AA Member Sentenced In Murder of Woman He Met In Alcoholics Anonymous

Corey DeanThomas had four violent felonies to his name when mandated to AA meetings. In 2009, he attacked another woman with a box cutter and scarred her for life. He also threatened to murder the entire family, and ran after a 14 year old.  The courts knew who they were dealing with when they sent him to AA meetings. He finally carried out his threats of murder on a  woman he met at an AA meeting in October 2011. She left behind 2 children.

St. Paul: For strangling ‘best friend,’ 34 years in prison

Corey Dean Thomas did not accept that Megan Neely was leaving him.

In his anger, the St. Paul man strangled the 27-year-old mother of two and stuffed her body into a crawl space of her apartment.

“All you had to do was be a man and walk away,” Neely’s mother, Terri Neely, said in Ramsey County District Court at his sentencing.

Thomas spent several hours after her death responding on her cellphone to texts from family and friends wondering where she was. He pretended he was Neely.

Thomas pleaded guilty to intentional second-degree murder. He was sentenced Tuesday, Dec. 11, to 34 years in prison, the maximum the judge could give him under the plea agreement.

Family and friends of Neely nodded and murmured “Thank you” as the sentence was pronounced. Many were in tears.

Judge Kathleen Gearin also gave Thomas, 32, credit for the 422 days he has served in custody since the October 2011 murder. She ordered him to pay $7,800 in funeral and burial expenses.

When it was his turn to speak, Thomas unfolded a sheet of yellow paper. He apologized to Neely’s family for what he called a “horrible tragedy.”

“I lost my best friend, and I’m sorry for taking her away,” he said in court.

He said during his Oct. 22 plea hearing that he and Neely had met at an AA meeting. They had been dating about three months and moved in together.

On the last day of her life, they argued over a cellphone that he had bought for her. The argument turned violent.

Though he pleaded guilty, Thomas wrote in a letter to Gearin after the plea that Neely’s death was an accident, said prosecutor Yasmin Mullings.

It was anything but, Mullings said, noting that Thomas had four violent felonies to his name. In a 2009 case, he attacked another woman with a box cutter and scarred her for life, the prosecutor said. She survived, probably thanks to the intervention of her stepfather, whom Thomas also cut, Mullings said.

If Neely’s death was an accident, she said, why didn’t he get help for her when he knew he had gone too far?

Not only did Thomas respond to texts from her loved ones as if he were Neely, “he goes so far as to talk to her 10-year-old daughter and tell her he didn’t know where her mother is,” Mullings said. “He tells her she’s probably with another man.”

He then sold his car and boarded a Greyhound bus to Miami, telling his brother that he wanted to turn his life around. He was “tired of Minnesota women,” he said, according to the criminal complaint.

Police arrested him the day he arrived in Miami. Thomas had scratches on his neck and arm. Investigators found Thomas’s DNA under Neely’s fingernails.

Police were called to Neely’s apartment in the 400 block of North Milton Street in St. Paul on Oct. 15, 2011. She and her sister had arranged to take their children to ValleyScare, a Halloween event, but she wasn’t answering her phone. Police searched the apartment but did not find her.

Officers returned Oct. 17 after her family became increasingly concerned. They found her body that afternoon in the crawl space.

Neely left behind two daughters, ages 10 and 1.

Neely’s sister, Samantha Neely, spoke to the court through a letter read by Mullings. Samantha Neely had to pick up the 10-year-old after school Oct. 17. The girl was expecting her mother and asked why her aunt was there instead.

“Change of plans,” Samantha Neely responded.

“I was not prepared to tell her that her mother was murdered,” she said.

At the close of the hearing, Thomas’s mother stood up. “Your honor?” she called. A county staff person told her she was not allowed to talk. Outside the courtroom, Connie Thomas of Chicago said she wanted to ask the judge if she could tell her son she loved him. She wanted him to know she was there.

She also said she wished to express her condolences to Neely’s family.

Emily Gurnon can be reached at 651-228-5522.



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39 thoughts on “AA Member Sentenced In Murder of Woman He Met In Alcoholics Anonymous

  1. AA puts women and young people in so much danger. I would often wonder if anyone besides me could notice how deathly precarious the entire situation was. I had an ex cop tell me that he was proud to have done his 5th step about sexually molesting a child even though he had to go to prison for 6 years. He was always very vocal and friendly in meetings which he usually lead the First Step table. He was like the wise old sage type guy. He said he had made his amends and now her has 20 years sober. He was an AA member and a SA member. Every week he smile with his big fat pink bloated face and snow white hair asking me if I wanted a ride home.

    “Ewwwww… No thanks Mr. Pervy-Dust-Fart!”

    One time I made the mistake of getting into a car with some shady man from a meeting I had made it to by bus. It was when I had to prove to my sponsor that I was “serious” about the program by getting to meetings by any means (the same way she claimed I would get to a drink). In retrospect, I NEVER took a friggin bus to get something to drink–NEVER! Now, maybe that was because I never HAD TO… (That’s what my x sponsor would smugly retort were she here.)

    She told me whenever I made it to a meeting to just ask someone there for a ride home. (She neglected to tell me to qualify the request as she later did with asking only “any female” for a ride home.) Honestly, my own damned common sense should have really told me that. MY GOODNESS, I have been acting really, really stupid as I go back and look over this sh!t.


    I got in the car with this squirrely, greasy stink weed of a man. He looked kind of like the guy–the murderer here, but he was about 20 years older; the definition of smarmy. He immediately puts on some ol George Benson…and starts singing as he drives between asking me what I like to do and telling me how he usually spends his time…

    [Benson sings] “Are we really happy here with this lonely game we play?”

    Greasy Sleaze asks, “So, how long have you lived around here lil gal?”

    “A few years…” I swallow a gag thinking, “Does this old crusty blitch think he is being smooth and sexy playing my Daddy’s damn Benson music from his 8-track?”

    “Really…” he smiles, “I just moved here a while back. I could take you to this meeting and you could ride back with me every week if you need a ride here…”

    “Oh that is so nice. Thank you…” I said as I thought, “Oh you’ll never get me back in this car ‘riding’ nothing NOWHERE Mr. Slippery-Step-Banger!”

    [Benson] “Both afraid to say we’re just too far away… from being close together from the start…”

    I swear I will never be able to enjoy good ol George Benson the way I used to ever again. He (and the Good Lord) got me home okay, but I felt VERY uncomfortable during the entire ride. I normally would have NEVER even put myself in that position, but my sponsor told me to and she would never tell me to do anything wrong, right? (What kind of a fool am I?)

    One time to prove I was willing to “go to any lengths” to get to a meeting (during one of my RELAPSE PUNISHMENTS) I ended up walking before dawn on a service drive behind apartment complexes to meet some crazy ass AA lady for a ride to a 7am meeting. It was so damned DANGEROUS. As I walked I thought, “Now, my mama, as old as I am would just beat my dumb ass for being out here alone like this with no way to get help.” Bad scene. Bad choice. Proof that God looks after fools.

    I could have been grabbed and gone. It took me a few times to get my senses to kick in and stop doing that crap. And the lady I had to walk to meet for a ride lived like a 3 minute drive away from me. She was very, very strange, but since she had 18 years of proclaimed sobriety, you were supposed to overlook or be in awe of the fact that she talked about being dual diagnosed with bipolar and something else. She never let anyone forget that she was some type of license counselor.

    She liked to talk at tables with both men and women about being addicted to having sex with her ex husband and now having been celibate for years and years, having orgasms in her dreams thus creating spiritual epiphanies within her Higher Consciousness.


    I just wished I could have hooked her up with Mr. Greasy Sleaze. They could have “stepped it OUT!”

    I have never understood why more crazy people do not just get with one another instead of going and terrorizing harmless people like the poor woman this freak just murdered. AA puts you in the position of relating to and basically socializing with the exact people that you would normally avoid like the friggin plague. We avoid being around these types of people for good damned reason.

    Fellowship my ass!

    • OMG! This REALLY gets me so damn mad! Your sponsor putting you at risk to prove you really mean it! They have put more woman and children in harms way than I think any other organization. What the hell telling woman to get rides from strangers that many are felons and sex offenders? Members and their children are really treated like second class citizens. They are not offered common sense advice that would normally be given or used in regular society settings. But in the AA and NA World, your survival in reality is not that important. Otherwise why would they tell women to get rides from strangers, let them know where you LIVE, allow violent felons to co mingle with small children and teenagers?

      There are safety guidelines in organizations, at a minimum usually some common sense. But it all goes out the window in AA.

      This is an area of particular concern for me. I advocate for courts to allow SMART online meetings, so single Moms who cant drive, are not dragging their kids to meetings and riding with nutcases, or leaving their children home alone. Not to mention that it better for a Mom to helping her kids do their homework and making dinner, having family time instead of keeping them up past their bedtime listening to horror stories and meeting some very creepy people that could end up molesting them.

  2. I am over 40 years old & the parent of adult children whom I have had to train to be safe physically…sexually & emotionally. I should’ve known better than to place myself in jeaopardy among rank strangers from off & out the slimy alcohol & drug streets. What possible defenses do younger women & minors have if someone my age was like a lamb in a den of potentially rabid dogs? AA conditions new members to accept a certain level of affinity w/ all members of The Fellowship without anyone earning or warranting said trust & affinity. Why are new people expected to hug a bunch of bick wrangling…dangling Muster Fockers w/o even knowing them? I was molested by my aunt as a baby & raped by a 26 year old man when I was 15. What am I supposed to get from the attempted desensitization of having all these people touch & press up against me? The only one who noticed that I didnt enjoy “hugs” was my sponsor who stopped hugging me but she & my grand sponsor were actually the few I felt comfortable hugging. WTF?

    • Close to 90% of people who have survived childhood molestation, rape as a child or woman or man have subsequent subtance use or abuse problems. To mix this survivors into a population where crminals and sex offenfers are sent is just wrong on so many levels. Who or what comes up with this madness. Of course a survivor needs time to see who can be trusted before being able to accept much needed hugs from a trusted few. The Twelve Step Programs need to be investigated on a large scale and made subject to real accountability. Too many people are just doing whatever they want and hurting vulnerable people physically, emotionally, sexually and in whatever other ways they can get away with. There are many good and well intentioned people in AA but the system as a whole is tragically flawed and harmful. Why is this spiritual religion allowed to do this?

      • hi tellit. Why is it allowed to do it? I dont know. The Catholic Church got away with it. Jerry Sandusky did to.

        People or institutions turn a blind eye to the abuse. AA thinks its above the law. Its days are coming to a slow crawl. The truth will be told about AA and it will be sued by many when the fat lady finally sings.

        I agree with all that you sad in your post. Its a bad , bad situation.

        • I have noticed that my self that the members think that they are above the law, there is this man what been comming for a while now, he is a sex addict and a relapzer, he has been sober for a while now, he stalks people what he does not like, and slanders them at the group, it just makes me so mad i can hardly write,
          I have been studing your web site for a while now and I do agree, I have no busness in being a AA member, and I am sober i have been for years and I have no desire of ever drinking again, but that still does not qulifiy me to be a AA member I think AA is a hang out for sexual perverts and what ever. I have been working on that I am not going to address my self as a AA member again

          • d aa member, I dont like calling you dumb….:(
            its a such an AA thing to do to criticize oneself … Hi and Welcome!

            “there is this man what been comming for a while now, he is a sex addict and a relapzer, he has been sober for a while now, he stalks people what he does not like, and slanders them at the group,”

            So , let me ask you a question….what have you and the group done to stop him ….If you were in a PTA meeting what actions would you and the other members take?

            Its not like its a private home where a child is being molested, but MOM is pretending DAD is not molesting the children….right?

            Isn’t is weird that AA and its members re enact this scenario ALL the time. WTF!!!

  3. Have you all seen the video of Karla Brada parents asking for help to raise funds for the suit against AA? I want to help this vidoe to get exposure. I am just experiementing with different web site platforms now. It is a tie between Wix 7 WordPress…maybe I will utilize both. Wix allows more media though..

    I put the video up:

    I will still be writing a much more extensive article on the Karla Brada case and the safety/danger for women and minors at AA meetings.

    People deserve to know.

    • Good Going Illbefree! That’s great. It is so terrible what happened to Karla Brada. To think AA members talked her into bailing that killer out of jail is criminal. AA is not a safe place.

      • I agree with that I have been talking about this web site to the AA members and they are mad at me for reading this site, AA should be exposed as a cult of doom, in the same catagrory as witchcraft and vampires,

  4. Thanks AntiDenial… I have come up with an outline of how I want to struture it already. I want to make sure that I hit upon all components needing to be brought to light in relation to this issue:

    The Murder of Karla Brada: How Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Puts Women & Minors In Danger of Molestation, Rape, Exploitation, Emotional Abuse, Suicide & Murder
    1. The Danger of Powerlessness When in the Company of Predators
    2. The Insanity & Unmanageability of Unqualified, Unscrupulous AA Sponsors
    3. The Reckless, Carelessness of Giving Our Will Over to Strangers
    4. The Fatal Foolishness of Failing to Take Mindful Inventory of All in Our Company (or at Our “Table”)
    5. The Wrong of Giving Uncredentialed Strangers the Right to Hear Our Most Intimate & Private Truths
    6. The Willfulness of Defected Characters to Take Power & Control Over Our Lives
    7. The Humiliation and Degradation of Casting Our Mistakes Before Swine
    8. The List of Ways in Which We Open Ourselves to All Manner of Harm & Potential Death
    9. The Continuing Injury Being Caused to Ourselves and Countless Others
    10. The Accountability & Legal Forcing of Faux Powers That Be to Admit That They Are Wrong
    11. The Personal Danger of Praying with Perpetrators, Power-freaks, Powerless Puppets
    12. The Power of Having Had an Eye Opening Experience as a Result of Education, Information & Self-Empowerment Causing Us to Seek to Share Our Emancipation with as Many Truth Seekers as Possible During This Lifetime…and Beyond

    Within each header I will elaborate on Karla’s case and interject other information that resonates with each section and may be applicable to others considering AA, newly indoctrinated or recently left, shunned or abandoned…

    This is just a skeleton…

    Any helpful suggestions, information, etc. are very welcomed.

      • Thanks Massive!

        I will definitely do that. I look forward to working steadily on this initiative this year for my self personally and for the broader work I must do and for this movement and for the people who will need Our Work to be there when they are ready.

        There are some great people blogging here. (I was reading old posts last night; you guys had me laughing my azz off sometimes…other times people shared things that just broke my heart.)

        I sincerely feel that with the passion, intelligence and intention of everyone involved we will be able to make AA less harm-filled for some very precious people whom we may never know…still, the GOOD will be done.

        Your blog has been a very positive outlet for me. I no longer feel broken and utterly disempowered as AA left me. I appreciate your work Massive!

        I need to catch your next radio show… (I have limited computer access…)

  5. wow wow—–speechless.


    “Danger of Praying with Perpetrators, Power-freaks, Powerless Puppets”

    Praying with perps. Sick…sick…sick and you are so right on!

    • I go to AA because i am a lone and by my self, I never give that cult a damn dime when they pass around the offering plate and when i am at meetings I piss them all off.

        • I do not live in Los angeles, but i live in the mid west, I go to a lot of different groups around in my city I do believe in keeping clean and sober, I think the problem is that I do not get along with people and do not trust them, I have been bragging about this web site so i like to remain completely anonymous, lot of the people there do not like me at all, they think I am not a alcoholic because i do not believe in sponsorship, I think that this is a free country and we can work as a group not as individuals i think sponsorship is just a lot of mind manipulation stuff that i do not agree with. I do not believe in all that gender nonsense, man working with man and woman working with woman, I believe in group unity, I am awakened by biblical teachings what have been listening to, I agree with westboro baptist church when it comes down to the higher power, sex is a sin until you are married, I do agree with all of it, alcoholism to me is a moral issue.I do not believe in the disease consept a all. i am getting ready to go to a meeting in a few hours I go all the time, i just enjoy being different, I have been accused of running a lot of people off and being a piss poor example of a AA member, the members are very rude to me and they say a lot of insulting things, i think that is the reason i like going back, I have been going for many years and i have years of clean time,

          • look at this web site these people know the truth about the third step. and about 12 step programs, 12 step programs raise the wraith of god, (snip) (delete)
            this link seems to be a hate site for gays. Please do not put suck links here again.
            thank you

      • What do you mean you go to AA ‘cos you are alone? Do you mean you have no family or partner or that you are lonely or both? (Obviously you don’t have to answer, it’s none of my business). If you are going to meetings ‘cos you are lonely, could you not think of something better to do – I’m guessing from some of your posts that you are religious – could you not get involved with a church group? My church does stuff throughout the week too – this helps fill the void that was left when I left the meetings.

        Also evening classes, sports, creative activities, drama, education, group sports – I don’t know if I have the right end of the stick with your situation, but there are a million and one things that you could do that don’t involve drinking if you are just going to AA cos you are lonely or you are wanting company, the company is also likely to be less mental and more balanced.

    • I have been listening to all of your shows, I do agree, at least i am not the only one what thinks that AA is a cult, I used to think that i was a true paranoid, some of the members would tell me that i need to be on meds, or what, but i tell them that taking meds would be defeating the perpose, I am not taking meds to get along with that dumb cult. in some ways i think they need me, I teach them tolorance and humility, i have been there for years so they have not kicked me out yet,

      • dumbaamember,

        Ive been reading most of your comments about AA. Most of which are negative; so im wondering why you continue to attend meetings frequently; yet you dont like to call yourself a member. There is more I question about your comments but thats another issue.

        Im curious why did you post this link this Morning (delete) ….Sue thank you …this seems to be a gay hater link. I have removed it in both places.
        How is it related to the third step and AA? How do you feel about that site? I thought there might be a reply from another blogger, that would give me a clue. Forgive me, I am totally confused. Ive looked at the site several times and still cant figure out the reason behind your posting it. Forgive me, I can be a little slow.

        • Thankyou for removing the offensive link. If dumbaamember comes back, I am going to ask him the same question without posting the link.

          The reason I said I was slow was because I was shocked and truly thought I must be missing the message. Thanks again!

  6. similar story

    Homeless Psychopathic Predator who Named James Albert Walker. Currently Located In Galveston Texas. He and his associates are responsible for the giving of illicit drugs. Crack Cocaine, marijuana, and other mind altering substances to women in the Galveston area for the purpose of abusing them sexually. he will target women who have mental illness issues or or disabled, he also will target those who are emotionally and mentally unstable especially in the following organizations.. Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, and the Salvation Army. His last victim was a 47 year old women with mental illness who he removed from a treatment facility and gave cocaine laced marijuana too and savagely assaulted and strangled her. he was able to fool his victim into not testifying against him


      • I wouldn’t go there if I were you YO, your “databases” are nothing, What are you going to do with them?Are you an AA member bringing Alcoholics Anonymous into controversy against traditions? Very Spiritual and how AA of you…..

  7. Gee, and I thought I understood this site but I guess I was wrong. I need to go and work on my own ’emotional sobriety’ ;). Thanks Massive for being here and letting us pro steppers blog like you do.

    • its not your BLOG ITS OURS!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA

      IMagine this. EVEN the friggen LA TIMES doesn’t print the truth about AA cause a STEPPER is running it.

      SO OUR REAL newspapers are liars. This is ours and I can moderate trolls like you any way I see fit. This is not a stupid AA meeting and what you have to say here has no value.

      SO go away under a rock or to one of your stupid meetings or racist sites in Ireland.

  8. Well Mary,

    Obviously you are an AA member that is not joyous, happy and free. Not only that, you have admitted it on the worldwide web where the information is captured and can not be deleted. Congratulations, you have just shown the world the main problem with Alcoholics Anonymous members who believe they are the “chosen ones” and Sponsor newcomers to AA. You should be proud of yourself for you have shown the true colors of AA.

    Your obvious disgusting comments are what this site is all about, thank-you for giving a prime example and a good reason to run from the cult of Alcoholics Anonymous just like the 95 % of the people who enter the covens of AA do….

  9. Such a happy stepper loser.
    That’s a sure way to attract folks back to the cult.
    Is this how you conduct yourself at meetings?
    Your “fellow” friends as well?
    Makes me want to come back.

  10. “ah mary mary, what a bossy little thing you are… telling us how to run this blog!!!!!!

    AINT GONNA HAPPEN >>>>>>go away. You are banned starting NOW!!!!!!!!

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