The 13th Step -The San Antonio Film Festival-July 30th- plus more festivals added!

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We are happy and excited to announce that The 13th Step, is screening at the San Antonio Film Festival. this Thursday @ 9pm, July 30th, 2015 in San Antonio Texas, at The Tobin Center. Please go here and buy tickets. Invite professionals you know to the screening.

Please come down to see the film there if you live in the area. There will be  a Q & A after the screening.

We will also be screening at The Voiceless International Film Festival in San Francisco August 14th, 2015. Please go here and buy your tickets. I will be attending this festival .

The Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood in Association with The Center for Inquiry is also doing a screening early in September, with the SOS crowd. I will be attending this screening and hold another Q & A after.

Next: we just got accepted to another festival in Action in Film Festival, located in Monrovia, California. This is a great opportunity to have the people who live near Los Angeles see the film . Please post on Facebook and Twitter and all social media to share with friends and family and professionals in the local area.

THE HUNT on CNN- To Catch A predator.


This is a great show. I hope that eventually he or someone like him will be out to catch the predators in Alcoholics Anonymous.

I can’t wait till that day comes.

We are all helping to do this. I know many out there are doing their part.

If you want to talk about you sexual predatory story please write us.

Remember…you are not alone. write to

WILL the “Bill Cosby” Rape stories make some AA women come forward?

rape images

I have to think that there are many women and even men who are sitting at home, driving in their cars, listening to this all play out with Bill Cosby and rape.

How many AA members have been sexually harassed, assaulted and raped?

I hope they come forward in droves and expose what is really going on and hidden in AA

Bay City father gets probation for attacking son with knife-sent to alcoholics anonymous meetings !

OH dear GOD! WHY oh why would you send a violent man who attacked his son with a knife to AA meetings?

Bay City father gets probation for attacking son with knife

MarkMenerey.jpgMark E. Menerey

BAY CITY, MI — For attacking his son with a knife and then drunkenly driving toward him, a 50-year-old Bay City man is to serve several years of probation.

Bay County Circuit Judge Harry P. Gill on Monday, July 13, sentencedMark E. Menerey to three years’ probation. The judge also gave Menerey credit for 141 days already served in jail and held an additional 224 days in abeyance, meaning he’ll only have to serve that time if he violates his probation. Menerey must also pay a $500 fine, continue substance abuse counseling and attend two Alcoholics Anonymous meetings per week.

Menerey is also not to have contact with his son.

Menerey in April pleaded guilty to one count of driving while intoxicated, third offense, and no contest to assault with a dangerous weapon. In exchange, prosecutors dismissed a second count of assault with a dangerous weapon and a charge of driving while license suspended, denied or revoked. A no contest plea is not an admission of guilt but is treated as such for the purposes of sentencing.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred about 4:50 a.m. on Thursday, Dec. 11, when police responded to a domestic violence complaint at a home in the 2900 block of South Euclid Avenue. While police were en route, Bay County Central Dispatch advised them that Menerey was being held down by his 25-year-old son, Mark A. Menerey, in their front yard after the father had crashed into a parked vehicle, court records show.

Officers arrived on scene to see the father and son standing by a blue Chevrolet S-10 that had apparently crashed into a maroon Chevrolet Tahoe, court records show. The elder Mark Menerey had blood on his face, hands and jacket, court records show.

Read full story here…

Airline PILOTS who refuse to be extorted into Alcoholics Anonymous by their Employer and the FAA

pilots pic

We need pilots to come forward who want to sue the FAA and their employers for forcing them to a religious cult and calling it treatment. Its illegal to do this. Even an employer can not legally do this yet it has become practice like in the HIMS program.

Please send me your confidential story or write here and use an alias handle.  Nurses, Doctors and lawyers are also being forced to AA against their will.


LGBT person Assaulted by AA members in Santa Monica -Police do nothing

A journalist just sent me this link. I think you need to see this story. Then  a trip is needed to the Santa Monica Police Department to talk about the truth about AA.


I was recently beaten up in an AA meeting by two men — Michael White and San Diego State football player Timothy Brown.

Ilse Thompson on THE FIX- Creator of Stinkin- Thinkin the blog that helped many.

Here is a really nice interview that Ilse Thompson did on The FIX…

Please support Ilse the mother of the anti AA blogs….sorry..but history for me is her work.

She, her blog, her compassion ,  connected me with old timers who left. and more… Stinkin-thinkin gave me a place to land and click on somewhere every morning, hopping to read another NEWS story exposing AA. Some times it felt ground breaking, or sometimes her posts were funny. MA posted too, but Ilse wrote most posts . She wrote a book called RECOVER! Stop thinking like an addict.


WANTED: Bloggers to contribute to Leaving AA site for front page stories.

Hi all . I have been away up north on a bit of retreat-respite.

I have decided to invite some of you great writers to contribute so I may do some writing, ( not for the blog ) and pursue getting the film in more cities, more film festivals and tour these places and talk to any professionals that want me to come to their Universities,  to show the film and talk about the situation we all know exists.

Please email through the contact button on this page or at