“Drinking an alcoholic beverage or over-abusing a drug can NOT be a “disease”—it is a behavior. Here we will discuss the falsehoods and lies that are used by Alcoholics Anonymous.


bayerheroin adWhen I first went to AA in 1975 I was 18 years old. I didn’t hear them calling it a disease. They said it was a spiritual malady. That sounded made up to me. Young…I was ..but not stupid. Lonely but not an idiot. Vulnerable gullible, and naive…my point. It was later in the 80’s when I began to hear this phrase thrown around. Rehab began its huge churning machine of forced AA members to a 1935 unchanged religious, cultish modality of brainwashing, ego smashing, self deprecating practices, tearing families apart, putting AA service work even before our own families.

I think that some of the issues I raise in the film are just as important in American and UK Culture as the  Sexual predatory problems and Court ordering of violent offenders.

The idea that the religious factor will fix Substance Use Disorders -SUD…type of talk, the “oh its a disease ” kind of cop out…is bizarre to me now.

Some one in the audience at the Q & A asked me if I was saying basically, that besides the predators that the 12 steps weren’t good….I said….

We don’t BLOOD LET any more do we? EVEN at the young age of 22, when I was 4 years sober began to look at those steps and see they were kinda bogas. and …also not helpful for mental health or more importantly child abuse issues that arise after one no longer imbibes. They could also be harmful if you are young, like I was a still developing a sense of self and who I was and if you have low self esteem , like I did. I think that this is why many  young people who are using heroin are killing themselves. They go to AA, they are forced to go….unlike silly me who went into a meeting willingly, thinking it was a fellowship, not a cult….new age BS ….and they are told they are broken for life and have to go there for life…Its very upsetting to me.

One of the more recent is saying that people who were gay had a disease . This was in the 1950’s.


The 13th Step, A New Documentary Private Screening @The May Fair Hotel, London, England, Wednesday -May 27th 7pm !

Happy to announce the screening of The 13th Step in London.

You must be invited or make a reservation at the www.the13thstepfilm.com website .

Early arrival can meet and greet in the Foyer near the theatre. ( each reservation provides 1 drink or juice) Doors open at 6pm- seating in theater will begin at 6:45 Please arrive on time as we will screen promptly at 7pm.


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HOLLYWOOD ACTING Coach Cameron Thor /AA member allegedly Rapes an 8th Grader- ABC NEWS TV REPORTS!

Finally- A National Network ABC, reports these terrible stories. This young lady has a lot of courage.

UnknownCameron Thor pic

Read and See video Here by reporter




JUJU CHANGhttp://abcnews.go.com/US/hollywood-acting-coachs-accuser-forward-sexual-assault-allegations/story?id=31025728

SCREENING of The 13th Step film Tuesday @ Noon at The Palais C and The Festival de Cannes

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Oh I am so happy to announce that things are going well here in Cannes, France.

We are visiting the many different pavilions that different countries put on for us to visit. Ireland, England, The American Pavilion, India,  and many more. I was interviewed by Thailand TV yesterday near the Documentary Corner.

Film And buisness - 19 Mai-Preview

I have heard that AA NY Office visits There every year spreading AA dogma with a conference.

Also we have gotten coverage of the film in The NEWS! Thanks to Jim Holt from The SGV Tribune.

Happy Mother’s DAY!

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Happy Mother’s DAY. I know for some of us Mothers DAY isn’t easy. It got better when I became a mother almost 25 years ago.

Now being a MOM for almost 25 years, I like the day. No cooking and cleaning! We go to breakfast and out for dinner. There were  years in AA where I was way too oriented to ” Be of Service” . That shit really got ingrained in me. Its the one part of AA that I DO NOT MISS.

FOR example: I don’t need to fix people anymore. I don’t need to save anyone. I don’t have to take someone in. I am NOT responsible to have to put up with a bunch of batsh*T crazy mentally ill people sitting in an AA meeting talking just to hear themselves.

I do not miss being secretary, or whatever service commitment I had… I do not miss feeling like I have to be at my weekly meeting!!! Every wednesday rolls by and most I don’t even think about it, but somedays I do think about it and I say ” Oh…Im so glad I don’t go there anymore. Its a really nice feeling to be free. One more thing, in the West Side of Los Angeles, Area 05, those weird steppers have their Westside district meetings sometimes on Mothers DAY. at 9 am….I kid you not !

Sorry of the rant, have a wonderful Mother’s DAY !

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The 13th Step will be At The Festival De Cannes screening and London!

purple background

We are happy to announce that we will be in The Documentary Corner  and screening twice at Cannes. I will post the dates and times soon.

Also we are going to do a screening at The Mayfair Hotel in London. They have a private screening room that we will be using. Tickets will go on sale and hopefully some of you Brits will come 🙂 !

Its been a long 4 years and I am happy to have won an award and its really nice to finally show the film to the world. Many millions have been brainwashed by AA.. Not just the AA members. Hundreds of millions in our society today think AA and its rhetoric are scientific fact and bought into much of their bullshit.