AA Member Tries Intimidation

     ”  F####k OFF -Why do you feel the need to bash AA like this?  Not helping anyone.    ”              

This is what some 12 stepping idiot who thinks they can bully, threaten or intimidate me did today.

AT 5:01 PST I received this little turd of an email from I guess a little turd of an AA member. 

FUCK OFF was in the subject line of the email. I could not see who sent it. Sneaky little …!

Oh he must be such a big important AA member. So serene. So special now that he belongs to such an insider crowd!

Why do AA members feel they can bully, shit on, belittle, threaten normal citizens and get away with it? I will tell you why. Because some like the man who allegedly killed Karla Brada in Santa Clarita was arrested so many times, and drove drunk so many times, and got off by going to stupid AA meetings for over 22 years!!! That is why. They get away with it.  They think they are a special secret society that have freinds in high places who can work “around ” the law. I guess that part is true now.

When did things get this bad with AA and criminals and the bullying? How long has this type of direct get out of jail card really going on? 20 years?

Was Bill Wilson threatening people who didnt like AA. I kinda doubt it. He seemed like a weak minded, weak willed, lazy guy that used woman. I can’t see Bill Wilson sending me that kind of email. There were big negative articles written up in the 1960’s about AA. Bill was busy kissing their butts. He was too busy wanting people to like him and his Big Book.

So, when did this mobster above the law mentality creep it’s ugly head into the sweet docile halls of AA? Or was I dreaming all those f####king  35 years? I really want to know. …

AA today is liken to the 1930’s mobsters… aka mini gangs, entangled with a splash of lawyers, some nice moms, some creepy pedophiles, some teens who smoked too much pot, some more tattoo biker dudes, some more white men in suits who made good after they stopped drinking, beating their wives and molesting their children. Then of course if your in Los Angeles, you have to sprinkle a good mix of movie stars, writers who are out of work, and some hard core stepper Producers and a few more mediocre stars who arent really in AA but once went and now their famous and so forth. Oh yes, and we can’t forget the hundreds of sex offenders and violent criminals also being dumped into AA. Oh yea, we can’t forget the DUI’s who are  illegally being sent to AA in California.

My little friend who sent me this stupid  email…dont do it again. I will find out who you are and guess what. Sending a private threatening email is against the law. I will call the law.

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37 thoughts on “AA Member Tries Intimidation

  1. Yes the “anonymous” part of AA (when it suits them) is hilarious. I am very happy I got away from the well meaning and not so well meaning people. The well meaners were intrusive and hypocritical at best. The not so well meaners were down right nasty. This ain’t high school anymore and I’m not wanting to be part of the clique anymore, and thank GOD for that. Your email just confirms what I think of AA. This site IS good for us.

    • LOL- The AA mentality and their level of immaturity make the republican party look mature. That’s how badly AA members act when they don’t like you or approve of you.

      And the women….are worse. They will turn their backs on you faster then you can blink. Now there are some great men and women who I am still friends with …however, there is a mentality and a group think that is so culty and crazy with many long time members…that with these people, there is no making sense when criticizing the Golden Standard antiquated 12 step program.

      • You hit the nail on the head! Acting like highschoolers! It is a common theme among so many of them. I actually had a Daytona NA Tresurer tell me they did not sell literature! That being a flat out lie.

        • I am a Member of A.A. Myself and have done large Amount of Service for the fellowship and its treatment centers. I must say that what you are saying about a lot of people coming to the Meeting is true. I’ve recently had to change meetings and places because of being harassed by criminals in and out of the rooms. Safely they turn it around on you and because of there connections and Mob mentalities, I get all I could do is find another meeting and place. I can’t believe after 3 years of service, they would do that to me. The corruption in A.A. Is discusting and am hopeful of finding a safer place to work my program and remain sober.

          • Pfffft….Such “spiritual” people working a “spiritual” program of recovery……I won’t tell you to leave AA – all I am going to say is please think of yourself and your safety first and foremost in regards to AA involvement in the future, and it sounds like you are connecting the dots here. This is a great site as a resource if you ever decide AA is not a good fit for you – that’s your call though in my book. Stay safe!

          • hi Nakoa- welcome ! yes AA has gone to the dogs over the years with court ordering. Safety first for you . Have you checked out other program that are free like SMART Recovery ?

  2. Massive:

    IIIigitimi non carborundum! >Dont Iet the bastards get you down!

    AIso remember that not aII white men are bad either- even in AA (its about 50/50 from what I saw!)

    GoogIe the site and you wiII see the F word is now Iisted- maybe we couId change that.

    Dont Iet the bad guys dictate our demeanor- we are a safe and congeniaI bunch.

  3. yo= The email was simple

    in the subject it said “FUCK OFF”

    then in the body of the email it said ” Why do you feel the need to bash AA like this? Not helping anyone.

    no signature and until my computer guy comes tomorrow …..I can’t see who sent it. But be sure I will find out tomorrow 🙂

  4. Isn’t AA all about intimidation? You know; fear of compulsion, our way or die, serenity or dry drunk, disease not behavior?
    Who needs mutual support built on intimidation fear and lies?
    Not me, I used HAMS and now drink like a normal bloke.
    All this after labeling myself alcoholic using the 20 questions of AA.

    • anon- yes. I think it’s about intimidation. Early on in the 70’s the hippie AA members where much better then the PG type weirdo’s that one see’s here in Los Angeles, CA.

      Imagine that. In the most Liberal State we have the most gross old fashioned approach to addiction. I like Hams. I think the courts need to send people there first and not to an abstinence based program.

      When I quit at 18 I had no problem doing it. I wanted to stop. It was my will. My choice.

      • Now I think abstinence for life is absurd. Especially for the first signs of trouble. So few are really alcoholics of the BIll Wilson variety.

        • I read some things about Bill Wilson that make sense to me.
          ” He was very clearly still a full blown addict and just switched his substance of choice and replaced his cravings for alcohol with women, sex, cigarettes, caffeine and cult-like religious fanaticism. ” Most of the people I met in AA have simply replaced alcohol with some other obsession or “addiction”. Sad to see some long time sober types unable to give up ciggies even though they need oxygen and are struggling with emphysema. Also with compulsive shopping etc. I mentioned once that I found meditation helpful and I was met with laugha and derision. I am “clean” of meetings and am progressing toward a healthier life 🙂

  5. We have experienced intimidation by both Daytona AA and NA members in Holly Hill Florida. They did their best to scare the locals who stood up to them and complained about them. The Daytona NA Treasurer was really bad, and made false police reports about local citizens. AA Members also filed false police reports as well. These are people who have decades of sober time! Also they threatened violence saying they were packing and they were not afraid to use it. The local police would not even state the names of AA or NA members in police reports.

    They have become so predictable in their responses in general. How they respond in communities like Holly Hill, and how they respond on blogs or negative articles.
    I can’t tell you how many times I have been accused of drinking when I bring up FACTS about AA and NA. It is so juvenile.

    There are stories about what happened to local citizens in Holly Hill Florida dealing with Daytona AA and NA members.


  6. Anti D
    I hope someday I can come there to help and witness the situation in Holly Hill. It was one of the worst weird stories of AA craziness that certainly included the Holly Hill Police. I bet a whole bunch are in AA. That is usually the case when they act like that. But one has to be ready to call them on it straight to their faces.
    Even Amanda Williams was taken down from being a Drug Court Judge after the story exposing her n THIS AMERICAN LIFE. Even though it can be hard, exposing criminal behavior etc in America is still a viable way to create change. And that is exactly what all the anti AA and ex stepper blogs are doing. But it takes more them blogging as you and I know.

    The folks there had a lot of courage and I know gave them a run for their money LOL and the one thing we got out out of it was this…the blogs and our friendship!

    The immaturity that was displayed in Holy Hill was so big there were two radio shows where it was fully discussed….right? Big John…I heard he was going to run for Mayor.

  7. Right Big John did run for mayor and lost. He is a huge AA loyalist. That was a great radio interview you did with him and set the blog stinkin thinkin on fire!

    Holly Hill has voted to have NO SMOKING parks! They are putting up signs now. It will be interesting to see if the Daytona 12 steppers will obey the rules, considering they seem to feel they are above the law. They are such smokaholics…….

    • anti d- well thanks to you I called in the first time and then he asked me back and they read my 11 page complaint letter to Alcoholics ANonymous World Service.

      The smoking ordinance happened in Long Beach and the AA were fighting for their above the law attitude we are special smoking rights.

        • Well, Well, Well, would’nt you know it! Volusia County Intergroup also known as Daytona AA refused to obey the new no smoking rules in Sunrise Park today. Not just one, but multiple members continued smoking despite the new signs that were installed earlier this week. I guess I should not be surprised, but they never fail to amaze me with their arrogance and sense of entitlement.

          • AntiD,

            Wouldnt they be subject to a fine for smoking now? I agree about the arrogance and sense of entitlement. I guess they dont teach manners and respect for rules in that group. Is their self control limited to abstaining from alcohol only. Oh, I forgot; they dont even have any self control over that addiction. For god sakes; go to another meeting if you cant control yourself for an hour or ask your HP to help your obey the law/rules.

          • I forgot to mention in my last post; that I am regretfully a smoker again after 12 yrs. of abstinence. It was choice to pick up the bad habit again. However when I went to meetings two years ago; at church’s and other places that sponsored meetings that requested no smoking in the surrounding areas, I left the smokes at home. Its called being respectful. The meetings I went to announced the no smoking policy at the end of the meeting. Thats the way it should be.

          • First there will be a warning, then they will be trespassed from the park for 6 months. So they are counting on being treated “special” I guess. But I think they will be in for a rude awaking. Holly Hill says they plan on enforcing the rules.

            It is just so arrogant, obnoxious, and an obvious sense of entitlement by many 12 steppers.

            We have had to deal with so many cig butts from them and others it has been terrible.

          • That’s cool you left your smokes at home. You seem like a very respectful, thoughtful person.

            I do believe there are some people in AA that would be respectful.. Yet they do seem to have a large share of seems like ODD
            ( Oppositional Difiance Disorder).

            It is just so inconsiderate and rude!

      • Hi Massive

        I agree deprogramming is inevitabIe! The Ionger I am away the Iess the AA cuIt stuff comes u and the better I feeI.


        • It is inevitable. I can say this for myself anyway as a fact as slowly, little by little, all the BS and insanity and double speak and jargon just slipped away from me – kind of like something sliding off a new teflon pan. It took some time in my case but it did happen. Gone are the days of my taking inventory and calling any big brother figure for AA validation/AA approval. Gone (mostly, with some rare flashbacks) are program catchwords and phrases and slogans……though one that I cherish and altered is this: MY BEST THINKING GOT ME OUT OF THE ROOMZ OF AA!!! I’d love to see that on a bumper sticker somewhere! Anyway, I just wanted to post that there is hope – you can get this convoluted BS that is AA out of your head.

            • Thank You, Massive. I’ve had some health issues so you have not seen me here for awhile but I’m doing better now. This cause is important, I really believe it is as AA as you know screws up so many people…..and continues to get away with it year after year after year. One of these years, though…..things will change. I firmly believe that.

  8. AntiD,

    I hope they enforce the rule. I cant believe they throw the butts on the ground. Ahhh, what about putting them in a coffee can. Arent there a few of those laying around AA meetings or do they use those to collect money.

  9. Sue- have you tried the electronic cigs? They are kinda cool. You can get them in different flavors and different levels if nicotine and eventual stop if you want.

  10. spiritlight-

    You are such a brainwashed stepper. Your little blog is filled with pictures about 13 stepping ? WHat is your point of your blog. Young women with strong sexual content that does not look empowering at all….

    …you are not looking for help … SO WHY are you here.

    This site is for those who have been harmed by steppers.
    You were not a teenage alcoholic. THERE IS NO SUCH THING! Its all bullsh*t.

    But they brainwashed you for sure. and btw in Hawaii the meetings are actually Hawaiians , not Samoans! You as a young lady went to a meeting where there are only men….yea right….

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