VICE looking for WOMEN PREYED on Sexually while they were attending AA or ex- AA members who were harmed.

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I have been contacted by a VICE reporter, Cecilia— the online magazine not the TV show. Millions of readers are there.

Here we go…please share everywhere. FACE BOOK and twitter too.

“Hi, my name is Cecilia and I’m a reporter with VICE.

Right now, I’m reporting a piece on the culture of sexual predation in AA.

For this article, I am hoping to speak with female AA attendees (current or former) who have been sexually assaulted or preyed on by male AA attendees.

I am more than willing to work with sources to protect their identities. To reach me, please shoot me an e-mail at Thanks so much for your time.”




I love “SHAMELESS” on SHOWTIME- BUT they don’t get The Narcotics Anonymous stuff right– or do they.


When I left AA over four…almost five years ago, I thought AA just needed some safety policies, some pamphlets and  warnings that violent men were getting court ordered to AA, which was unknown to AA members and the public at large.

But almost five years later I am still in shock how much AA is controlling America our TV Show and film and our court system. How we view addictive behavior. How the FAA extorts Pilots to AA and expensive rehab. How The Board of Nursing is infested with extorting nurses to AA for 5 years,  three times a week. How they have professionalized an Asshole AA sponsor, as if they are someone important.

Does anyone really think that AA sponsors are smarter then you . Do they think  they are professionals like  REAL therapists who have  PHD’s?  WHY do reporters ever call AA meetings….AA sessions? Holy mother of god— when will this shit stop.

I was watching Shameless tonight , now filled with a Stepper heroin addict thread line,  that Fiona is fucking. Not Dating…btw——so like an  AAer….the actor who is playing this guy I’m sure is a stepper in real life he plays the character so well. ( I’m not really sure) sorry Kyle if you are reading this.

Then I watched, no—–  fast forwarded through an HBO Documentary about Heroin in Massachusetts. It was like a 71 minute commercial for Narcotics ANONYMOUS— UGHHHHHH…..I wanted to throw up ….What a piece of crap this movie was.

Here’s the deal…sometimes I feel like we are making head way…I don’t know why I would think that…nothings really changed in any court room that I know about.

Well we did get on CBS 48 HOURS— that s a big deal and that is some headway– we got on Katie Couric. Gabrielle’s New York Times Bestseller does document my story and my work while I was in AA those last two years…so that’s a big deal.

Gabrielle Glaser is making headway back east, God bless her, talking to Doctors in Hospitals, but out here in Fairly Godmother land of AA and the Goliath Hollywood stepper GALORE palace of bullshit…I wonder – how will we knock AA out the park, into the trash where it belongs and start using real science and medicine for addictive behaviors. I am not sure.

SO- I will continue on my path and see what we can accomplish over the next few months.

12 Step Addiction Treatment is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!


When King of Prussia developer Brian O’Neill convinced a New York private equity firm to back his fledgling Recovery Centers of America, he capitalized on one key trend: The long stigmatized field of addiction treatment has become one of health care’s hottest investment sectors.

Federal changes boosting access to care for alcoholics and drug addicts as well as people with mental illness, and growing attention to deaths from prescription painkillers and heroin, are luring investors to buy into addiction treatment.

Plus, investors see a shortage of places for people with mental illnesses to go, said Leslie Henshaw, a partner at Deerfield Management, which in May committed $231.5 million in equity and debt to Recovery Centers’ development of 15 locations from Boston to Washington.

“Historically, despite the prevalence of disease and the enormous impact it can have on quality of life, productivity in the workforce, crime rates, and community dynamic, there has been insufficient funding directed to the mental-health space,” she said.


NY AA dismissed ( Not Local Los Angeles AA) as defendant in Brada wrongful death lawsuit

January 13, 2016 6:48 p.m.
Parents of a Saugus woman murdered in 2011 sued Alcoholics Anonymous when they learned she met her killer through AA.Hector and Jaroslava Mendez of Sylmar said they were seeking justice for their murdered daughter, Karla Brada, when they filed a wrongful death lawsuit. But on Tuesday they learned the list of defendants named in the lawsuit no longer includes the organization they believe could have prevented her death.Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Rita J. Miller dismissed the Mendez lawsuit Tuesday against the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous Inc. and Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. on Tuesday.A San Fernando Superior Court jury found Eric Earle guilty in 2014 of murdering Brada by willfully and deliberately smothering her to death between the night of Aug. 31, 2011, and the morning of Sept. 1, 2011, inside the couple’s Saugus condominium. He was sentenced in 2014 to 26 years in prison.For Brada’s parents, AA was to blame for failing to prevent the murder because Brada met Earle at AA meetings.And, while their lawsuit continues against other defendants named — Earle himself and Brada’s AA sponsors — the two most prominent defendants representing AA headquarters were officially dismissed from the case.

The news was bittersweet for the lawyer who has struggled to hold AA accountable for the circumstances he believed led to Brada’s death.

“We’re disappointed that they let the New York AA out of the suit,” Valencia attorney John W. Noland said Wednesday.

“California law isn’t supportive of civil rights,” he said. “If this case had been heard in a different state, They (AA) might not have been released.”

Read full story here

So California is not supportive of Civil RIghts? WOW—- we need media and lawyers, activists and people who care about Civil Rights in California.

We know AA in NY knew that Violent offenders have been not only court ordered by judges  and the plea deals , but AA in NY has Literature teaching members how to go into prisons and bring them out and into meetings for 50 + years. Long before Drug Court even began.

They are still suing the Sponsors and Eric ….

Blog away !

FYI- Its only NY AA that was dismissed. Not Local AA in LA.

After Leaving AA- being in the Real World.

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Okay—- so you’ve been gone from AA for how long—- a few days, weeks, months—maybe two, three or four years.

At what point do you feel a part of the real world. For each person it is unique. Certainly not when I first left. I was super happy to be gone — but, I still felt like I was living in the “in between” .  I didn’t’ drink and I was still abstinent. I didn’t care about my “time”  and I was embarrassed I had spent those years ” in ” AA—- what ever that means.

It was hard at first because I was so mad I spent those years in AA. And the longer I was gone, the madder I got that I was so brainwashed. I never missed it. Maybe its because I was an Active GSR the last two years that I was there. WOW was that horrid.

AA GSR’s are expected to go to the most =boring monthly meetings for two years. Sundays at 9 am – rain or shine –Mothers DAY — really — yes—-  GSR meetings— A Westside District meeting on mothers day, fathers day, Easter, you name it—-they did it.

There were countless Area and District meetings ( One day workshops ) and ridiculous  all day weekend events for you to go to and listen to nothing  and I mean nothing what so ever happening. But I was there with Kali trying to talk about Safety and our pamphlet. So even though some liked what we were doing and we had support from the Peanut Gallery and a few good AA members—-many began to ice us out and hate us and judges us and not discuss Sexual Harassment in AA. So it was easy to walk away after I tried really hard to fix what I was uncovering.

It was the Murder of Kristine and Saundra Cass in Honolulu , Ha . in August of 2010, that took me out ……

and the way AA in NY and  AA in Los Angeles, CA handled the shutting us down in regards to Member safety  and sexual predators. I was glad to walk away with my head held high.

After i was gone from AA about 14 months I was at a party and tasted a drink when it dawned on me that I was no longer IN…AA. A freedom I had never known washed over me. It was like the promises read in the stupid Big Book were happening as I sipped a simple cocktail with no desire to get drunk , with no wish to have more.

Further more — that desire never came either. Now some three and a half years later. I’m a light weight. And the times I have enjoyed with NORMAL women and friends having a lovely glass of wine is immeasurable and beat out any GSR meeting I ever went to. Or the countless service commitments I did.

I think AA should be sued for going into grade schools, my grade school,  looking for future children members. For Christ sake…even Bill Wilson got to drink into his 40’s  ….

Happily gone from AA.

Sad I wasted many years there.

Sad I said stupid stuff to my kids when they were teens.

I still hate how much AA jargon is a part of Americans language, Tv , FIlm  and culture.

Ce La Vie’

Say No to AA for a DUI – Stand up for 1st Amendment Rights

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I think its that time of the year where many might find themselves being sent to AA.

Many have no idea that AA is not a government agency. That AA is not regulated by the state. That AA is not safe. That AA is not a drug treatment program . It’s a  group—- a fellowship….lay persons coming together.

So why are our courts sending EVERYONE to AA meetings for any violation and why are the Courts interconnected with rehabs, sober livings that are totally 12 step run. How long has this been going on? Since Drug court began in 1989? No ….it started before that , but when drug courts began it got oh so much worse.


Now in AA, some are there to help. Some are there to harm. Some are there to serve so they can stay “sober” ….AA style….. Some are there to take whatever they can and never give back.

But where’s the warning label for Alcoholic Anonymous? Like Cigarettes…one day an Insider who worked in the industry outed those guys. We think AA needs to be outed for who is there, who is sent there and who goes there to prey on innocent civilians.

Even though there is a “leader” or “secretary” who picks or is picked that day or the week before – they don’t necessarily lead unless its a cult group like the PG group-

Most AA members don’t feel  empowered to really lead for the most part.

When they read the preamble before every meeting — how come they don’t say

” AA is a drug /alcohol treatment program” . ..oh that’s right …That’s because it is not that. So what is AA really? Is it a fellowship? Then how can you get ordered to join a religious organization from a Judge? Is it a religion? TO some it is. It’s religious for sure.

Over 35 Courts have Deemed it so. Is it a Drug Treatment Program? No —-other wise it would need to be regulated by the state. But AA’s rehabs grandfathered themselves in way back when as something called ” NON Medical treatment and they are governed by The Department of Health? How is this going on ? Well it is.

So I guess the next question is how do we undo this. So if it’s not medical treatment how is Insurance paying for it . I mean rehab— 30 K a month- or $1,000 a day paid by Athem Blue Cross for Action Family where no medical anything is occurring…Just being bused to AA meetings. Just attending AA meetings. No doctors, no PhD’s, no groups let by real therapists? And maybe your daughter or son may be bused to a place where all the AA meetings are filled with men like Eric Earle, near trailer parks- connected to the DOC filled with not so wonderful not really AA members. That your Daughter or son may mix and mingle with these kinds of criminals.

We need to educate the public and stop the judges and the ab541 classes from sending people to AA for a DUI offense.¬if_t=group_comment follow us in this new public group on FACEBOOK and share .