Famous Hollywood Acting Coach-Cameron Thor, Actor arressted for Sexual assault on 13 year old in Los Angeles County, CA .

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Please parents beware of who you let your children be with when they are AA members. Someone just sent me this story.

Just disgusting what he did to her. Hollywood Actors BEWARE!!! AA is filled with Scumbags.

A Beloved Acting Coach, a Teen Girl and Sexual Assault Charges: Cameron Thor’s Accuser Breaks Silence

  • In 2009, one of Hollywood’s best-known teachers drove a 13-year-old girl into the Malibu hills, where, she says, a horrific sexual assault occurred. Five years later, police recorded their private conversations and made an arrest. Now, on the eve of his criminal trial, the accuser, Jordyn Ladell, tells her story.
  • Around 10 a.m. on March 11, 2014, an attractive young woman with curly blond hair and hazel eyes walked into a Starbucks at a Barnes & Noble at The Promenade in Westlake Village. She ordered a soy chai latte and took a seat facing the magazine racks. She wore a cream-colored dress and boots and carried a cellphone. At a nearby table sat Nick Coulter, a plainclothes detective with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department’s Special Victims Unit. A tattooed veteran of the gang wars in Southeast L.A., Coulter was watching over the girl, an 18-year-old community-college student named Jordyn Ladell. A half-dozen officers had helped plan this operation — a sting in which the young woman would face a man she says sexually assaulted her nearly five years earlier, when she was an eighth grader who liked country music and ballet. More undercover officers took up posts outside, and a patrol car sat around the corner. In a nearby office, police sat with Jordyn’s family, waiting for the operation to begin. Jordyn had her instructions — she was the bait.Everything was in place — detectives had placed a wiretap on her key chain — but Jordyn still was jittery. She hadn’t been alone with the man they were after since 2009, and the idea of sharing a coffee with him made her want to vomit. Jordyn was pretending to fiddle with her phone when a fit-looking man in his 50s with light-colored hair walked in. (“He came up and gave me the biggest, grossest hug ever,” she told me later.) Jordyn stole a nervous glance at Coulter, who nodded back reassuringly.


At 2 p.m. on June 3, 2014, three months after that Starbucks meeting, detectives from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department arrested Thor at an apartment in Woodland Hills. Soon after Thor’s arrest, Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Simone Shay filed 14 felony charges against him, including kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault. Thor was booked and released from jail on $2.6 million bail (later reduced to $1 million). In January of this year, during an emotional preliminary hearing, L.A. Superior Court Judge Alan Schneider threw out one of two aggravated sexual assault charges but ruled that Thor would have to face a jury on the remaining counts, which include kidnapping with the intent to commit other crimes and multiple counts of lewd acts against a child.

Mendez vs Alcoholics Anonymous Civil Wrongful Death Lawsuit – update!

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Well-… we  were in court the other day. One lawyer there from AA, one representing Jaro and Hector Mendez. One Big Book was present as well. Wish I could have filmed it. But thats not happening.

It’s moving forward. Yea !!!

We will be in court in November. 🙂

That’s all I’m saying:)

AA sponsor tells police- Georgia Mother Accused Of ‘Naked Twister Party’ With Teen Daughter, Sex With Minor

Rachel Lynn Lehnardt_mother_arrested

A mother in Evans, Georgia, is being accused of hosting a party for her teenage daughter that allegedly included naked Twister, consumption of pot and alcohol and culminated with the woman having sex with a 16-year-old male.

Rachel Lynn Lehnardt, 35, was arrested Saturday night and charged with two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The charges stem from a wild party allegedly held a few weeks ago in her home, according to police reports. The suspect also has lost custody of her five children, ages 4, 6, 8, 10, and 16.

The allegations were made by Lehnardt’s Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor, who contacted the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office after meeting with the suspect to discuss her future plans for sobriety, AugustaCrime.comreports.

Lehnardt allegedly told her sponsor that her 16-year-old daughter texted asking if she could have friends over “to party,” according to a sheriff’s report obtained by the Augusta Chronicle.

Read full story here…



AA Language, Rhetoric, Leaving AA- New Language, deprogramming-undoing the mindf**k.

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How deep does it go. Are you still using AA language. Do you still behave like a stepper? ….Maybe just a little? I guess that would depend how long you were in AA and how deeply involved you were. What does look like?  What does that sound like?

“He went out” vs “He had something to drink”.

                                       Sober – Abstinance,    

“Are you drinking?”

  they say ” Dry Drunk”  vs He /she is sober without AA.

“Are you drinking now ? vs I say ” I don’t do that anymore” meaning I don’t answer their question because it’s none of their business.  Or I answer it with “Hell yea, Yes I imbibe and I’m healed…I was never broken, I’m fine ! “

As far back as 23 years ago when I went into therapy, I learned that Bill and his Bullshit BB  were wrong about a few things. 1) all that stuff about anger was for normal folks? What a shithead he was. I did rage work with a PhD. and boy did that change me. You many think I can get mad now…you should have seen me before. But a good year-or two,  with a specialist  in childhood  abuse and even I felt like a new woman. Lots of rage, lots of sadness.

She said to me , ” you have never mourned your childhood” so I began to cry, 17 years sober and 35 years old back then, I cried like a baby. All that  rage just covering up decades of pain. Pain that AA only hardened and did not help one the bit. Friggen loser program. Lets not forget all the self blaming AA forced unto me , compiling more low self esteem and “Oh , ‘m a loser kinda mentality” including , I’m broken.

Yes I started deprogramming when I first found Orange Papers in 2009 , and then I blogged on Stinkin thinkin…but many ears ago, when I was 4 years sober and 22 years old in 1979, i began to question AA at some levels. It was then I began to read as many other books to try and figure out a way for me to feel okay. I knew I had done the 12 steps right and read the book cover to cover and so I deep down knew those books and AA were never going to fix what did need some adjusting….( Notice I didn’t say Fixing)

So i’d like a list of comeback’s you use to their stupid wording. Wording you use when you run into them in the street or tools and techniques you use. Hank Hayes book You’ve Been Lied too. is good for this. Also just really paying attention to what you say and how you talk, if you are trying to deprogram and when you say an AA colloquialism- you stop- and re say it like a normal person would.

People not even in AA are also brainwashed and are using these phrases because AA is so intrenched in our media, TV and films. I usually see them in line at a coffee shop etc, and they love to throw that line out” oh- I’m so addicted to this Starbucks!!! hahaha …its just like crack” one young guy said to me as I  put my straw into my ice tea drink.  I usually say something like . ” no …your not addicted and no that coffee is not like crack…you just like the coffee, you like Starbucks ”


If you listen to the early shows I did on Blog talk radio/ Safe Recovery you can hear me deprogramming on the radio week by week. I think I am going to do another show about the books that helped me the most. Please share here would you the books that helped you with a link them if you want.




Oh What a JOY… to not be in AA anymore !

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What are the great things for you ? …not being in AA anymore?

No more being a GSR. No more having to go to a meeting /….

Being in Hollywood , the land of cults, there are many looking for a quick fix. A cult that can get them fame and fortune.

Me…well AA was never gonna do it. Im so glad to be able to be normal. Im normal.:)

Im going to Chicago to meet with ex stepper,  anti AA friends. I hope you come if you can. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support . Hugs 🙂

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We are happy to announce that “The 13th Step” has been accepted to some film festivals.


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Reserve your seats here http://www.injusticeforallff.com.

In Justice for All Film Festival

Next….Beverly Hills FILM FESTIVAL
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Then in MAY we will be at The Festival de CANNES!!!


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Then in October and November, we will be in the OfficialSelection2015girlFinLine

New York Times promote Alcoholics Anonymous and Censors comments and the truth about AA

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Looks like Gabrielle Glaser is ruffling a few more feathers. Will the NYT and the LAT every tell the truth about AA? If this more rebuttal to The Atlantic Piece or The Daily Beast piece?

I’m taking bets.

I say no! Until it breaks wide open.

What does Scientology, The Jehovah’s Witness and AA have in common?

YOUNG WOMAN Candace Conti wins $15 million dollars in damages over child hood sexual abuse case.

Church leaders say that they are protected by the spiritual laws in their faith.

Like AA says ” they are protected by the 12 traditions  and their favorite phrase ” whats’ your part in it” .

After watching “Going Clear” by Alex Gibney and now this video I am convinced they are all three so similar. Can’t wait to see the chips fall as they may. Candace Conti sued and was awarded $15 million dollars. I am so happy for her. They are using the 1st amendment to keep things secret.

Jonathan Kendrick is a free child molester and still working at the church after serving only 7 months.