Jury finds Ed Garcia, Jr, guilty in ‘ritualistic killing’ in downtown L.A. hotel.

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By STEPHEN CEASAR contact the reporter

For weeks, Elizabeth Peterson sat quietly in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom, listening to every detail of her son’s gruesome murder — trying to push the horror from her mind and silently dreaming of the time when her Tracy was still alive.

But when she heard the word “guilty” Tuesday, she finally let out a loud cry: “Yes, yes! Thank you!”

Jurors had found Edward Garcia, 41, guilty of first-degree murder in the November 2010 killing of Herbert Tracy White, whose remains were found in a Los Angeles hotel room.

As the verdict was read, Edward Garcia shook his head back and forth while rubbing the band on his left ring finger.

In the hallway, Peterson and her two other sons, David and Anthony White, thanked jurors and Deputy Dist. Atty. John McKinney and cried in their arms.

During closing arguments last week, McKinney recounted the grisly scene at the Continental Hotel near skid row. Police found White’s severed arms still bound by duct tape. Under the blood-soaked bed was White’s torso, riddled with scratches and punctures. Read full story…


The 13th Step invited to The San Antonio Film Festival! July 29th-August 2 , 2015.

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Well another festival has invited the film The 13th Step! Woo hoo….I am so happy that I will be able to go here to be  apart of this. Any of you bloggers in Texas. I just called an old ex  ex stepper who lives in Texas who really helped me leave when I use to blog on www.stinkin-thinkin.com 2009-2010.

Please share this info on all social media and with those that care…..:)


BREAKING NEWS- TRACY WHITE MURDER TRIAL- ED GARCIA Jr Convicted for Murder 1 today in Los Angeles Criminal Court

Some justice is served today in downtown Los Angeles Criminal Court. Ed Garcia Jr. was found guilty of murdering Herbert Tracy White in a downtown hotel in November 2010. The jury took 2 days and unanimously decided that Garcia was guilty of the brutal dismemberment of a sweet, kind and sober Tracy White. I am happy for this verdict as we all were. HIs mother Elizabeth, his two brothers , David and Anthony, his wife Annie and other friends and family were there for weeks in support of the family.

They will begin the second trial for his wife Melissa Garcia who participated in the murder as well.


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Happy Father’s DAY everyone. I know we all might not have had great DAD’s and some did love their DAD, but what ever your relationship was …this is a day we do think about them. Maybe now, you are a Dad and a good one at that.

I wanted to wish those father’s who blog here a Happy Day!

My step DAD died in 2006 and my real DAD died in 2008. My Dad hated AA as most of you know, and I was so sorry that I had not left AA earlier. The scenario with my DAD would have been different had I not been a stepper. My DAD in the end had a prescription pill problem and lost everything he worked for. He had been quite successful.

My step DAD was a daily hard core drinker,  that never missed a DAY at the telephone company now AT & T …(MA BELL) in his life, and had a serious work ethic, could build a boat with his hands, ( I helped him one time) replace windows, fix anything, great fisherman, could cook yummy food and put a shot of rum in his coffee to get the engine started in the morning while he cooked amazing bacon and fried eggs!

I preached AA to HERB , my step DAD and he would roll his eyes at me. I’m sorry I never had a drink later in his life. I did drink with him when I was 17 and it was nice. Yet all those early years I was so brainwashed it is not even funny. If I made a movie about this , I would even have a hard time watching how badly I believed in the cult.

But moving forward…I am SOOOOO glad I left 4 years ago. My sons are now 25 and 21 and we imbibe together all the time. Now my sons have a father and a step father and a mother who imbibe moderately and enjoy a beer or a glass of wine with dinner in a sane and normal way.

I know that if were still in AA, they would have nothing to do with me now. Can you imagine how many families with SOBER ADULTS , that AA is ruining? …I think thousands!

But with that said…life is good now gone from AA. Happy Fathers Day to all of you .

Hi- Welcome to LEAVING AA- do you need help leaving? Are you stuck in the middle with no where to turn?

I originally made this blog to help with Stinkin thinkin coming down. I always wanted to help those who are leaving or those who have left.

But recently when I talked with a woman who is still going to AA, who was raped and is being shamed and not supported realized my blog was so far to the” I hate AA page” that there really is not much place for her here…is there. She found her way to me through my stop 13 step in AA page and blog which I have always kept separate so that this could be a place for those who are still in AA and are harmed. I mean my stop13 step blog.

It gave me pause to think about where the blog is right now. So Im a thinking.

SO– I thought of recovery from recovery blog. Are there any other FACEBOOK Pages or blogs that are for those harmed who are not ready to leave but no longer feel safe there….

GREAT News , HAMS Harm Reduction has a face to face meeting in California….. Temecula, CA 92592

GREAT News , HAMS Harm Reduction has  a face to face meeting in California…..  CALIFORNIA  Temecula  Wednesdays 7:00-8:00 PM  Temecula Public Library  30600 Pauba Rd.  Temecula, CA 92592

Someone just sent me this. I think this is wonderful. There is also a meeting in The UK>

HAMS meetings will start this Saturday 13/06/2015 at 2pm and every Saturday following at 2pm in the United Kingdom at 32 Church Street, Mansfield Nottinghamshire NG18 1AE England. 

Were you ever sexually harassed or was your child molested by an AA member while you were “In Service” to Alcoholics Anonymous ?

BB imageFACT : AA is a 501c3. A non profit corporation.

Were you ever sexually Harassed by an AA member? Male or female….its happens to both.

Were you ever sexually assaulted by an AA member?

Were you ever ripped off financially by an AA or NA member?

Were you a child who was molested by an AA member or someone pretending to be.

Did you have a family member murdered by an AA member. Here are some ideas and suggestions. How would you handle ethos if this were the RED CROSS, The Boy Scouts, or the Catholic Church?

1. Document everything in writing.

2. Send letters to AA NY Headquarters and then report them to The State Attorney General Office in NY and in your state.

Send letters to your local AA office and Delegate. Keep records of all phone calls and conversations and what AA in NY and WHAT AA people say to you in your state.

3. Where you ever sexually harassed when you were “In service to AA” meaning a AA leader, Secretary, GSR, DCM , coffee maker, Treasurer.  If you were harassed while in service, you are then a Volunteer for the NON profit of alcoholics anonymous in many forms it takes on, and you can now be under the sexual harassment laws we have in the US for work. When you are volunteering you are officially working.

Once involved in AA as a treasure or secretary did AA in NY ever solicit you for money?

4. IF a crime occurs in AA or in its culture of by an AA or NA member, please go to the police and rape and crisis. Be prepared for an AA member to be working there. You may need to explain to some professionals, including a detective, police , or lawyer,  that  there are no leaders or anyone in charge in an AA meeting ….all the members who get the 300k a year are in a big ivory tower in NY CITY on Riverside Drive.

5. Call your local officials and Newspapers and see if anyone will tell your story.

6. Start your own blog and tell us about it.

7. Write letters to churches that hold meetings and warn them about sexual predators being sent there.

8. Be prepared psychologically that at every turn in exposing AA you may encounter an AA member in hiding. They are everywhere. Some even no longer go to meetings and keep it secret, but they are still promoting their anonymous agenda.

9. Some people have never even been to an AA meeting but tell you that it is great.

10. Write letters to TV shows who misrepresent  AA and say its something great and tell them “your story.”

11. Write emails and letters to shows like FRONTLINE- CNN- MSNBC- HBO- VICE- asking them to expose what happened to you .

btw VICE IS DOING A piece now. It resurrected itself. 🙂



Shock Treatment from Prison- The Fix article worth reading- equally shocking

I just read this article that a woman from prison wrote on the fix. How does that happen. I guess she is allowed a pencil and some paper. I am wondering who these abusive asses might be who are doing the belittling and screaming.

Sounds like Scared Staright but they are being paid to do it. And Yes many of those in the abusive TEEN INDUSTRY WERE AA members and they had the 8 AA steps on the wall. I was just outraged when I read this…so I’m posting it here.

Shock Treatment in Prison

By Rhain Mae 06/03/15

There were substance abuse classes, strenuous physical training, and a strict set of rules and regimens. But shock won’t take anyone who is being treated for a mental health issue.



If shock camp is our best hope for reforming incarcerated addicts, then New York State has a big problem.

I cannot speak for everyone. Perhaps, there are a few people who have benefited from the program (although I doubt it). All I can speak for is my own experience.

I received a sentence of 21/3 to 7 years for a drug-related crime in 2012. After winding my way through county jail, and through the reception and classification phase of prison, I ended up in Brocton, NY, at Lakeview Shock Incarceration Center. It was mandatory in order for me to be released.

The program is supposed to be geared toward people with addiction problems. There were substance abuse classes, strenuous physical training, and a strict set of rules and regimens. In exchange for abiding by those strictures, eligible inmates served just six months instead of whatever their sentence may have been. You just have to survive shock.

Running, drug treatment—that doesn’t sound so bad, right? Not so fast. The whole premise seems flawed.

Although shock is geared toward treating addiction, many addicts—and many inmates in general—have mental health issues. However, shock won’t take anyone who is being treated for a mental health issue. Now, the problem with this picture is that shock is the only program that can get you released early. That’s a pretty strong incentive. So what do we do? We stop taking our mental health meds. As it turns out, you don’t have to nothave mental health issues, you just have to not be in treatment for any mental health issues.

This was the case for me and for countless other women who also went to Brocton. The result is that the state ends up taking inmates with depression, debilitating anxiety, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress and putting them into a mentally and physically demanding military-based training program.

Like a lot of the women I met there, I didn’t need a military-based training program to break me. I was already broken.

Zero weeks wasn’t so bad. That’s the two weeks at the very beginning designated for physical torture. That I could handle. It was the mental and psychological aspect of it that got me.

The drill instructors, who are supposed to be responsible for your safety and rehabilitation, are sadistic. They will judge you and humiliate you based on your appearance and whatever information they have in their records. They give everyone the same cookie cutter treatment, aiming to break you down in order to build you back up.

I was told that I was a privileged little white girl who manipulated the judge into giving me shock because of my rich family. None of that is true. What’s more, none of it is productive for recovery.

I grew up in a one-bedroom apartment until my mother met my stepfather, and shortly after that we watched him die of cancer. It could have been worse, but my life was not the cushy, privileged existence the drill instructors strangely threw in my face, like a cookie cutter insult. (I am white and I am female, though, so at least they were right about the basics.)

The worst part is that you cannot stand up for yourself. If I were to open my mouth at all, that would be considered feedback and I would be punished. So I had to suck it up and try to do my program with the drill instructors relentlessly trying to “teach me a lesson.”

Full Article ...http://www.thefix.com/content/shock-treatment-prison

TRACY WHITE Murder Trial Has begun in Downtown , Los Angeles, CA

UPDATED 6/3/15

Man dismembered in ‘ritualistic killing,’ L.A. prosecutor tells jury by Maria Gerber

The call came into Herbert Tracy White’s cellphone after midnight.

White, a former cocaine addict turned Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous sponsor, had a soft spot for people in need, so he hopped out of bed, put on some clothes and his Lakers cap and said goodbye to his wife, telling her some people he had met needed help.

She was used to late-night phone calls from people asking her husband for favors.

Early on Nov. 28, 2010, White picked up Edward and Melissa Hope Garcia, whom he met days earlier at a Chase bank in Hollywood, and suggested that they call him if they were ever serious about getting sober. He drove them to skid row and paid to check them into the Continental Hotel, Room 66.

“What proceeded that night,” a prosecutor told jurors Wednesday, “was truly dark and sadistic.”

When a maid came to clean the room the next day, she found a backpack and the bed stripped of sheets. She asked her manager to take a look.

Inside, he found White’s severed arms still bound by duct tape. Under the bed was White’s torso covered in scratches and small punctures. Positioned in the center of the bed was the Lakers hat — “like a tombstone,” Deputy Dist. Atty. John McKinney said.

During opening statements Wednesday in the murder trial of Edward Garcia, McKinney told jurors that the couple killed White, 49, as part of a “long-held fantasy of dismembering” a body in what he called a “ritualistic killing.

“Blood-shedding and bloodletting was part of the motivation for this crime,” he said, saying that White’s body was almost completely drained of blood.

But Edward’s attorney, Deputy Public Defender Haydeh Takasugi, described a more complicated scene for jurors, saying that her client had used two baggies of meth — which, she said, White brought to the hotel — at the time of the killing.

When he encountered the couple again after meeting at the bank, she said, White had offered a proposition of sorts.

Read full story here…


Today I was able to go to the trial for Tracy White, a lovely sweet guy who was a friend to my husband and I knew him as well. He was tricked by these two alleged killers that they wanted help getting sober.

Im so tired. I feel so bad for his mom Elizabeth and his wife Annie. The story is brutal. They cut him up and drained his blood.

Please read full story and share everywhere, including with AA members who need to be warned to never go on a 12 step call ever again.