The 13th Step – Screening in San Francisco , Saturday August 15th

We are happy to remind everyone that The 13th Step will be screening in San Francisco this Saturday at 5:45 pm in The Mission @ The Voiceless International Film Festival , Voiceless_Filmfest_Poster_13_Steps_1

Have you been 13th Stepped?

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If you want to tell your story to me you can reach me at We have 2 more months of filming so if you are near me, near Louisville,Kentucky near Olympia, WA or in the Southern Cali vicinity  don’t hesitate to contact me for my film The 13th Step.old poster 13thsteppic
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Monica Richardson (blogger massive) and Author Gabrielle Glaser on Katie Couric ABC DAYTIME SHOW!

“Live” in NYC with Katie Couric and Author Gabrielle Glaser talking about 13 stepping in AA and the court ordering of violent offenders and sex offenders to AA meetings!

THANK YOU ABC AND KATIE COURIC for being the 1st talk show and 1st network to have guests on telling this 60 year old story about sexual predation in AA.

I am beyond happy to have this happen. Of course I wish I had time to say more or that some of what I said was kept in….but regardless… the truth was told. I did feel vulnerable and as many of you know I am very embarrassed that I was in AA over 3 decades and that I drank the kool aid for too many of those years.

The good part is that I saw the light and left over 2 years ago after trying to make AA safer. They will be forced to Make it safer.

There are many aspects to AA that are sending people out in droves. Its not just predation by criminals. Its the controlling psychological, emotional abuse by other members and sponsors who think they know it all.

fyi For any lurkers…

AA has no trained facilitators.
AA members often give medical advice when they are not Doctors
AA members often tell people to get off their medications.
AA is not a government agency
AA has no safety policies in place.
AA is deemed “highly religious in 25 states.
AA is filled with just regular people telling others how to live their lives.
AA is not safe for teens or young woman
AA members study a book from 1939 that is filled with god, made up christian dogma, and it has never been updated.
AA makes millions in its NYC office
No one gets paid in the AA structure except 12 people in NY.
AA makes people feel like they have to go their forever.
AA tells people they are broken.
AA was different in 1975. It was more a buffet….take what you like. Today its like …lets me shove this down your throat.

IN closing…if AA was like it is today, I would have gone to one meeting and never returned. WOW…
Stay tuned for the launching of my Kickstarter Campaign.

NEW Documentary in the Making Exposing Sexual Predation and Criminal Activity in Alcoholics Anonymous.

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I am finishing up the Documentary film we have been working on for almost two years. The activism  work has been  on going since January of 2009.

It will be released in 2013. Perfect for its tittle…The 13thStep….

Anyone who has been a victim of sexual harassment, assault, rape, wrongful death, and even financial scams please contact us ASAP. 

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I am also interested in stories about sponsor control and abuses. You can send me letters that actors will read on camera. You can be presented in the light or anonymous. In the light is better but I will consider all stories.

I m working on my trailer right now and plan to be done with it by mid March. I am considering using Kickstarter to raise funds, considering how many I think have left AA furious. The trailer will be put up on youtube or vimeo as soon as I am done with it.

Please post on all the anti AA sites that you know of. Thanks!

Big Story on 13 stepping on “The Fix” Website -Do Sexual Predators Thrive in Alcoholics Anonymous?

When I got sober at 17, AA welcomed me with open arms. I didn’t know back then that some of them were dangerous.

The good news is, you can be anything you want to be in AA. A writer, a flamenco dancer, a bank robber. I’ve met sober drug dealers and sober Oscar-winners. We’re nothing if not diverse, and to my mind, that’s one of the greatest blessings of the program. There’s a richness and breadth of experience in the rooms that’s unlike any other place I’ve been.

The bad news is, you can also be a sexual predator.  see the full story and make your comments here…