ACYPAA Dealing with Adult older men Preying on Minors at Young People AA Round Ups

This is an excerpt from the minutes from a committee meeting held in April 2016

Please Conference Call: ​Regarding an individual accused of having a sexual relationship with more

than one minor and his continued attendance at the ACYPAA Round up. This item was tabled in

2011 and was never followed up on. Our lawyer was surprised he was allowed to be in

attendance. Per our lawyer, Advisory has actual knowledge of his behavior and we could be

held civilly responsible in a civil case if he repeated this behavior at ACYPAA. We need to

decide whether we are going to send him a certified letter to inform him he is not allowed to

attend ACYPAA. there are two versions of the letter, one drafted by the chair Emily, and a

version from our attorney.

INFORMATION PROVIDED: A main concern is keeping a ACYPAA as safe as possible for

attendees, and not putting acypaa at risk for a civil suit which would likely end The Round Up.

To win a civil suit there only has to be a 51% burden of proof. Several board members have

actual knowledge of this individual’s behavior; they witnessed it and we’re on the host

committee with him. The attorney was clear we have “actual knowledge”.

Guest participation:

● How would this work?

● ACYPAA needs to be protected.this is bigger than an individual or a group, ACYPAA is a

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13 thoughts on “ACYPAA Dealing with Adult older men Preying on Minors at Young People AA Round Ups

  1. I’m disgusted at how lightly they’re taking this. They’re only doing it bc they’re worried about a civil lawsuit. It’s disgusting.

  2. I think they are just going to verbally warn this sick fuck. It’s not going to stop other sick predators from preying on minors. They’re still trying to keep it hush, hush.

    Once again, their reputation matters more than the victims. It’s so disgusting.

  3. I’m not homophobic, but a lot of these predators are gay. You see, in AA it is considered unacceptable for men and women to fraternize with each other… men with the men, women with the women and all that. But there of course is no rule about homosexuals acting as sponsors to straight men, so a lot of older gays can get close to straight guys without raising any suspicions. I knew of one older gay guy who was also surrounded by his “sponsees”, who all happened to be in their 20s and generally attractive. pretty sick shit in there.

    • Yes I have been told a story where a women who was straight was 13 stepped by A gay women with 5 years. The new comer had only a few months.

      People are so vulnerable when they are new .

      • No I don’t agree that they are mostly gay. When I was 19 and in AA, I had mostly old timer men coming onto me. I’m a women. Our young ppls meetings were over run with old timer men hitting on us younger girls. Luckily I thought they were gross old men and didn’t take any of their offers. But my friends at the time did. They were like 20, with like 45-50 yr old men. Yuck!

        I’m 42 now and bc AA freaked me out so much about dirty old men, I only date men around my age still.

        • You’re putting words in my mouth. I never claimed MOST AA predators gay, I just noted that it is much easier for a gay man or woman to get close to a newcomer, because of the unwritten rule the genders are supposed to be segregated. I lived in a very liberal, gay-friendly city, and actually I met some wonderful gay people in the rooms, although I am straight. Sadly though, because of the PC world we live in, some special groups are above criticism.

    • I think it is more common than people will admit. Plus it is not PC to discuss such things. But predatory behavior by straight people or gay is wrong and both abuse people in AA and NA. Telling women to just go to women meetings does not always protect them from abuse in all it’s forms.

  4. Rick R, you come across very prejudiced against gay people – for someone who says “I am not homophobic” your words say more about you than gay people.

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