David Powers, AA member and Director of The Rock Church is arressted and on bail for assaulting young women in his Sober Living Rehabs in San Diego.

women sue pic Daivd PowersWomen sue Mega Church. This man is an Alcoholics Anonymous member. This link was passed on to me by someone from this area that knows him. Sick , sick, stuff….Congratulations to these women for filing charges against him.

It’s a cesspool of sex’: Women sue director of megachurch-affiliated rehab on claims he routinely groped, harassed and even laid on top of them as they slept

  • Taylor Peyton, Andria Donovan and Jaycee Peacock and three other women allege that David Powers is a serial sex abuser in the civil suit David Powers pic
  • Powers’ ABC Sober Living is closely affiliated with San Diego’s 12,000-member megachurch The Rock Church
  • The suit names The Rock Church, Powers, ABC Sober Living and Powers’ wife Tina as defendants
  • Tina Powers allegedly threatened at least one accuser who voiced concerns over her husband’s behavior


PUBLISHED: 14:09 EST, 11 May 2014 | UPDATED: 03:53 EST, 12 May 2014

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2625648/Its-cesspool-sex-Women-sue-director-megachurch-affiliated-rehab-claims-routinely-groped-harassed-laid-slept.html#ixzz31ZIeLsaT
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Read full story here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2625648/Its-cesspool-sex-Women-sue-director-megachurch-affiliated-rehab-claims-routinely-groped-harassed-laid-slept.html

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28 thoughts on “David Powers, AA member and Director of The Rock Church is arressted and on bail for assaulting young women in his Sober Living Rehabs in San Diego.

  1. Massive do you remember that I kind of went on a rant but there is a place over in Idaho that I hear the guy does the same thing. He’s involved in a church over there and I guess it’s like a half way house. They call it, “the bunny ranch” dang it I had his name and the name of the place written down somewhere, but I can’t find it. Idk, it’s some kind of outreach Christian church and he has a branch for addicts. Maybe u can find it…

  2. But I heard (no proof) that he is totally inappropriate with the young women there. I really have a feeling it’s the same sorta thing. There’s barely any regulation in those places.

  3. What a set up for a predator! Being a “minister” gives him an unearned veil of decency, while being in AA gives him an undeserved cover being called to help “unfortunates”.

    Power, people crave power, especially sociopaths, and they are attracted to getting power in places like Churches, rehabs, and 12-step groups because these entities foster a false sense of security in people and are looked at in a positive light by the public at large.

    When I got sober I was told that someone who behaved badly and harmed others would surely get drunk and vanish from “the fellowship’. This was definitely NOT true. Rotten people, people sick to their core, are perfectly capable of stopping their drinking. Then they have a whole new society to prey on.

    • Well, for one thing, they used to drug up drunks they found in the early days http://www.expaa.org/apps/videos/videos/show/17737866-paraldehyde

      Now, you have to examine what really happened in the beginning of AA. Wilson took a concoction of various things including hallucinogens. He had to think the elixir was at the core of his process for sobriety ( and he eventually pushed LSD as a cure too) so what other types of elixirs did he come up with in the early days. AND, how many people did they kill with their experiments? AND who did they kill? I’m sure ol Billy had quite the line for the drunk babes in the early days. If he couldn’t control himself in public, when the future of his “movement” was at stake, just imagine what he did when nobody was looking. I’m quite confident there is very damaging information that is not even in the archives.

      • Isnt it pssible that the early AA´s drugged themselves up with morphine and such ?…I mean at least the doctor ( as in dr Bob ) must have had access to all kinds of medication…and in the first edition they dont seem to be bringing up the subject of use of other substances ?

        • Seems the ‘lettered’ mind benders Bill Wilson was cavorting with along with pal Aldous Huxley in California were the same crowd that later ‘handled’ Jerry Garcia and – gasp – Charlie Manson….

        • Mr t- Yes.

          They used a very strong cocktail that Dr Bob made up that knocked them out for 48 hours. Boy those were the days! There is a youtube video that has Dr Bob’s Children talking about how drugged they were.

        • There was/is one recording of Wilson talking about the last surgery Dr. Bob did. The clean version has Wilson giving Dr Bob a beer to calm his nerves before the surgery on some dudes ass. The video has Wilson saying Dr Bob drank the beer and
          ” took a goofball” and that is never mentioned anywhere in the literature and AA mythology. At the very least, it indicates drugs were part of the story in those days. Maybe they didn’t really want to give up the dope and the focus was on the nasty anthropomorphic demon rum. I mean, why give up the good shit when everybody is focused on booze?

          • Yes, thats what Im beginning to beleive about AA.

            I dont think they regarded various medications as illegal addictive substances as we do today. In both europe and the us one could buy cocaine and heroin at pharmacies during the beginning of the 1900´s…or something like that…

            There was little knowledge about those substances addictive nature. The drugaddicts began to appear en masse during the 50´s.

            I mean…wilson wanted to hand out acid to the AAers in the 50´s right ?

            What an irony if the majority of the early AAs managed to stay sober by the means of “goofballs”…and other drugs. Maybe thats how a lot of “the first 100” found their higher power…with wich they managed to withstand the temptation of alcohol the first couple of months of sobriety..

            • Oh, by the way…wasnt their a term called “marijuana maintenance” among the US AAérs during the 70´s ?…a quite common practice as well ?

              And then in the 80´s came prozac an such….

  4. You know I could have sworn Terry has said there’s a secret trove that AA won’t let anyone get their hands on. Don’t quote me though…

    Bill Wilson, freaking world-class scumbag.

    • I have been told the same thing by people. There are documents that are not permitted to be viewed.

  5. Just another day in the combined lands of religion and AA. This type of thing is becoming the norm and not the aberration. Unbalanced people living in a complete state of make believe that have significant power over others.What could go wrong? This.

  6. I wasn’t at the scene or multiple alleged scenes, nor will I be picked as a member of the jury. Geography aside, I won’t be picked as a citizen jurist because I believe the principal defendant wishes he could plead a Twelve Step defense: Powerlessness.

    As the Flip Wilson character mocked it, “the Devil made me do it!’ is the essence of AA recovery self-warping into reimbursable disease claptrap – I play, others pay.

    These plaintiffs deserve justice!

    I can just imagine David Powers arguing “they came onto me!”
    What’s your part in it, Director David Powers?

  7. I know David Powers. His admixture of religion, AA, swindling and hustling is typical of religion and misuse of traditional AA. The AA program is not for sale. Many of the oldtimers left David’s group years ago. This type of behavior is far more typical of religion than AA.

  8. Hi Doug. I think the AA program is for sale has been embedded in a medicine at Harvard University sincerely 1940s. Space I think that more more stories will be told over the next few years and the truth about how embedded Alcoholics Anonymous is in every part of American culture medicine politics court system etc. etc. etc.

    Over the past three years as I have made this film I have uncovered how deeply deeply embedded AA really is.

    It’s frightening to me I once believed AA was a small society that grew as a grassroots movement. It was a highly calculated plan that was spearheaded by no one else but Marty man the first lesbian the first AA woman. She created the American Council on alcoholism which was later grown to be the NC a DD.

    It will be a very interesting couple of years as we spearheading to undo what has been calculated be done to American people and their children generation after generation brainwashed by the bullshit from the 1930s of alcoholics anonymous faith healing nonsense.

    I wasted far too many years in the cult of Alcoholics Anonymous and I know its traditions the program and the lies inside and out.

    I will do all the work that I can to make sure that no person ever no American ever gets court-ordered to an AA meeting ever again that when a young person when a woman or man gets a DUI ticket to get sent somewhere else but never to AA!!!

    I will also work very hard and smart to make sure that no sex offender no violent criminal ever be plea dealed people to go to Alcoholics Anonymous, narcotics anonymous ever again to make this a federal law that everybody knows about ,

    To make the story go as viral as the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal did for years after years after years!

    I will work very hard and smart to make sure that people know that there are seven other free options. To educate people that they were so many wonderful non-12 step books , therapists who are really trained to help people with problems with alcohol or drug issues.

    I think AA is worse than the Catholic Church and equally bad as some religions.
    I think when people say that is spiritual is just bullshit from the 1960s and 70s when new Age hippie crap infiltrated American culture!

    Okay so you know this man so let me ask you this how bad how bad is he really and how many other men are just like him in AA?

    • New Age hippie stuff is easier on the brain! LOL, I’ll take essential oils, sprouted wheat bread, and meditation over being taught the 12-steps of self-degredation any day.

      I’ve been wondering something; did the medical community embrace the 12-step movement in order to not have to do anything about alcoholism due to the shame associated with it along with the failures of the whacky “cures’ they had tried up to that point? Did the religious institutions embrace it because they felt it would filter them new converts (after appropriate drying out, of course, no need for polite society to see drunks on Sunday).

      I think it took root as a convenience to various institutions who were tasked with either providing for the physical health of people, or their spiritual life. It was the easy way out and Marty Mann, who was well-connected, came along to convince them that it worked well, when it did not. Now it is an entrenched monster that is not benign.

      • Bcm sprouts, yummy wheat bread, yoghurt, long flowing hippy skirts bring back fond memories!
        But these past few months of interviews have done something to me …
        We compared in old dictionaries the words spiritual vs religious in every decade from all the way back to 1935
        But as the new age movement grew ram dass and all the gurus ( some who were also in AA ) began making up new fake religions , which included AA…
        Then. They fed us the surgery word ” spiritual ‘ not ” religious ”

        They snowed me at 18 in 1975!
        Those fucking manipulators!
        The more we dissect the big book the more radical I see it , and the more disturbing it all looks , I hope someday bcm we can watch my film together in some indie theatre hall in your town ,

        • Gurus! I forgot about the Gurus. Never trust a self-proclaimed authority with your consciousness. But I didn’t know many of them were in AA as well. But I should have realized since the two therapists at the long term treatment center I was in were also caught up with some Guru, as well as being into 12-step only treatment.

      • Also bcm- yes when AA arrived we have just ended prohibition 1933…Americans had been binge drinking for 13 years
        Prohibition created that hiding it sneaking it shots pounding shots etc …. Opium use was up also with middle class white women in the early part of that century
        So bill arrives on the scene and finally quits after being a hopeless drunk … He and othe members get their 12 steps and Bb into Harvard medical where they entered a vacuum , there was no answer at the time !!! So as AA men who were hopeless drunks they went to work at one of our most prestigious medical schools !!!! Harvard
        Guess what …. They have been there ever since , oh there have been some sane thinkers there like lance Dodes who I interviewed but those mother fuckers have virtually stopped real scientific research for70 years

        If I was making a min series I would cover this aspect much more deeply in the film , I d o cover it for sure lance gives a great interview .
        Here’s the deal if val and I called the 10 top medical research hospitals in America …. We’ll maybe we can do it for the fun of it and post our findings in a short video on its own !

    • BTW, I agree with your points. It is not spiritual. You are doing good work. Thank you for your efforts.

  9. My name is Taylor Peyton, I was the first women to come forward about David Powers behavior. I hate AA, I am leaving AA. I love this website for helping me realize i am not crazy.

  10. Hi TAYLOR !!! OMG- I am so happy you found us. You have such courage! I was so excited when I saw this article and that you had exposed him.

    GOOD FOR YOU ! I have sent you an email back with my phone info. Please feel free to call me.

    Massive – Monica

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