AA Member punches pregnant girlfriend in the stomach.

JUST so you know who is also sitting next to you in a meeting. He has been violent before. WHY dont these men do time in prison? WHAT the heck is wrong with our lawyers? Not all lawyers , but this is a game they play .

by David Linton / THE SUN CHRONICLE

ATTLEBORO — A city man has been charged with shoving a sonogram down his pregnant girlfriend’s throat and punching her in the stomach during an argument at his apartment.

Jonathan Gaidelis, 27, of 798 Park St., was ordered held in jail without bail Thursday after a dangerousness hearing in Attleboro District Court.

His lawyer, Nicolas Gordon of Mansfield, pleaded for Judge Steven Thomas to release his client with a GPS monitoring bracelet and other conditions.

“This is a person who vehemently maintains his innocence,” Gordon said.

Gaidelis’ 24-year-old girlfriend, who is 19 weeks pregnant, testified the alleged Sept. 5 incident on was the last in a string of physical abuse she suffered at the hands of Gaidelis.

The woman testified Gaidelis accused her of cheating on him before he ripped up the sonogram and tried to shove it down her throat. He then began assaulting her, she testified.

“He punched me in the stomach,”she said.

The woman then said he threw her on the bed and got on top of her before he eventually allowed her to leave the apartment. The woman managed to text her mother, who called 911.

The woman was treated at Sturdy Memorial Hospital for abdominal pain and was released after being medically cleared, according to her testimony and a police report.

During cross examination, she acknowledged she never reported any previous assaults, including once when he allegedly choked her, and took him back. She said she agreed to reunite with Gaidelis on previous occasions when he told her he was attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.


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6 thoughts on “AA Member punches pregnant girlfriend in the stomach.

    • HI Jerry,

      He is an AA member and he has a violent past – meaning he has already been through the court system, arrested for beating women- and the the way the lawyers play the game with these guys is to do a Plea deal – no jail and pretend he has a booze problem. Maybe you should watch my film The 13th Step on AMAZON or Vimeo. AA has also been courting the courts since the 1940’s to get more members. At one time AA didnt like these scum bags – they had very strict rules who got into meetings, but they Bill Wislon and his buddies wanted to make money and sell their Big Book.

      But the main point is that every violent offender gets sent to AA these days.

  1. Actually his other assaults was on male family members. The other man mentioned in the article is the defedants family memember the article left a lot out and twisted things that was said but that is journalism. It says she went back each time because he said he was going to AA but truth be told he only told her that for one incident. The information I have is gathered bits from both sides family and friends.

      • I would be happy to tell you more. The “pregnant girlfriend ” is a lesbian, who was trying to get pregnant. She is a violent, manipulative liar. She had sex with many men and took pregnancy tests daily. I was thier roomate for a year. She tried to kill my dog. She is lying about Jonathan. He is not violent. He’s a kind, gentle soul surrounded by a group of alcoholic family members and friends of the family. I have text messages from her in the week prior to the alleged assault. She threatened to shoot me. She told me that she was doing things to hurt Jon and planned to do a whole lot more. While I lived in the home, she stole my mail. Expensive packages. She forged documents. She lied extensively and found great joy in hurting others.
        This is a terrible, terrible tragedy. This manipulative woman is lying and may destroy this young man’s life.
        Jonathan has been trying to care for his father, who suffered a stroke. There are many, many alcoholics who frequently visit the home. Most of these drunks are very mean. I was treated horrifically myself by some of them. I have witnessed many of them assault Jonathan. I have NEVER seen Jonathan hurt anyone. Jonathan actually stood between a visitor who was about to assault me, and ordered him to leave his property. We then talked for a while, during which he told me how much he thought it was wrong for a man to ever put his hands on a woman.
        Jonathan likes to drink coffee. In the year that I lived with Jon and Mikki, I saw Jonathan drunk once. Never since. That doesn’t say alcoholic to me. And, yes, I’m very familiar with addiction and mental illness. I worked in the field for many years.
        This is not a case that needs to be in your movie. I believe that the system is broken. I don’t believe that people with mental illness or addiction problems deserve to be in prison. They need help. Perhaps not AA. The 12 step program doesn’t work for everyone. The entire system needs rehabilitation if anyone is to get any help.
        There are 3 very, very bad things happening in this situation. Besides this AA nonsense, because I don’t think he was a member. SHE said that he said that he was going…. I was there when she came back. Jonathan was not attending AA.
        The 3 things that will come of this case are: #1. Jonathan’s father, who is recovering from a stroke, has been left with no one to care for him. #2. A young man’s life may be destroyed, because he didn’t press charges against men who assaulted him. The judge has been inclined to believe this woman, due to Jonathan’s previous abuse and silence.
        #3. Either more women will be inclined to lie about men, in an effort to manipulate them for thier advantage, thereby increasing the number of innocent men in prison ~ or ~ Women who have truly been abused won’t be believed. More often.
        There’s a lot more to this story. Someone is not doing thier job. This has not been properly investigated.
        I would be happy to be of any assistance I can. I have written evidence of all I’ve said and much more. Dating back years. These things happened BEFORE the ALLEGED assault.

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