !

The Atlantic published her piece on Tuesday, just three days ago. There were over 4,600 comments by end  of day three. At first it was filled with pro AA’ers blasting Gabrielle and how did she DARE say such things about a program that had helped their father, their mother and the baker down the street!

But what really got me going was when a poster shared what Marianne Williamson, LA self appointed new age guru wrote on her FACEBOOK page. With quite a bit of followers, seems to me that Ms Spirituality lost her shit and spewed her venom on over to spray on Ms Glaser’s parade.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 3.52.52 AM

SO a whole crew of us descended on her public page and laid our truth out for all the steppers to see. I bet they are still calling me “vile” and what Gabrielle did “dangerous” .

I find it interesting that they think AA is above reproach.  Why are they so arrogant?

The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous by Gabrielle Glaser- THE ATLANTIC Piece

Here is a great new article written by Gabrielle Glaser. Take a look at the comments. Oh Dear God !!!

Have fun !

Its faith-based 12-step program dominates treatment in the United States. But researchers have debunked central tenets of AA doctrine and found dozens of other treatments more effective.

J.G. is a lawyer in his early 30s. He’s a fast talker and has the lean, sinewy build of a distance runner. His choice of profession seems preordained, as he speaks in fully formed paragraphs, his thoughts organized by topic sentences. He’s also a worrier—a big one—who for years used alcohol to soothe his anxiety.

J.G. started drinking at 15, when he and a friend experimented in his parents’ liquor cabinet. He favored gin and whiskey but drank whatever he thought his parents would miss the least. He discovered beer, too, and loved the earthy, bitter taste on his tongue when he took his first cold sip.

His drinking increased through college and into law school. He could, and occasionally did, pull back, going cold turkey for weeks at a time. But nothing quieted his anxious mind like booze, and when he didn’t drink, he didn’t sleep. After four or six weeks dry, he’d be back at the liquor store.

Read full story here…

Now that you have left AA- How much fun are you having?

fun sunset

When I first left AA in May of 2011, I was virtually walking into a new life. One that I didn’t  know I had missed -for 36 years.

I had wanted to be a non drinker for those years…all on my own volition. I had quit on my own and joined AA-at 18,  because I thought AA was just a nice group of young people I could hang with – a group that didn’t drink. The  bate and switch caught me as quick as a alligator eats its prey in the swamp. …gulp….down I went….the AA rabbit hole of “take what you like and leave the rest, but you better take the 1 st half of the 1st step 100% or Else!!!”

When I left AA at first, there was a lot of regret, tears came at the oddest moments, sitting eating Sushi with my oldest son. I could not hold them back… big bulging tears, a knot in my throat. Bursts of sad emotion that came from deep within my inner most self.

No, no….I did not miss AA. Nor did I miss the meetings or the ladies ( sorry if you are reading  this). Perhaps it was that I did spend too long in AA or I was involved in AA General Service so long…too long ….that I knew in the most intimate way, how fucking nuts they were and are in Area 05 of west Los angels …and its secret cult Bullshit of lies.

It was really those 2 years as a GSR that took me out. I am now glad they didn’t follow protocol to let us address safety. If they would have, I might still be trapped in AA,  in some form or fashion. There were so many Sunday mornings where I looked around the room of some 75 GSR’s and thought to myself, ” what the hell am I doing here, now at 9am on a SUNDAY morning with these weird unfriendly,  anti social people.

So after I was gone for about a year, I realized that I felt as though I was still not a part of the real world in many ways. I had missed going to a University /college,  college fraternizes, and all that drinking that usually ensues. Work parties I never went to, after rehearsal hangouts with my Groundling classmates, drinking with my fellow actors when I studied at Playhouse West, drinking with fellow young women fem the 20th Centry Fox temp pool, who invited me all the time and I declined.  Not going to so many things I was invited to as a pretty 20 something when I first arrived in Hollywood. Instead I went to 12 and 12 Studies on Thursday nights, then to The House of Pies in North Hollywood on Laurel  Canyon Blvd. with a straight laced groups of nice mixed bag of AA members for pie , french fries and coffee! Saturday nights were the big Book study followed by another hashing of pies and coffee.

I missed College Graduation. I never went to a traditional College. I went to Acting School for five years and Studied voice privately for seven. Still so many parities I was the one holding  a glass of Perrier with a twist of lime!

So here I am out of AA about 15 months and  we thelma & Louise picembarked on a  1,600 mile drive,  with my friend Amy, when out of my mouth came something that was the beginning  of my true freedom.  As we drove over the mountain pass to Colorado, with sun setting on our backs,  I said ….


“Amy…I  am not in AA anymore, but I  don’t feel apart of the regular world yet either. …I still don’t drink.    She asked if I wanted to have something to drink ? …I said …”not yet, but I am curious what it would  taste like after all this time. ”

Then I said…


I am not in AA anymore…and  I can do what ever I want! “

A  month later I was at a party and it was there that by accident there was vodka in some House Lemonade.

I have blogged here on LEAVING AA about this experience on the Abstinence Vs Moderation thread, but It was when I made a decision to imbibe, that real freedom ensude. A sense of empowerment …filled me. This is my life! 

I don’t promote that anyone do what I did. I was a teen, I only imbibed problematically for 5 years when I quit on my own without a hitch. I give no advice here. I will eventually put a disclaimer on this site that I am not a professional. My years of deprogramming told me that I knew, that I would NOT Have an issues with alcohol. And I have not. I am still very much a light weight and I like it that way. I have the utmost respect for alcohol.

What I am saying here, is that I had no doubts, and I knew implissantly that I was fine. But my deprogramming started a long time ago, while I was in AA, and to some extent,  still  brainwashed in AA.

So back to the question? Having fun after leaving AA….

doh an dgirl singing

Last night we had about 25 people over my house.  Just a casual music night. Mostly singers and musicians and their spouses. We had Karaoke, live music, food, and we all took turns singing and playing. Food, Wine , beer, Laughter, some dancing. We had a blast. But in these past two years my husband and I who certainly never needed booze to sing or to get up to dance…both agree,  that now that we imbibe, life is even that much better, fuller, nicer, … it has been ….yes…even more fun.

I have taken some wine classes and I am now learning about Italian and Spanish wines.

italianwines pic

I don’t think I will become a SOM,  🙂 but I do have a good nose and a really clean palate , cause I didn’t drink a drop for 37 years.

I still sometimes feel I was deeply harmed and badly effected by getting into AA so young. I think I would have gotten more involved in my community and done “service and maybe even politics if I were not in the cult….I certainly would have gone to University and have a degree or two by now !

I hope that my work can change what is going on in the Criminal Justice System. I hope that my work will change how people seek help for alcohol overuse issues. I plan to stop coercion with Pilots, Doctors , Nurses and stop Medical students from being forced to attend an AA meeting. ( Who started that shit ?) I also plan to make it like sliced bread that no DUI person is NOT sent to any 12 step 1935 meeting ever again. Get that pro AA side to fight for what they want< stop signing court cards and educating the public that they can not be forced there for any crime. 1st amendment rights issue.

Lastly, I think milions have been traumatized by AA. The numbers will not come out until my film and the other new film “The Business of Recovery” is in full distribution. Then I think we will have an outpouring of victims, and many lawsuits.

What do you do now for fun… now that you have  left AA?  Are you one who imbibes? Are you still afraid to? . Are you one who wants to never imbibe again, and if so, what have you done to feel a part of the real world.

I am very clear that AA is not a part of the “REAL WORLD” ( pre AA takeover of amercian media/society/cultural memes- pre 1975-  yet it has taken over a lot of things in america…. and in some ways,  it is so much like Scientology.

Your thoughts?

WHY has the ACLU not gotten into the Fight against court ordered Alcoholics Anonymous Coercion.

ACLU image

WHY? It is clearly a violation of our 1 st amendment rights, our civil rights.

So why not. I called the main NY Office in 2011 when my brother in law, who was a long time AA member hung himself in his bathroom in Yonkers.

I called again and then again and then again. I even went to a big fundraiser and paid way too much to sit and eat a $50.oo dinner in hopes I could Network with the ACLU Lawyers.

I did meet a nice USC student who was very interested in talking to me and about AA , Insurance and real treatment. We both dropped the ball.

But seriously, why don’t we all pick up the phone and call our local chapters, tell them about me and my film, or tell them about how every day in every court in every city American citizen are being forced to got to a religous AA meeting. and not just 1 ….sometimes , 50 of them, sometimes , 5 years 3 times a week of them . Professionals forced to go there. Tell them your story if you were coerced at any time. Write your coercion stories down and send them to me and I can compile them for perhaps a class action lawsuit against who….our federal courts??? Not sure but I think compiling the stories so that when its time we have them all written up .

Then come back here and lets report on what happened with those calls. Keeping records and data.

Also , if you could forward and post here any professionals conference that I may attend as be a speaker at and show my film. That is what I will also be doing. Not just showing this film in theaters.

Thank you. contact me through the website here or at

Blessings to you all!

What will it take to expose AA 100%. To behead the beast…

AAcharacter defects

WILL AA in NY and in every meeting take it’s own INVENTORY?

I now know how bad AA is infested everywhere in America. Its a bit much. A bit depressing. Someone is trying to hack this site, shut it down and take control …daily.

Why? What are they afraid of? Who is doing it. …

I am really sad for the pilots, the doctors and nurses and average joes and Janes who go there, get DUI’s and get sent there and children forced there by their parents.

I am embarrassed, that   I was ever an AA person. I feel bad that I talked some AA crap to my kids during those important teen years. 🙁 oh well. At least I left 4 years ago. Can I take a cake for being gone 4 years…..LOL

What do you think it is going to take?

Gabrielle Glaser – new podcast- ON THE MEDIA -NYC- “Hollywood has problem” !

Take a listen and please share everywhere. Please , please also make a comment and ask others to do so as well. Thank you for all your support.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 9.28.19 AM

Killer interview about Hollywood propaganda for Alcoholics Anonymous.