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Why does Matthew Perry push his “sobriety” AA so hard?

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Why does he have to become the next Nick Nolte of the 8o’s or Robin Williams 20 years ago or any other famous stepper? I’m happy that he got over his booze problem if he really was addicted to alcohol, but why does he have to now make it his life mission to go speak at Drug Court and The Congress and create his own special sober living. That sort  of pressure to carry around in front of the whole world is kinda of heavy weighted…isn’t it?

What happens when he decides  he wants to leave the cult and drink moderately. . We have seen that before. Robin Williams wanted to.

Does Matthew Perry know or care that he is outright breaking all of his glorious AA traditions. Not that I believe that they are anything worth listening too….But for gods sake…cant these movie stars , fuck up, get their shit together and get on with their lives?

I guess not, we are  in Hollywood… the land of the cults,. The land of AA is so cool that a character  had to go to a meeting in the “PLAYER ” to take  a meeting . What horse shit that was.

I feel as though we are up against such a monster with this type of preaching from someone as famous as Matthew. I sure would like to show him the film .

Yet deep  down I know that AA is dying from within. IF we can stop the court ordering it will shrink by 50%. I was invited by a women in San Fran to take the film to Drug Courts and show  it. I think I will.

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What It’s Like to Go to SMART Recovery After Eight Years in AA



Here is a great new article by a woman who has been talking to me.  I think it’s a great shift in the wind. 

I never wanted to go to AA, even when I needed it. After doing a bit of research when a private doc suggested it eight years ago, I decided it wasn’t for me. The steps upset me, the prayers upset me, and the group itself was a bit too smothering at first. But I had no idea that other recovery programs existed. Not one medical professional or therapist knew of any other means to get sober outside of AA.

But I knew I had to get sober, so I became a member, and, after relapsing for over two years, I now have nearly six years of sobriety. Many AA meetings in LA are just fantastic, full of intelligent, fun, hip, successful people who wear the program, as is suggested, like a loose garment. I managed to sort of make it fit for me for a very long time, even though I still had many philosophical conflicts with the 12 steps, even though I’m an atheist, even though I felt slightly like a square peg in a round hole.

But after studying up on the addiction conversation while writing for this very site, reading news articles and researching various rehabs and learning about different treatment modalities, I came across something called SMART Recovery, a free addiction program. Actually, I came across many free 12-step alternatives, but SMART seemed to be the most popular alternative to AA.

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Edward Garcia Gets Life In Prison for gruesome killing of Herbert Tracy White – a kind hearted 15 years sober man.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 11.50.08 PM

I am so sorry for the family. My condolences to Annie his wife, Elizabeth Peterson, his mother, David White and Anthony White his brothers. May he rest in peace.

SAN Francisco Screening of The 13th Step at The MOJO Theatre Saturday August 15th.

Where: The Mojo Theatre 2940 16th St San Francisco, CA 94103

When Saturday @5:45 PM

The VOICELESS International Film Festival

I am here with Jaro Mendez, Karla Brada’s mother. We are contacting the newspapers, media and other professionals to join us there tomorrow. jarosf

West Ashley man sentenced to 25 years in girlfriend’s strangling death

How many of these have to happen before we get the Judges to stop sending violent men to AA instead of jail. It doesn’t work.

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David Mark Reagan

David Mark Reagan Provided

A judge on Tuesday sentenced a West Ashley man to 25 years in prison for strangling a woman to death in a domestic dispute.

Charleston police had charged David Mark Reagan, 57, with murder and first-degree criminal sexual conduct in connection with the death of his girlfriend, 52-year-old Kathy Hawkins.

Kathy Hawkins pic

Reagan pleaded guilty in a Charleston County court to a lesser voluntary manslaughter charge. His sentence was set as part of a negotiated plea agreement that also saw prosecutors drop the sexual assault charge against him.

Hawkins’ body was found lying on the living room floor of her home at The Palms apartments on Aug. 20, 2013. The complex is located off of Orange Grove Road.

Surveillance images showed Reagan using the woman’s credit card to buy beer and liquor after her death, 9th Circuit Chief Deputy Solicitor Bruce DuRant said during the man’s plea hearing.

Luke Malloy, an attorney for Reagan, said the man suffered from bipolar disorder and alcoholism. Both conditions contributed to the violence committed by Reagan, who, when sober, was often viewed by others as “an amazing man.”

The couple met in Alcoholics Anonymous, with Reagan referring to Hawkins as “the love of his life,” Malloy said.

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The 13th Step – Screening in San Francisco , Saturday August 15th

We are happy to remind everyone that The 13th Step will be screening in San Francisco this Saturday at 5:45 pm in The Mission @ The Voiceless International Film Festival , Voiceless_Filmfest_Poster_13_Steps_1

AA members are told ” ONLY we can help you ” “your best thinking got your here” Don’t ask critical questions about AA!

What’s wrong with all of these statements? They are all taking ones power away.

They are all basically saying that we “AA is right and you are wrong. Well, we know that is wrong. We know that so many things that AA members say to newcomers and even old timers is not truth.

I am digging deeper. I just saw Steven Hasan give a talk at The Steve Allen Theatre. It was really great and I saw how connected AA and is a mind control group and is very much a toxic group…

I will write more.

Rachel Bernstein-Wednesday- August 5th- on Blog Talk Radio – Safe Recovery – Expert Cult Deprogrammer and Therapist!

Rachel B~2

STAY Tuned. This coming Week on Blog Talk Radio SAFE RECOVERY.

Wednesday- August 5 @ 2:30pm. 1 Hour LIVE show with Cult Deprogramming Expert from Los Angeles, CA will be my Guest.

I am so happy to finally have found an expert and a trained therapist who really knows her stuff. We have talked…and it is amazing to find a person who is trained  in this field.

I know many people have asked me over the years to find someone like Rachel. SO finally we have !!! Thanks to a new friend Michele, my roommate up in Big Sur!