AA -Alcoholics Anonymous is worth some $22,000,000 million dollars. Think again about giving money!


this is on their tax return…what are they talking about – How does AA provide service – what services do they provide?

How are they NOT connected to the member and the groups when we call them and say we were harmed, raped, sexually harassed. WHY DOES AA SAY THEY HAVE NO PART IN IT ?  But they like the connection to the groups and members to have a nice tax write off  … dont they ?

Where is a hotline to file complaints?

They HAVE NONE. CALL AND COMPLAIN _ Write emails , write to your local newspaper and your local TV outlets if you were sexually harassed in AA in any way. SHOUT IT OUT ! NOW IS THE TIME>

Does AA help still suffering alkies as they pretend to? How do they do it then. How much are the Officers paid in NY ? ALL is here for you to see.

Here is just one link to AA World wide Headquarters. What does AA do with the money the groups send into NYC ?


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7 thoughts on “AA -Alcoholics Anonymous is worth some $22,000,000 million dollars. Think again about giving money!

  1. In case you hadn’t seen it. NCIS’s had a full program on one of their members being part of AA. Everyone’s reactions to finding out that he is in AA is EXACTLY why I left. After 20+ years of sobriety I was no longer sick yet ppl treated me like I was… and I accepted that.

    AA keeps ppl sick and makes everyone around them believe they are sick and weak without AA… forever.


    • So it took you 20 years to figure out that AA is not for you? Why did it take so long? I am a member of aa it saved my life I don’t think everyone gets sober through aa I don’t preach. But why spend your time bashing a program you don’t go to anymore?

      • DEEZE – HAHAHAHA – How bout you saved your life.

        Because AA harms so many and AA at every level DOES NOT OWN ITS PART IN IT> AA – the groups , NY WORLD HEADQUARTERS- AREA, DISTRICTS need to look “at their Part in it” ….

  2. Hollywood is big on AA propaganda. I think a key reason is that it is so culty that it makes members more obedient and docile so helps the Big Wigs stay in control while robbing the actors. I want to see if I can find the episode online and make a negative comment about it.

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