AA Sponsor Ira Pressman Sentenced to Prison for 8 years for $7 Million Dollars in Ponzi Scheme.

Some of us don’t need another reason to leave AA, to trust an AA member. Here is another story to run for the hills.

Better yet, run to a Smart Recovery meeting, run to Rational Recovery, to Women in Sobriety, to SOS…

The word Sponsor brings chills to my bones when I think about how these creeps take advantgae of well meaning AA members, who trust another member just a bit more then a stranger because they are “in AA”.

After Bala Cynwyd resident Ira Pressman told a federal judge Friday afternoon how sorry he was for stealing about $7 million from 23 people through a so-called Ponzi scheme, he learned his fate: eight years and one month in prison, a duration at the high end of the federal sentencing guideline for his crimes.

Read the whole story here…http://balacynwyd.patch.com/articles/betraying-his-aa-friends-hurts-ponzi-schemer-at-sentencing

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25 thoughts on “AA Sponsor Ira Pressman Sentenced to Prison for 8 years for $7 Million Dollars in Ponzi Scheme.

  1. This guy appears to just be a perp in general, his relationship with AA was kind of secondary to the case. It does make sense that in any organization with over a million members, this kind of stuff will happen eventually. Still the creep put the bite on fellow AA members- who would not have been exposed if not for their relationship with AA.

    Of course that’s why I refuse to discuss my finances with anyone in recovery. Or anyone who is not a licensed professional from a firm with a good reputation that is insured. When people pan handled me in the program, I got to the point of giving $5.00 1 time only.

    All of a sudden I was off their popular target list for panhandling…

  2. Just because he scammed people outside of AA as well, does not dilute the fact that he was an old timer within AA and a well respected sponsor who actually was known to have sponsored many. The Judge certainly did not think he was just a general perp.
    He got more time because of his abuse of power in AA. People are more vulnerable in AA than mainstream society. He most likely would of had more victims within AA if they actually had money!

    • Anti-D:

      Point taken, and he joined AA as a result of cocaine abuse- he fits the coke/meth junkie sociopath model that motivated me to leave AA clubhouses.

      • OMG.

        This again. You know what you sound like??

        “He did cocaine, so he wasn’t a PURE alcoholic like me.”

        I’m guessing you never endangered anyone’s life by driving drunk, Yo. According to you, only drug users break the law right? Never the kind, wise, upstanding alcoholic.

        Better get over yourself, girlfriend.

        • I never drank and drove. I was too young LOL. I took the subway, walked, rode the NY buses and hitched hiked all over the country. 🙂

          btw I tried coke and I hated it. It did nothing for me.
          I liked my Black berry Brandy, GIn and WINE…
          not all at once mind you…but in a brown paper bag.
          It felt more edgy.

        • IN defense of some here I do want to say that addicts are not lessor folks then those with a drinking problem. Substance overuse is just that.

          I do know that crack addicts are way more violent then any pot smoking hippy, heroin user, or drunk…

          just saying…peace 🙂 this is an leaving AA site so be nice to all who are leaving…support …is support not competition.

      • Do you really think social drinkers end up in A.A.? No, the people that end up in A.A. are the ones that set out to get hammered every time they drink. Alcohol is a drug period, remember? I fail to see the difference between getting hammered on drugs or alcohol, they are both drugs. Not all people that attend A.A are alcoholics, some are there for other reasons, I guess that can also be true for these forums as well.

        • Yes and yes again.

          some on the forum go there because AA took their wives etc. Some were threatened by stupid NA members. Some of us were in AA/NA and left.

          There are some in LA who come just to meet men. some to hit on women. SOme to scam members for money.
          When they wrote a piece in Playboy about AA being an easy pick up joint for sober women all kinds of men showed up. It’s a fact.

      • ALso yo- competing about who is worse…an addict or drunk is an AA thing.

        PLease no AA speak here. This is an anti leaving AA site.

        • Thank you Massive, it is very offensive for some to think they are higher up on the food chain because they never used drugs. Chemical abuse and addiction are the same whether it is alcohol, heroin, or whatever. They all serve the same purpose, to change the way we feel. It’s like going to the beach, it doesn’t matter whether we drive or take the train….we still end up at the beach!

          • Yo- I think we are talking about 2 different things.
            One is, AA members tend to think they are better than NA members. This really upsets those that use drugs other than alcohol.

            But there is the point of people on meth that makes them pretty desperate, and crimes vary I assume as well.

          • I’d rather be a junkie than a stuck up, dried up pathetic human being that hates themselves so much that they actually feel the need to reassure themselves by saying “Well, at least I’m not a JUNKIE!!!” Those are some high standards ya got there.

            And that’s “ex” junkie, thank you very much.

          • You should be correct Massive, however some people simply refuse to see the factual difference of the risk difference between drug addicts and alcoholics IN AA.

            That’s the whole point of this website. Even when I give statistically viable observations, all I get is attacked. Who needs it? So much for free speech on this site.


            (snip) from massive to Yo

            This is the first I am seeing you get attacked.

            This is a blog and its not about free speech. Do you want to know how bad it is? Even with the Los Angeles TImes , The New York Times and The Washington Post which are run by AA nutjob oldtimers. So No free speech is going on in three of the biggest newspapers in warm and sugary, love bombing huggy, holding hands AA cultural obsessed 12 stepping America, where everyone is a sex addict, a sugar addict, a love addict , a shop aholic, an alcoholic even at 14, on and on.

            My blog LEAVING AA is for people who are leaving AA or want to leave AA. This is not a mutual hippy free society for all… board.

            There certainly is not freedom in AA and my rights as US citizen are not protected from being sexually harassed by oldtimer AA men. IN fact it is covered up knowingly and most turn a blind eye to the predators. Women are as bad as the men. Most women DO NOT support the woman when they get hit on. They act like wimpy Mormon 1950’s freaks!!!

            You say Good Bye and I say Hello …hello , hello The Beatles.

      • I think the “model” of the “junkie” personality is something that is misinformation handed down by word of mouth in AA. I have heard it many times but I haven’t seen any research that shows that drug addicts have even worse personalities than “selfish and self-centered” alcoholics; yet I have “heard” that from old-timers.

        It takes time to question everything we’ve heard in AA, and it is not easy getting past information we have logged into our brains as “fact” with no evidence. “What evidence is there?” is a good place to start with anything that sounds nasty and condemming from AA meetings.

        The AA mind-set of “junkie sociopaths” is yet another reason that we need real research done, then used in the treatment of all addictions.

  3. More than some people that enter AA are drunken psychopaths, with no conscious at all. When they sober up there are all kinds of people around for their easy pickings, people told to open up and TRUST. All the psychopaths have to do is stay sober long enough and jump through the appropriate service hoops to become a big deal, a “trusted servant”.

    It didn’t take me very long to see that people, especially at the clubs, were quickly scoped out for what kind of car they drove, what kind of job they had, the neighborhood they lived in.

    • bcm- this so true and has gotten worse over the years as the word got out how trusting some of us were. The Press & media need to report on it.

    • You’ve got that right. And in some cases, predators who have no intent to get sober but simply need marks to rip off come to AA. I have heard of and lived such a horror. There are a lot of flat out, straight up EVIL people in 12 step programs. They’re not JUST sick, they are EVIL too. And some of them have been sober for a very long time and look good on the outside. Beware.

  4. Bunch of effin ejits! If y’all were walking the walk instead of talking the talk there’d be none of this disgracefull dialogue going on. Wake up my peeps!

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