AA member found guilty of rape of two AA women Newbury Park, CA

A jury found a Newbury Park man guilty of sexually assaulting two women he met through Alcoholics Anonymous programs.

After about a two-week trial in Ventura County Superior Court, jurors on Thursday voted unanimously and found William Beliveau, 64, guilty of one felony countĀ of sexual penetration of an adult woman while she was intoxicated, said Senior Deputy District Attorney Erik Nasarenko.

Jurors also found Beliveau guilty of one felony count of sexual penetration of an adult woman while she was asleep or unconscious. The Newbury Park man could face a maximum of 10 years in state prison when he returns to court for sentencing on Aug. 24, Nasarenko said.



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4 thoughts on “AA member found guilty of rape of two AA women Newbury Park, CA

  1. William Beliveau found his victims in AA meetings in AA General Service Area 93, AA District 28. These Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are located in Ventura County California with 2010 census population of 823,318. Newbury Park where the victims appear to have been found is a very affluent neighborhood with a population of 37,775 (2010 census) with roughly twice the average income per person of the surrounding towns and California as a whole.


    Ventura County Intergroup Board
    meets the Thursday before the IGR meeting listed below at 7pm
    Ventura County Central Service Office
    321 North Aviador Street, Suite 115
    Camarillo, CA 93010District 28
    Mailing address:
    PO Box 3432
    Thousand Oaks, CA 91359

    Monthly meetings for District 28 are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7 pm:
    King of Glory Church
    2500 Borchard Rd
    Newbury Park, CA

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how the pics of these lowlifes that commit these acts – they always look like such winners….(heavy sarcasm intended). I try to remember back to my daze (misspelling intentional) in the Roomz and I wonder – did most of the people there look like winners (heavy sarc again)? And if so, why did I never notice it back then? It’s like AA installs blinders over your eyes or at least tries it’s best to do so……and my post here has me remembering something someone once said to me at a meeting – stick with the “Winners” – uh huh…..people like this man Massive has posted here about. Uh huh. A real “Winner” for sure……..

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