Sexual Harassment, assault and rape in AA, NA and OA are rampant. We can help.

JUST in case you are thinking about how you were sexually harassed in AA, NA or OA…please contact us here for a place to speak out. YOU ARE NOT ALONE and no one here will tell you what you will hear in a meeting like…what’s your part in it. The HARVEY Weinstein Sex scandal, along with Kevin Spacey has made it so that maybe FINALLY we will be heard.

Please share anywhere you think is appropriate. Write to for help. If a Crime is committed contact us, rape in crisis and the police. If the police do not take you seriously call the local FBI office for rape in AA. Many who work in Rape and crisis are in AA and may still victim blame you and cover up for an AA member. Always ask ” are you in AA” . When reporting if someone seems a bit — off.


I hope all the bloggers here have a nice day! Thank GOD none of us have to go to any creepy alka-thon in some creepy AA Clubhouse.  For Leonard Peltier who is still in prison for what the FBI did to them in the 1970’s , I say, that I sincerely feel  for the Native Americans who sadly experienced genocide from the US government at that time.

I bet Thanksgiving is not a good day for them.

So for me its not about the pilgrims, but about being thankful to have a family that I love. Thank you for supporting my radio show and my blogs!