WHEN did AA Drug Court begin in your State. How can we stop this?

WHEN did drug court begin in your state.

Do you want to stop this? How can you help? contact us at makeaasafer@gmail.com

Please contact NY General Service Office – and express your complaints about Court Ordering.


NYC AA International Headquarters located in the Interfaith Building on Riverside Drive in Harlem.


Ask for Greg Tobin General Service Manager/President of AA, or Albin Zezula .

It has been reported to us that there are many long time AA members who are very upset about forced attendance to AA meetings. They are saying it is ruining their atmosphere inside the rooms.  We agree- but- it is  a 1st amendment civil rights violation to be forced to attend a religious organization by ones government. So many who get a DUI or any ticket have no idea what AA is. Some young people I know, especially one young male, who was a Muslim was very offended and shocked he was forced to go to such a lay person religious group and many are atheists who are equally insulted. We are fighting back.

If you are still in AA, you can bring this up at every level in AA.

Courts could have a group downtown where all 7 free options could be shown them. That’s it. No one should be forced there.

Please call the ACLU, The Atheists Society and NY AA  to file a complaint as well as your local State Attorney General. Call them. Email them.


WHY has the ACLU not gotten into the Fight against court ordered Alcoholics Anonymous Coercion.

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WHY? It is clearly a violation of our 1 st amendment rights, our civil rights.

So why not. I called the main NY Office in 2011 when my brother in law, who was a long time AA member hung himself in his bathroom in Yonkers.

I called again and then again and then again. I even went to a big fundraiser and paid way too much to sit and eat a $50.oo dinner in hopes I could Network with the ACLU Lawyers.

I did meet a nice USC student who was very interested in talking to me and about AA , Insurance and real treatment. We both dropped the ball.

But seriously, why don’t we all pick up the phone and call our local chapters, tell them about me and my film, or tell them about how every day in every court in every city American citizen are being forced to got to a religous AA meeting. and not just 1 ….sometimes , 50 of them, sometimes , 5 years 3 times a week of them . Professionals forced to go there. Tell them your story if you were coerced at any time. Write your coercion stories down and send them to me and I can compile them for perhaps a class action lawsuit against who….our federal courts??? Not sure but I think compiling the stories so that when its time we have them all written up .

Then come back here and lets report on what happened with those calls. Keeping records and data.

Also , if you could forward and post here any professionals conference that I may attend as be a speaker at and show my film. That is what I will also be doing. Not just showing this film in theaters.

Thank you. contact me through the website here or at makeaasafer@gmail.com

Blessings to you all!