AA member Abram Tuvov Convicted Guilty on four counts of Felony RAPE in PALM SPRINGS, CA

The Hearing was held in Indio, CA .

JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED !!! A MAN who says he has decades of AA style sobriety was convicted in this criminal trial.

GREAT News folks – a case we have been following and supporting the victim has had great success. He was found guilty and the sentencing will be soon!   Stay tuned.

This is the second AA rape case that has convicted these predators.

The Heroin-Addict Actress, The Interventionist and a Grieving Mother’s Court Fight: “She Didn’t Want to Die”

by Scott Johnson

Eight months after Warren Boyd, who helped the likes of Robert Downey Jr. and Courtney Love get clean, took on aspiring Beverly Hills actress Amy Breliant as a client, the young woman was dead. Now Boyd — along with ‘Star Wars’ actress Carrie Fisher — will face a civil lawsuit.

Two LAPD officers working the 15-ADAM-85 beat responded to a call about a suspicious death.

They came to a well-tended home in Studio City around noon on Sept. 21, 2010. In one of three bedrooms, they found Amy Breliant, an aspiring actress and model from Beverly Hills. She was slouched over on a bed wearing a blue shirt, a computer in her lap. Crime scene photos show a syringe and cellphone in one hand and a string of rosary beads around her neck. A tinfoil ball with an off-white substance, a spoon and a green lighter lay next to her. She had been dead for several hours. A roommate who had made the 911 call told the coroner he had been staying with Breliant for two months to “help her sober up and stay away from the drug scene.”

Amy was 21, beautiful, vivacious — and a heroin addict. Seven months earlier, she had begun another attempt at sobriety under the guidance of Warren Boyd, a self-described “extreme interventionist” who tied his public image to the successful recovery of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. A convicted felon and former addict himself, Boyd reportedly had helped Robert Downey Jr. get clean. Courtney Love later hired Boyd, and paparazzi caught the two coming and going from court hearings and rehab appointments. Such Hollywood royalty as Mel Gibson and Whitney Houston reportedly had been on his client roster. In 2008, A&E aired a fictionalized version of his life called The Cleaner, starring Benjamin Bratt. In a behind-the-scenes advertorial, actor Ashley Hamilton, another client, said Boyd’s “by any means necessary” approach was harsh but effective. “Warren’s great for addicts because he can convince you you need to get sober,” said Hamilton.

But Boyd’s unorthodox intervention techniques hadn’t saved Breliant. Amy’s mother, Gianna, believes Boyd exacerbated her daughter’s heroin addiction and contributed to her death. Court records and depositions from former employees suggest that Boyd may have crossed the line from “extreme interventionist” into something more dangerous.

For six years, Gianna has been chasing Boyd and his associates in court. Jake Schmidt, a private investigator who appeared on a few episodes of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, is named in the complaint, as is Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher, who in 2010 made the bungalow adjacent to her Coldwater Canyon mansion available to Boyd and his clients, including Breliant, in return for $10,000 a week, according to court records.



BOARD of NURSING forcing Nurses to attend AA meetings and Hold hands and pray

We are seeking Nurses who want to come together and speak out and get justice for being forced to go to AA and to parrot its ideology as part of their punishment!

Many Nurses have never got into any trouble. Still they are made to attend 3 -5 meetings a weeks for 5 years for some .

Would you like to talk with us?

Write to us at makeaasafer@gmail.com

Many Nurses have been contacting me lately and are furious and want to sue and speak out and change this.

How long has this been going on.

How have they gotten away with it ?

Its a violation of AA’s tenants and traditions

Its a violation of our First Amendment Rights 9 separation of Church and State

Man Accused of raping multiple women he met in NA – 12 step meetings

Man accused of raping multiple women he met in recovery

LYNNWOOD — A Lynnwood man is accused of raping as many as 10 women he met through drug and alcohol recovery groups.

Police allege the man preyed on those who were vulnerable because of their addictions, including the newly sober. He reportedly offered to let women stay at his house when they were detoxing or worried about relapsing.

Several of the women say that before the attacks, they had told him about sexual violence they experienced in their pasts, and how that contributed to their substance abuse. Some said they relapsed after being raped again.

The man, 32, often led meetings for Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, according to the arrest report.

He was booked Wednesday into the Snohomish County Jail. He is being held on suspicion of one count of second-degree rape and three counts of third-degree rape.

Prosecutors Thursday said there could be more victims who have not yet come forward. A judge set bail at $250,000.

The women became aware of one another after someone posted about the suspect on Facebook, records show. Police were contacted Feb. 27.

One woman said the man often was asked to speak at AA meetings. She said he “appeared to be very spiritual and had an impressive story of sobriety.” In spring 2014, he made sexual advances and ignored her when she told him to stop, she said.

Another woman said the suspect admitted to her that he’d raped her in September when she was passed out from heroin and pills. She also alleged that he raped her again in January and February, and that she had looked for reasons to blame herself for what happened. She said the suspect told her she had “sex issues” because she didn’t enjoy what he did.

A third woman made clear to police that AA recommends newly sober women be paired with female mentors. Despite that recommendation, the suspect often insisted on helping women new to the group, she said. She said that the suspect had tried to rape her but was dissuaded because she carries a firearm.

A fourth woman said she and the suspect had met through AA when she was a minor. They dated and later broke up. In September, she relapsed and went to his house for support, she said. She said he tried to rape her but she escaped when she asked to go outside to smoke a cigarette.

A fifth women told detectives she was raped by the suspect but she was worried that people in her life would find out if she made a report.

Police went to the man’s house Wednesday morning. He claimed the allegations were retribution for him stealing another man’s girlfriend.

At least three of the women have said he texted them or sent them Facebook messages apologizing after the assaults. Some of those messages have been shared with police.

In one message, a woman texted the man, “I said ‘no’ several times and you never stopped. I was hurting. I needed a friend. You made me feel like an (expletive) object.”

His alleged response was: “Like I said I owe you an amends if you are willing to here(sic) it.”

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