Were you Sexually asualted or raped by AA member William Beliveau, 64, guilty of one felony count of sexual penetration

of an adult woman while she was intoxicated, said Senior Deputy District Attorney Erik Nasarenko.

Two women pressed charges. There were many other women they reported to me out side the Courthouse today in Ventura. Will you come forward? contact us here.


Malibu, Newhall, Ventura County, Alcoholics Anonymous

SENTENCING today in VENTURA Superior Court AA MAN Convicted of rape against 2 AA women

TODAY I went out to VENTURA and witnessed this. The DA  did a great job. So did the Judge. The Jury found him guilty on both counts.

A jury found a Newbury Park man guilty of sexually assaulting two women he met through Alcoholics Anonymous programs.

After about a two-week trial in Ventura County Superior Court, jurors on Thursday voted unanimously and found William Beliveau, 64, guilty of one felony count of sexual penetration of an adult woman while she was intoxicated, said Senior Deputy District Attorney Erik Nasarenko.http://www.vcstar.com/story/news/2017/07/28/newbury-park-man-found-guilty-sexual-assault/518641001/

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Are you tired of the court ordering of Violent and sex offenders to AA?

Are you tired of shows like MOM on CBS proselytizing AA as if it is the only game in town.

Were you or a family member abused in a 12 step sober living or 12 step rehab that failed.

Were you 13 stepped?

Were you abused by your AA sponsor?

Were you raped by an AA member.

Are you a professional forced to go to AA for 3-5 years? Were you forced to JOIN and organization from 1935 against your free will?

Are you a Musician forced to go to an expensive rehab or no Record Deal ?

Did you lose your child to the AA cult thinking?

Did your loved one die in 12 step sober living or 12 step rehab?

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FYI There are many good options besides AA. SMART RECOVERY, Moderation Management, The Sinclair Method, ( with Naltrexone)  Harm Reduction.

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AA Member Nicholas Gully convicted of raping 14-year-old boy in King Alfred Leisure Centre toilets

Serious charges in the UK of Old timer Sex therapist who is also a 12 step member. GAG!!!! BEWARE PARENTS> DO NOT bring your teens to any AA or NA meeting.


Nick Gully – Brighton 12 Step guru and therapist found guilty for raping a teen.