Kim Richards Sentenced in Target Shoplifting Case: Community Service, Probation and Alcoholics Anonymous

10/28/2015 AT 04:30 PM EDT

Kim Richards can officially move forward from her August arrest.

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was sentenced Wednesday in her Target shoplifting case.

A Los Angeles judge order that Richards, 51, complete 300 hours of community service, three years probation and 52 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE. TMZ was the first to report the news.

She must also “continue treatment and follow recommendations for treatment including drug rehabilitation, therapy and medications,” according to the papers.

Bradley Cooper _ Stepper- Stars in More AA propaganda Films- BURNT in Theaters soon


SO whose Idea is this. Was it Bradley Coopers, The writers, the Producer, the Director?

Whoever hooked up Stepper Bradly Cooper with this story is all about Sobriety BS Propaganda. =Even the Ads are geared towards steppers…..

Does the studio really think there are enough followers to fill the theaters?

JASON BARTLEY- You Tuber guy -Burn Big Books Challenge- or return your Big Book to NY AA Headquarters

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 12.03.26 AM

Once again Jason Bartley- an ex stepper, youtuber guy talks about Burning our Big Books and or Sending them back to AA asking for a refund….

Funny- Enjoy!!! I think I will be sending a Big Book back asking for a refund.¬if_t=mentions_comment


There are many people who have been writing letters to senators, and professionals, warning them of the dangers of AA.

Here is a snip it of what is happening. Our work is taking hold.  This is a group that is Private on FACEBOOK that I started Deprogramming from AA or any 12 step group.

anonymous  said :

I just got another phone call from another Senator, woot! This one was already suspicious of AA and was very, very receptive to the idea that it was culty. I gave him the ISBN number for Lance Dodes book as an academic reference for when he talks about it in his committees. He also asked me if I thought that there was Intergenerational aspects to AA and NA and I said “YES,” and talked about how it is considered a good thing if one can get one’s children into Program, and also that the adults that were forced to attend AA meetings as children (because their parents preferred this over getting babysitters) tended to have lower “bottoms” than others. Also that if a parent expressed guilt in an AA meeting for somehow contributing to their child’s addiction problem, that this person would be more or less attacked by the group and told that it was the fault of the child.

I’m cautiously optimistic about the long term consequences for this, but it would seem that if it is going to be exposing one person at a time to Anti-AA facts and how AA propaganda, Senators would be the way to go.

What is also cool is that when I get these phone calls, I completely forget that I have mild phone phobia and can get into the flow fairly well. Not that I’m perfect, but I think I’m good enough.

Juliet is also getting more articles published !!! We will post them here .


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Another Doctor Forced to attend Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting against his will and in violation of his1 st Amendment Rights

Local News State suspends Iowa optometrist’s license for 30 days October 11, 2015 15:29 CDT CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (AP) — Iowa will suspend a Cedar Falls’ optometrist’s license for 30 days this fall because his alcohol use violated a previous agreement with regulators. The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier reports ( ) the suspension is part of an agreement regulators made with Mark Davis. His suspension will start Oct. 26. The Iowa Board of Optometry says recent tests showed Davis was using alcohol. That violated a 2013 agreement he made after being arrested on suspicion of driving while under the influence of drugs. Davis will also pay a $250 fine and serve four years of probation and chemical testing. He’ll also have to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Read More at:

WHY is everyone told they cant drink alcohol as a part of a deal. Don’t they know that prohibition ended in 1933?

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Kim Richards Sentenced to 52 Sessions of Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings, Community Labor for Hotel Arrest


I really feel sorry for this lady. I bet she has no idea that there are no such things as AA   “Sessions” I hope she finds out. There are only AA meetings that are run by no one who is trained  and no one will warn her that AA meetings are not safe. That a man there may be a rapist who is getting away with it because of the Anonymity feature.

WOMEN Stabbed after AA meeting in Mesa, Arizona

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 2.04.38 PMRead Full  BREAKING Story here about stabbing at an AA meeting.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 2.04.57 PM

How Many Violent Offenders are sent to Alcoholics Anonymous …

For a while I have not been posting NEWS stories like I use to. But I think its important to Document these facts. Let’s be clear….I would not spend this kind of time and money ( yes it costs me money to run this blog…about $200.. a month. ) Nor would I have made a film to just criticize AA.  Although it does need alot of remodeling, and updo of sorts and critiquing in my opinion.

Violent and Sex offenders are court ordered daily into AA and NA meetings as if they were some regulated government agency. Recently, I was speaking to a man who challenged the fact that these violent offenders are really being court ordered to AA. I did put about 15 News articles in the film and he watched the film, but still the question.

I have so many stories in my file drawer not just on my computer that I began to stop printing them . We felt we put enough in the film The 13th Step. I think I will begin to collect these stories again. I made a film and did a radio show because Kristine and Saundra Cass were murdered by a man the courts knew was already violent…and they sent him to AA.

Karla Brada was murdered in 2011 by another …Eric A Earle who was sent to AA by Los Angeles courts over 55 times , over 22 years. Jaro , her mother retrieved all the records to prove it. We have it documented in the film .

So back to the point…I would not waste  my time,  my life,  and 4 years to make a film + all the thousands of dollars it has taken to finish a film , get it in 15 or so festivals and have a radio show , just to take on AA.

Yea I don’t like it anymore. Yes- I think its super culty.  Yes, I think its antiquated, Yes- I think it’s a mind fuck, yes- I think it keeps men’s ego and self esteem low. Yes – I  think woman are abusive to new female members they sponsor. Yes-  I think the Big Book  needs to be burned. Yes- I think I wasted years of my life there. Yes- I was preyed on by asshole creepy men. Yes- I think its DANGEROUS, yes I think AA in NY has known all of this for decades. Yes- I know pedophiles go there to prey on mothers with small children. Yes-  yes I think AA members who are losers make money with sober living places. Yes-  I think AA members kill themselves at a higher rate then normal people. Yes I think AA is harmful to young people, ( it was harmful to me and they broke me at 19 years old… – and yes I think the powerless feature of AA is extremely harmful to teens ( I was one of these) so…

Soon I will be adding a donate button to help pay for all these expenses. So if you like the site and would like to support it you will be able to do so. Because – frankly …I’m a getting tired of it all ….