No need to head to the Middle East for gun violence- just go to your nearest High School- an American tragedy

I usually keep my posts to AA – exposing AA –  court ordering to AA and Sexual Harassment in AA. But something about this last school shooter just put me over the top. What is it about this one. Is it just a tipping point? Is this one just one too many? AM I tired of government officials asking for “soothing prayers and we are here for you” remarks, when they have just undone some good gun control measures put in place by President Obama.

I am heart sick for these children and families.

Create a one page bill and pass it quickly.

Forget banning the AR 15 for now. Just MAKE IT illegal for anyone with a violent past  or mentally unstable or on  psych medications or if family has called the police 20 times make it illegal for him to buy and posses a gun of any kind.

Keep the Crazies and gun away from each other.

ALSO  we need training for those answering 911 calls and calls to the FBI that ALL calls must be taken seriously.

Also was this kid ever going to AA , NA meetings ?

#TIMESUP #METOO # Sexual Harassment in AA Alcoholics Anonymous will our voices be heard?

After many months of exposing so many men and institutions with Horrific and some criminal Rape like with Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey we are wondering if we who have been sexually harassed ( 13 Stepped ) some raped – will be heard in Mainstream Media and Newspapers.

This must Happen.

AA Alcoholics Anonymous must  be outed the same way, Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Louis C K, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, and  many more have been.