ACTION on FILM FESTIVAL in Monrovia- Friday @ 4 pm – Plays The 13th Step a Documentary exposing predators in AA.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 3.13.27 PM

We are happy to announce that The 13th 13th Step was chosen as a STAFF PICK!

Please join us for another screening in the Los Angeles area. stay tuned…



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9 thoughts on “ACTION on FILM FESTIVAL in Monrovia- Friday @ 4 pm – Plays The 13th Step a Documentary exposing predators in AA.

  1. Awesome. So what is the deal Massive? You get it shown at as many festivals as possible and then find a distributor?

    I am eagerly awaiting the ability to buy it myself is why I ask.

      • Yes. I have told everyone , My lawyer , my publicist that please introduce me to….but so far nothing has come of it. I bet even though I have had people say they know people at HBO- I dont think anyone of importance has seen it. Like Sheila Nevins.

        I am going to try for real distribution till Dec. If not then I am going to sell it myself. First DVD’s. Then Digital when we see how many order it.

  2. If there is a movie theater/ person that is willing to screen the movie – How can they move ahead with it? Who do they contact? If someone has purchased a copy of the dvd are they allowed to bring it to an independent theater and have them screen it? What’s the process for getting this movie viewed by a wider audience?


    • Librarian-

      You or anyone can discuss with me screening in a Library, college– or in a community for free. With my permission.

      If we want — or you want to do a theater and charge we have to wait a few more weeks or say a month as I am talking to some people who want to help me get distribution.

      If that does not happen– I will move forward with self distribution and use those way—– like GATHER and even VOD ( Video on Demand ) Worldwide – on Vimeo and then we can have individuals and myself do one theater at a time on Eventbrites.

      But not till I am all done with my health situation which requires one more tiny surgery.
      I estimate I will be all better in 1 month. You and I know each other so you can email me weekly to see how things are progressing with talks and health.

      Thank you for your tireless work !


      • Thanks for the great answer. That helps a lot. I hope you are feeling better and your minor surgery goes well.

        ((( Big Hugs ))))


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